image Ladybird V2 FPV and Hubsan X4 H107D FPV

Ladybird V2 FPV

The Ladybird V2 First Person View Micro Quadcopter

Hubsan X4 H107D FPV Review

Hubsan FPV
The Hubsan X4 FPV H107D

I have just received the LadybirdV2 FPV from Banggood as a Christmas present and will do a review when I giving it some time.

But Hey you don’t have to wait just visit these links.

I highly recommend them

Some great videos from Grandpa Jake

For a fantastic group of Hubsan X4 fans, nice guys, full of great information. Get involved in this growing community, ENJOY!



One comment

  1. I flew ladybird v2 without fpv before. Which one of the two (Ladybird V2 FPV or Hubsan X4 H107D FPV) would you recommend as my first fpv quad? thanks

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