The DJI Phantom Vision 2


19-1-2014 Breaking News. DJI Innovations have just confirmed they are working on a multi axis gimbal for the Phantom Vision 2. I’m sure this development has been prompted by Phantom Vision 2 owners and is the logical progression for this amazing aerial photography platform. Whilst the competition are still thinking about what they should be bringing to the market DJI are truly innovating and constantly raising the bar.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Review Demo reel by

Here is a link to great review and some lovely photography from Colin Smith

Another in depth review from Pocket Lint

Is this the best out of the box aerial filming platform?

DJI Phantom Vision 2 First flight

Another First Flight DJI Phantom Vision2 Video

Cnet asia review

Good Reading from  Phantom Pilots 



  1. Thanks for adding my post to this blog. I am a huge fan of the Phantom vision and am so thankful for the DJI for creating such a user friendly platform. Please feel free to add my “first flight” YouTube video to this page, which can be found at the link you have referenced. Cheers.

  2. Unfortunately, the FC-200 camera on the DJI Phantom 2 Vision suffers from serious quality control problems. Many owners have reported extreme softness on one side of their images (usually the left).

    Aside from that, my own research and testing has shown that, whilst images from some examples of the camera are acceptable (provided one’s expectations aren’t too high), images from other examples are about what you might have expected fifteen years ago from a cheap compact – even when shooting RAW (the camera produces .dng files).

    In any event, the FC-200 is certainly NOT what DJI describe in their advertising as a ‘High End Camera’ and any photographer expecting to get decent prints from this is going to be sorely disappointed (unless he or she is very lucky).

    You can read more about this on my blog –

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