SkyView OFM Quadcopter

Here is a link the teaser trailer for this new 350 Quadcopter from Only Flying Machines. Alishanmao has made thousands of flight videos and Only Flying Machines are entering this 350 competitive space that has been dominated by DJI Phantoms. OFM are usually expensive compared to other suppliers but they do know how to build Quadcopters. I’m not expecting this Quadcopter to be released any time soon as Alishanmao is talking about a complete redesign of the body shape but the video is saying  they will start taking preorders at the end of April for May delivery. We don’t think OFM will stay with this name and are likely to re-brand it. It will have to be exceptional. reasonably priced and spares will have to be readily available. OFM have announced that they are appointing a partner in the USA (XAircraft America) for distribution.

The features of this Quadcopter look interesting especially the control in RTH (return to home) mode.. Click the link below for latest update

SkyView Quadcopter



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