Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter with Camera

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09-05-2015: Check out the Latest Wifi FPV version of the Syma X5 Explorers RC Quadcopters series priced at Only $74.99 on Banggood CLICK THIS LINK

Syma X5SW Explorers 2 Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter 2.0 MP Camera RTF

Syma Quadcopters
Syma X5SW Explorers 2 Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter 2.0MP Camera RTF

09-05-2015: Syma X5-1 Explorers RC Quadcopter is an outstanding, vastly improved and fantastic flying fun version of the original low priced Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter. The basic Syma X5C-1 Explorers is a dream to fly. Now we have both these models we will compare the 2 versions. If you want a basic ready to fly out of the box model then buy this one we Guarantee you will absolutely love it! If your are thinking of buying your first RC Quadcopter then this is it. I fly them everyday and this Syma RC Quadcopter is simple to fly indoors and outside handling the wind extremely well. Most highly recommended from the World’s leading retailer of RC Toy. Hobby Grade and Professional Quadcopters, Banggood.


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Cheap RC Quadcopter
Syma X5C-1 RC Quadcopter
Cheapp RC Quadcopter
Photo from The Syma X5C-1  Syma Explorers RC Quadcopter with  2 MP camera
Syma Quadcopters
Syma X5C-1 and the Syma X5SC RC Quadcopters
Syma Quadcopters
Syma RC Quadcopters X5C-1 and X5SC

A Bind and Fly (BNF) version of the Syma X5C-1 without the camera is available from the Banggood EU website


Lowest BNF Version from China CLICK THIS LINK

18-04-2015 It almost a year to the day since we first published this post and we have just received the latest Syma X5 SC-1 Explorers RC Quadcopter and will be reviewing it shortly. Looks far better constructed and designed than the original with a nice high quality smooth finish. Hovers a dream indoors.

RC Quadcopter
New Syma X5 SC-1 Explorers 2 RC Quadcopter


15-03-2015 CHECK THE JJRC H5C RC QUADCOPTER OUT. Compares well with the Syma is nearly $20 cheaper than the X5SC. The JJRC H5C with the One key return to Home functionality and a 2MP camera is on sale now at Banggood for only $46.99 CLICK THIS LINK


 Use this Code: bgx5c
Only $47.99 for Syma X5C CLICK THIS LINK

Great Fun Flyer with camera the Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter is one of the top selling models of 2014

Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter with Camera ,RC Quadcopter with camera, Quadcopter review, Best Quadcopter with Camera
Syma X5C Quadcopter


If you are looking to buy a Quadcopter for yourself or as a gift then this RC Quadcopter Package offers extreme value for money. 

A Syma X5C Explorers Alternative


For under $60 the X5C Explorers Quadcopter is an absolute steal as  is its main competitor the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter

Newest RC Quadcopter
Latest RC Quadcopter Drone from JJRC H8C

Check out the latest JJRC H8C  Quadcopter. This is a real challenger to the Syma X5C. When I bought my Syma 25-4-204 it was showing 9 X5Cs sold on Banggood now as of the 31-10-2014 at 19.11 they show 4296. The JJRC H8C has been available for about a week and is already registering over 250 sold. My H8C is on the way and I spoke to a friend a Professor and a very competent Quadcopter reviewer /analyzer who has just received his H8C and he said it was almost perfect and the camera quality was very good.

If you looking for an alternative to the Syma X5C you should serious consider the JJRC H8C as like the X5C I’m 100% certain it will not disappoint.


25-10-14: Remember you must disconnect the camera before  attempting flips. Better still remove camera, propeller guards it is far more nimble and super stable like this.

18-10-14: Since my last update I’ve flown the JJRC Super Scorio F182 the Fabulous Flying3D X6 Quadcopter my Walkera V2 Ladybirds (always a gas!) the incredible Hubsan H107C HD. All the aforementioned are  fabulous flying machines. I have recently ordered the WLtoys Skylark and a separate camera to attach to it but:



15-6-2014: Yesterday I took off the propeller protectors, the landing skids and removed the camera (that took a couple of minutes maximum) and thought i would give the flips a try. The X5 seemed to fly a lot faster and more responsive due to the reduced weight and the Flips were just Amazing. I’m still to shoot some decent video as my previous attempts were not worth posting up, apologies once again. But after flying this Quadcopter most of the day and only stopping to let the motors cool down I can’t express how much enjoyment it gave me.

25-5-2014: My Son-in-law who is a very competent Heli Flyer came round to fly the X5C today and I shot some video. As I’ve got my lovely Grandson with me today I will try and edit and post up as soon as I can, so give me a bit of time Guys. He thought it wasn’t that easy to fly at first but that’s not a downside as he said that anyone who wanted to dip their toes in the water as regard to Quadcopter flying this would be an ideal starting point.

20-5-204: I had a bump with this model over the weekend, someone asked about how high it could fly so like a fool I tried it! I came down pretty quickly and one of the motors stopped working. This was pilot error. I opened it up and found a motor wire had come away from the board. My soldering skills have led to frying boards on the Hubsan X4 and the Ladbird V2! This model was so simple to repair I could even manage it. I will put it all back together this evening and hopefully get some video posted up in the next few days. Sorry fo the delays and thanks for your patience.

“It flies very well, stable and easy to fly. The camera is average for its price but overall: For the money it’s hard to find something better. “Good work” Syma! Buy 🙂

Review from BG

Click here for the latest Price

20-5-204: I had a bump with this model over the weekend, someone asked about how high it could fly so like a fool I tried it! I came down pretty quickly and one of the motors stopped working. This was pilot error. I opened it up and found a motor wire had come away from the board. My soldering skills have led to frying boards on the Hubsan X4 and the Ladbird V2! This model was so simple to repair I could even manage it. I will put it all back together this evening and hopefully get some video posted up in the next few days. Sorry fo the delays and thanks for your patience. “It flies very well, stable and easy to fly. The camera is average for its price but overall: For the money it’s hard to find something better. “Good work” Syma! Buy 🙂 Review from BG 14-5-2014: 7am Banggood have confirmed they have only 80 pieces of this model left 

13-5-2014: Update Going to email BG later to ask about stock levels of this model. When I bought mine they were showing 7 sold now it’s 222! I have been thinking about running a workshop to introduce adults and children to Quadcopters and I’m sure this would be a ideal craft.

There are certain features about this model that I like

1: The battery connection. The battery plugs straight into the body of the Syma making it simple to connect and disconnect unlike most of the  other inexpensive Quadcopters. If you are a bit ham fisted like me this is a godsend. I wouldn’t like to count the times I’ve pulled to hard when disconnecting the Lipo’s from my Hubsan H107C or my Walkera Ladybirds then I’ve had to solder the wires back to the board!

Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter with Camera ,RC Quadcopter with camera, Quadcopter review, Best Quadcopter with Camera
Syma XRC Battery installation


2:  You get everything you need to fly this RC Quadcopter with Camera, you don’t have to go out and buy a micro sd card of reader, charge the battery and you are ready to fly and take stills or videos and view them on your computer.

3: Unlike many other models the props are already on the Quad when it arrives so there is no chance of Human error.

4: There is an on/off switch on the body.

5: Looks worth 5 times more than it cost, tremendous value for money. (Click on the comments to see what my mate said).

6: Easy hand launch.

7: Easy to take apart and put back together. Loads of screws but I found the process enjoyable.

8: Receiver board has nice gaps between connections making soldering less stressful.

9: Parts are ridiculously cheap.

WARNING: Flying this Quadcopter is Extremely Addictive

What I don’t like about this Quadcopter

1: The angle of the camera, you have got to get up really high.

2: The quality of the video is not that great the still images are better. I think my camera may be slightly out of focus so as I’m going to take the Quadcopter apart in the next few days I may be able to remedy that.

3: The screwdriver supplied is not the best. Use a glasses screwdriver to remove the props. (Click here)

4: The range isn’t that great.

5: It’s not that quick.

Quadcopter Review

I’ve waited a while for this Quadcopter to arrive from Banggood so here goes! First impressions are how can they possibly make a Flying Machine of this size and send it to my home in Jersey Channel Islands complete with a transmitter,2MP camera, props guards battery etc all for under £50? I’ve taken this picture of the Syma X5C Explorers with a Hubsan X4 H107C HD (they cost about the same price) and the Ladybird V2 so you can make size a comparison. So OK they are completely different beasts, the Hubsan is a nifty little flyer great for indoor flying especially with the prop guard attached, flys well outside in a light wind, does great manual flips in acrobatic-mode and as I keep saying a contender for the best micro Quadcopter ever made. But less talk of the Hubsan let’s have a good look at the Syma X5C Quadcopter.

When The postman arrived at the first thing I noticed was how light the package was. Banggood had the weight listed at 916gms! But hey that was never going to be the case with a 500 Lipo, 91.6 gms more like.On opening the package I was 100% delighted at the look of this Mini Phantom so I started to put it together. Assembly was a simple as it could possibly be with the skids sloting in and the prop protectors took a few seconds to secure in place with the supplied screwdriver.I had already charged a few batteries and inserting them was easy once I’d figured out how to open the battery compartment. The manual was all in Chinese but BG had some downloadble PDF files so that wasn’t an issue (although I’m sure there is one PDF missing I’ve mailed then for an update).The Quadcopter came with a 2G micro memory card and a USB reader which was a welcomed suprise. Batteries in the remote (4xAA) time to fly. Switched on the transmitter and it was showing Mode 1 so as I always fly Mode 2 I switched it over. Clicked the on switch into place on the Quad, throttle forward and back, ready to Fly. No thats when the fun really started for when I moved the right stick left or right the Quadcopter Yawed! Could I fly this, no way it was completely alien to me. Googled the issue and came across a post on the excellent Rcgroups forum.Seems like these transmitters have two Modes Mode 2 and yes Mode 4. Mode 2 Left Hand Throttle (which shows as Mode 1 on this tranmitter) and Mode 4 (Mode 2 on this Transmitter) which reverses the Rudder and Aileron funtionality.Back to Mode 1 then on the Remote Control and this time it’s Flying like it should. Indoors it just stays in the air where it should, it is super stable and puts both the Hubsan and Walkera to shame any as slight drifting can be trimmed out immediatey.The Yaw is really responsive the more I’m flying it the move I love it. Now it’s really windy today no that’s an understatement, it’s blowing a Houlie! But I can’t resist taking it outside. It’s a fairly light Quadcopter so it rocked about a bit when the wind caught it but at no time at all did I feel like I was losing control. I’ve not had time to as Edward Lyons says “Fly it like you stole it” but will give it a real blast when the wind dies down. There is a button on the remote control for flips something the purists won’t like but if that’s the only fault with this Quadcopter then I can live with that!

When I got my first Ladybird V2 I was gobsmacked with the way it performed and I absolutely love my Hubsan H107C  HD but if I was going to buy a RC Quadcopter with Camera as a Gift for a NOOB or an addition to someones collection I would have job finding a rival to this model. Of course all this is subjective and it all depends what you want out of your Quadcopter but in my mind this is one great Quadcopter that can be bought for around £40 it’s a complete no brainer, ENJOY!

PS. I will update this review tomorrow. I NEED to got out and Fly some more!

Syma 600mAh Battery
Syma 600mAh Battery

Don’t forget to order some Spare Batteries or  Click this Link for upgraded Batteries giving a longer flying time

12-5-2014: Arrived this morning will update later. Flown it in the house and around the garden in a pretty strong wind. First impression unbelievable value, great fun unexpected extras 5STAR+ Full Review coming soon you aint going to be disappointed!

Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter with Camera ,RC Quadcopter with camera, Quadcopter review, Best Quadcopter with Camera
Syma XRC-Ladybird V2-Hubsan X4


You can see the difference in size, I put a Walkera QR Ladybird V2 and a Hubsan X4 H107C next to the Syma

9-5-2014: My X5C Quadcopter will be arriving on Monday or Tuesday and I will do a full review then, can’t wait!

Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter with Camera ,RC Quadcopter with camera, Quadcopter review, Best Quadcopter with Camera
Super Stable Flight in Windy Conditions

8-5-2014 BACK IN STOCK. They have sold over 150 since I ordered mine which is due to arrive any day now. Don’t miss out the price has come down so order NOW!


Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter with Camera ,RC Quadcopter with camera, Quadcopter review, Best Quadcopter with Camera
Syma X5C Sky High

1-5-2014 Banggood have now sold out of this model but expect them to be restocked on the 7th May Got my tracking number today should think it will arrive sometime next week. As soon as it arrives I will post some images of the X5C Quadcopter and let you all know how easy it is to set up and hopefully fly! We have one of these Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopters on order and will post review as soon as we receive it. What I do like is the ability to take photos rather than just video (You have the option for both). You can do flips but this option is disabled when the camera is fitted which makes a lot of sense. Another interesting feature is the ability to switch between mode 1 and mode 2 on the transmitter. Syma have been making remote control helicopters and Best Quadcopters for a number of years now and we have always read good reports on the reliability, quality and flight characteristics of their models so we don’t expect this model to be and different.The Banggood video looks pretty impressive so we eagerly waiting for this Quadcopter to arrive and hope it will compare favorably against the Hubsan X4 H107C HD as a quality entry level aerial photography platform

Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter with Camera ,RC Quadcopter with camera, Quadcopter review, Best Quadcopter with Camera
Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopter

Video courtesy of Banggood who have this model for sale at under £50

 Click this link to BUY NOW

Description: Brand Name: Syma Item Name: Explorers 6 Axis 4CH RC Quadcopter Item NO.: X5C Color: White Frequency:2.4G Channel:4CH Camera Pixel: 200W Video Time: About 30 min Photos : About 800 pictures Memory Card :2G Battery:3.7V 500mAh Li-poly Battery for controller: 4″AA” batteries( not included) Charging Time:About 100 mins(USB charging) Flying time: 5 -8minutes Controlling Distance: About 50 meters Dimension:31.5 x 31.5 x 7.5cm Weight: 91.6g Features: With HD Camera,high resolution 200W pixels. Function:up/down,left/right sideward fight,forward/backward,turn left/right,with gyro/flash lights,A 360-degree 3D and special functions(continuous rolling) The 6-axis system allows the quad to be hand launched. 6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability,can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control. 2.4 technology adopted for anti-interference.even more than one quadcopter is flying at the same time they will not interfere with each other. Rechargeable high performance battery. Including 4CH digital proportional RC system. Package Included: 1 x SYMA X5C Quadcopter 1 x Transmitter 1 x 3.7V 500mAh Li-poly Battery 4 x Blades 1 x Screwdriver 1 x USB Charger 1 x Micro SD Card 1 x Micro SD card reader

Syma X5 Camera
Image taken from Syma X5C in really windy weather
Inside the Syma X5C
Inside the Syma X5C Quadcopter

Great news Syma X5 Spare Parts are coming into stock, they are as cheap as chips, result!

Syma Receiver Board
Syma XR Receiver Board

Click Here

Syma XR Camera
Syma XR Camera

Click Here

Syma X5 Leds
Syma X5 Leds

Click Here

Syma X5 Propeller Protectors
Syma X5 Propeller Protectors

Click Here

Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter with Camera ,RC Quadcopter with camera, Quadcopter review, Best Quadcopter with Camera
X5C Quadcopter from Syma


  1. I really like the Syma X5c, I think it’s good to start in quadcopters, how long will flight? hope your impressions

  2. I will do a full review as soon as I receive The Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopter. Banggood had some delays sending it out (Issues with EMS Express as they now say they cannot send goods by this method through EMS yet they are still offering this on their Website!) but hopefully it will arrive next week. Thanks for your interest ars

  3. Hi, do you know if its possible to use this quadcopter with my Devo F4?? It will get more range???
    The actual range is 50 m?

  4. Can you compare the video quality to H107C (both the HD and non-HD version. whichever one you have)? What is the flight time? Is there space to use bigger batteries?


    • Going to do a video comparison as soon as the wind dies down. I have the Hubsan X4 H107HD and I don’t think the video gets any better than that for an under £50 Quad although I’ve heard that one of The WlToys Quadcopters shoots great videos

      • I have flown with WLtoys V222 and is a great and very funny quadrucopter its video recording is good

  5. I have ordered this quadcopter too and now it says 223pcs sold on banggood! The battery installation may be easy but pulling the battery wires to get it out puts stress on the joints inside battery and that is not a good thing! I am curios to read your complete review and see the video comparison between the hubsan ans syma x5c. Keep up the good work!

    • You don’t really need to pull the battery out like the illustration I would never tug at the wires like that. I’m luck I have tiny hand and fingers so I can grip the battery with Thumb and Finger and gently pull it out. I will try and do the video tomorrow depending on the weather. I’m sure we will soon see out of stock on BG but will check with them tomorrow. Do you fly the Hubsan X4 H107? It’s such a great little Quadcopter but a completely different kettle of fish to the Syma. Thanks for your feedback

  6. Does it really take simultaneous video and pics? for example, if it’s shooting a video and the video button is pressed, will it take a pic that moment while recording?

  7. I’m really curious now about the camera. I only started getting into quads recently and I want to get a decently one with a camera. I was considering this but waiting for a review first. Thanks for the initial review, btw. I almost pulled the trigger to purchase it but there was a couple of videos in YouTube that made me stop for now. A user named Iam issac placed a couple of videos from his X5C and the videos look like they freeze. The reason why I was considering this versus the H107C HD is because you can start and stop the video from the transmitter.

  8. A colleague of my work has asked for one, urgent transport, can not wait to get to see it and encourage me to buy one
    Translated with google translator

  9. I have not owned any quadcopter before. I chosed betwern the x5 and hubsan hd. I ordered the x5 because of bigger in size and after your warm recommendations.

    • Thanks flat7 I’m sure you will have hours of fun with it. Please keep us updated on how you get on with the X5C. If you need any advice or help, reach out we are here for you.

  10. Gracias droneflyer por tu información.
    Tengo pedido un x5c a BG y estoy ansioso por recibirlo.
    Espero impaciente tu revisión mantennos informados para matar el gusanillo.

  11. […] Check out my review of the Syma X5C Quadcopter Description: Brand: Syma Item name: X5 RC Quadcopter 2.4G 4 Channels Mode 2 With  6 Axis Gyro Battery: 5V/450mAh Charging time: about 100 minutes(USB charging) Flying time: about 5-8 minutes Controlling distance: about 50 Meters Battery for controller: 4″AA”batteries(not include) Product size: 31x31x8cm (LxWxH) Box size: 51.5×29.5×8.7cm (LxWxH) Ctn size: 63.6×56.2×56.5 (LxWxH) Pcs/ctn: 12 pcs Net weight: 912g Gross weight: 1160g Frequency: 2.4G  Channel: 4 channels with  6 axis gyro Product color: white Distribution items: four wind leaf,a USB and a screwdriver.  4 Channels With  6 axis gyro. Up/down, turn around, forward/backward. Package included:  1 x Syma X5 Quadcopter 1 x Transmitter 1 x Battery 4 x Blades 1 x Screwdriver Preorder this this Quadcopter NOW! To avoid disappointment […]

  12. Could you tell me how far from the transmiter can this quad go?
    And… If It lost its signal, does it re bind in mid air like the v222?
    Do you know if the v222 transmither is compatible? they look very similar!

  13. lol i made you crash it?! “How high can you get it?”——>”someone asked about how high it could fly so like a fool I tried it!” i’m glad it was repairable! my apologies ^^”

  14. thanks so much for this review. ordered this drone yesterday from banggood apparently the camera can be swapped out. would like to see some more info on upgrading the camera as a modification

    a link to the english manual pdf would be cool too ! great site cheers from canada

  15. Man you are pushing the sales for BG harder than flying this quad right? Whan will we get a unbiased review with pros and cons and flight video? I know , i am rude but i get sick when the only updates is…sold out again. Come on!

    • Hi Andry, No the angle of the Camera can’t be changed it’s fixed, and flat 7 I will do some flight videos as soon as the rain subsides, in the meantime if you have any questions please ask. I know this is your first Quadcopter and have one of these models on the way so be patient. When it arrives I will gladly help you get up and flying so you can get the maximum pleasure from this Quadcopter.

  16. Hi. You mentioned in your review that you can just lift it off the ground and it will stay in that position until you move it. Well, I have been trying to do the same without any luck. I am always fighting to get it to stay put. But it seems to drift too darn much. Not too much, like the Husban or is it me? I have tried the trimming buttons but it doesn’t seem to get it to hover. Maybe I am the unlucky one but it is annoying. Can you do a video showing how you got yours to just hover?

    • Are you flying indoors or outside? When I fly mine outside just for fun flying and not taking video I take of the camera, prop guards and skids. I find it is so easy to hover and perform acrobatics. I’ve just got mine out and given it a test (L mode) and it is super, super stable with little drift if any.

      • I am flying both in and out doors. I have not thought about removing the guards as i do not want to damage the blades. As for the camera, i can think about removing it but that should not be an option. Thanks for replying.

  17. Hi, thank you for you detailed review. I’d like to buy Syma X5C but first i’d like to know your opinion in comparison to UDI 818A. Thank you very much in advance.


  18. Firstly can I thank you all for your comments, it is You that have helped me decide to buy one!
    After I started looking into getting a drone I stumbled across an auction for a DJI Phantom. I just missed out on grabbing it, but then began searching for a good sized craft that had a decent camera on it, at a reasonable price. You guys and gals at DroneFlyers have provided a wealth of information about the many different models available, and its your attention to detail that’s helped me start my journey into aerial photography. My Syma X5C arrives in a couple of weeks, so I will forward my own review of it (from a beginner’s perspective) once I get flying.
    Just one small thing before I go – if you are a keen electronics technician and have one of these, have you considered upgrading the camera by using parts from a smartphone? 2MP will never record video higher than 480p in *.agp format, so those of you expecting awesome movies from the X5C are buying the wrong craft. In saying that, I believe the X5C to be the perfect entry-level craft for anyone wanting to learn about aerial videography, and again I thank all on the DroneFlyers site for your up-to-date, insightful reviews…

  19. Ok so my first X5c came and one motor didn’t turn the rotor. So I sent it back bought another from a different company. It worked fine the first day then on the second day after flying and of course crashing, it seems the gyro is all messed up and can’t fly it anymore. Are these that cheap that they don’t test them to be sure they’ll work for more than two days. Not too sure if it’s worth fixing???

      • Well when i first turn it on i can hover it going straight up only, and i can turn it in circles either clockwise or counter. If at anytime it becomes not level or if i try to tilt it or actually fly it somewhere it will just go crazy and crash. If i hold it while level and running and tilt it myself, it goes crazy out of control. Unable to over compensate the controls to control flight.

      • Oh yeah tried all the calibrations thoroughly no change.
        It seems as soon as its not level either by banking/turning or by physically tilting it,
        it seems the gyro goes out of wack.

      • My soldering skills are pretty poor but this board is fairly easy to work on, good luck and please let us know how you get on. If you take some pics I will gladly post them up as they would be a really useful resource for others

  20. Mine ws flying fine – came down and landed upside down. Now one of the props will not turn. It is not stuck or anything- I can turn it by hand. All the gears seem to mesh fine. I looked at the connections and they seem ok. Any suggestions?

  21. Its my first drone and i realy like it,it fly’s fast en high,my brother have a bigger dji drone but if yo want to have a cheaper drone i recommed the syma x5c 😉 . Sorry for my broken english lol,greetings from Belgium 🙂

    • You need to insert a MicroSD card into the camera that’s hanging off the bottom of the aircraft. Go out, record videos and when you land, you’ll need a USB to MicroSD card adapter. They’re quite cheap to buy from eBay, or your local electronics store. Put the card in the slot on the adapter, plug the adapter into the USB slot on your PC/laptop and a popup will appear. It’s just like plugging in a USB stick, then you copy and paste the files from the card to your PC. Simple once you know how…

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