Hubsan Quadcopters BNF

It has long been recognized that Hubsan make some of the finest Micro Quadcopters that have ever been produced. For many these superb little flying machines have been an introduction to the world of remote control flying. Over the last few years many companies have tried to imitate the success of the Hubsan X4 range and more recently their highly successful Q4 Nano Estes PRO.Many may have tried but none have produced anything that comes close to Hubsan in relation to quality, flying experience and robustness.The great news is that shortly many of these Quadcopters are going to be available as Bind and Fly versions. This means if you have previously bought a Hubsan Quadcopter you can use your existing Transmitter to fly one of these BNF models. Take for example the Hubsan H111 Nano Q4 Estes PRO the original smallest Quadcopter in the World. The only issue that I’ve ever seen with this model is the size of the transmitter, it’s so tiny and the size makes in unsuitable for people with large hands. Banggood have this great little Quadcopter as a BNF version for under £20 with free Worldwide delivery. A word of warning about this release. When these BNF models arrive they will sell out very very quickly. If you are like me and already have a Hubsan X4 then buying the Q4 BNF is a complete no brainer. You will not spend a better £20 on any Quadcopter ever. When it’s raining outside or the wind is blowing charge up this little beauty and buzz it around your living room. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper imitations they don’t fly anywhere near as well as the Hubsan. For all Hubsan owners this is a must.If YOU want to avoid being disappointed.

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Nano Quadcopter
Hubsan H111 Q4 Nano Quadcopter


The next model that will be available as a bind and fly version is the

Best of class Hubsan X4 H107C  HD

This is one fantastic little flying machine and comes equipped with a 2.MP camera that takes remarkably good video footage. Both Banggood and TMart have sold out of this model with transmitters and the BNF version will literally fly of the shelves. I’ve already got one of these models but will definitely buy this BNF version as a backup.

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Hubsan X4 Quadcopter
Hubsan X4 H107C HD Quadcopter

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