The New UDI Nano Quadcopter

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These tiny Nano Quadrocopters are all the rage at the moment. The UDI U839 comes with an extra battery so you can keep flying for longer. Great design and fabulous flying  fun at a very low price.

UDI Nano U839 Nano Quadcopter
The Great New Nano Quadcopter from UDI



The UDI Nano Quadcopter Description:

  • The Brand Name is UDI
  • The Quadcopter  is called the 6 Axis 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter.
  • The Item number is U839
  • The body colors are Black & Orange
  • It uses a 2.4 G frequency.
  • It has a four channel transmission.
  • It has a Remote Control Distance of  approximately 30 meters.
  • The Lithium Polymer Battery Charging Time via the USB cable is approximately 40 minutes.
  • The Flight Time is approximately 6 minutes on a full battery charge.
  • The Batteries for the Quadrocopter are 3.7V 150mAh Lithium Polymer (Lipo) Batteries.
  • You will need to purchase 6×1.5 AA Batteries for the Remote Control  Transmitter  (please note these are NOT included).
  • The dimensions of  the U839 are 45mm x 45mm x 45mm.
  • Functions: Up & Down/Forwards & Backwards/Left & Right Yaw/Left & Right Flying/Stable Hovering/360 Degree Acrobatics

Features of the UDI Nano Quadrocopter:

  • The 6-axis system allows the Ready To Fly Quadcopter to be hand launched. This 6-Axis gyroscopic multi-rotor craft flight system, makes it simple to perform various flight maneuvers.
  • The 2.4 transmitter  has been designed with advanced  anti-interference technology so that even if there are other Drones flying in the vicinity there will be no conflict or interference.
  • The four bright LED lights indicate the direction of the craft in low light or at night and they offer help with the flying orientation.
  • It has a very strong wind resistance and super stability making this model easy to handle.
  • This super Nano sized Drone, is lightweight, compact and unbelievably stable making it a joy to fly.
  • This RTF Quadrocopter can fly both indoors and outside in light wind.
  • The Drone Quadcopter comes with a four channel remote control transmitter.

Your package (140mm x 80mm x 200mm) will contain the following parts:

  • 1 x RC Quadcopter Drone
  • 1 x Remote Control Transmitter
  • 2 x 150 mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • 1 x USB Battery Charging Cable
  • 4 x Propellers
  • 1 x User Manual


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