Free X RC Quadcopter

Best Quadcopter| Free X Quadcopter for Sale

Free X 2.4G 7CH FPV RC Quadcopter With 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal RTF

We are so pleased to announce that this FPV Best Quadcopter is available for pre-order. We featured this model back in May and I  posted about it on RCGroups. Skyartec asked me to remove my post as I believe they had done a deal with Only Flying Machines regarding distribution of a similar model. Made in Taiwan the Free X flight controller is one of the most advanced available on the market today. If there is any model to rival the DJI Phantom range this is it. Very affordable at under $500 with 2D Gimbal we expect this model will be a best seller.

Best Quadcopter
Great Aerial Photography Quadcopter with Gimbal


Item Name:Free X RC Quadcopter with Gimbal
Propeller Size:Standard equipped in 9 inch(support 10 inch)
Playing time: About 15min
Weight: 840g(Include the battery)
Flight Parameters Max Stern Rudder Angle Speed : 150 °/s
Max Angle of Inclination : 45°
Max Lifting Speed : 3.5m/s
Max Flight Speed : ≤30km/h
Electronic Motor : 2212-1050KV Brushless Motor
ESC : 15AX Brushless ESC
Receiver : Free X Receiver
Transmitter : Free X Transmitter
Battery : 11.1V 2700mAh lipo
Fight Control Board : Onetouch 4
GPS Fight Control Board : FREE-X GPS module
Charger &Battery Input Voltage : 100-240V
Output Current : 1A
Battery Compatibility : 7.4V/11.1V
Battery Type : Lipo
Transmitter Parameters Remote Control Frequency : 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping
Channel : 7CH
Output Power : < 100mW
Current Consumption : < 230mA(100mW h)
Output Pulse : 1000-2000mS (SUB TRIM is 1500)
Control Distance(Outdoor/no stop) : 1km


Completely design,no need any complexity precess setting
Completely design,no need any complexity precess setting ,easy program debugging,nearly 99% is finished by factory. Along with the improving of new program,the flight control board can be upgraded anytime and supplied to update program.The standard configurations include USB programming cable.

Onetouch 4 Aircraft Control Board
The name of aircraft control board is Onetouch 4 means only for quadcopter. The general transmitter correction can be done by putting the joystick in a neutral position and press the button,except the throttle. This balance correction can be done by pushing the throttle joystick then turn the forth joystick to left .Extremely easy to make the correction.

Two flight modes
The Attitude Control Mode(Altitude setting flight) is 50% of throttle as the neutral point,push up is for rising slowly,push down is for descending slowly.
The GPS Attitude Control Mode which means the place of aircraft being can be positioning and altitude setting.

Intelligent orientation control(IOC)
Auto-Pathfinder also has the Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) function . Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. By using Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC), wherever the nose points, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction: In course lock flying, the forward direction is the same as a recorded nose direction. In home lock flying, the forward direction is the same as the direction from home point to the multi-rotor.
This function can help the newbie with study and help the skilled to make the joystick as the direction when the aircraft flies far away or the FPV could not see it.Of course you must know four directions well before you start it which can help the aircraft not be lost and can be control easily.

Auto-return Function (with the world’s first full-time all channel intervention function)
The program design of auto-return function with the complexity manual control make it safer and more comfortable.
When it descending,the throttle can control the speed being faster or slower,even rising,but when the throttle backs to the neutral(about 50% altitude setting mode),it will continue to complete the unfinished command.Therefore,if it was found in the drop point when descending,you could push the throttle to rise it.

Out of Control Design
The current design is two modes: GPS Positioning;Auto-return and landing ,is designed for the last command being send by transmitter before signal interrupted.

Low voltage protection
When the voltage is lower than the setting,the LED indicator blinks.It prevents your multi-rotor from crashing or other harmful consequences caused by low battery voltage.

Safety Program Design and Electronic Equipment
Safety program design and electronic equipments can avoid the GPS to be misoperation when the magnetometer is damaged.

Equip with dedicated transmitter and receiver,safe and reliable out-of-control protection function
All-in-one design of Free X includes transmitter and receiver.If the control distance is too far or the signal has interrupted, the FREE X flight control system will auto build up the out-of-control protection function and make all commands joystick output to the meso-position,with the good GPS signal,it will start the function of auto-return and landing
Package Included:
1 x Free X Quadcopter
1 x Updated USB Cable
1 x Brushless Gimbal
1 x LCD Transmitter


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