A year of Quadcopters

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One Year On

I was almost a year ago I got my first RC Quadcopter Drone a Walkera QR Ladybird V2 a birthday present from my daughter. As previously documented I crashed, crashed and crashed some more but was determined to persevere. As my confidence grew and I mastered the controls I got to love flying these remarkable flying machines. I still fly my V2 ladybirds on a regular basis I still occasionally have the odd mishap. One year on and I have had an amazing journey, flown some great Quadcopters, had great fun and learnt loads.


Quadcopters Companies

Certain companies have really impressed me with their new and latest models. Wltoys have shown how capable they are in delivering to market superb value craft that can be enjoyed by the masses. Wltoys build robust, technically efficient Remote Control Quadcopters that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. I can’t wait for my WLtoys V636 Quadcopter to arrive. The V636 has been likened to the LaTrax Alias Drone and newcomer Hong Tai is soon to release a similar model. Cheerson has seen phenomenal sales of the amazing CX10 Nano Quadcopter (they are soon to release a new ‘Green Flight Control Receiver Board’ of this model) and impressive sales of the CX20 entry level Aerial Photography Multi-Rotor. I am somewhat disappointed that the Hubsan X4 H109S is still in development but the pleasure I get from flying the H107C HD assures me when it comes the wait will be worth it. Don’t forget Hubsan led the way in Nano sized Quadcopters and will continue to innovate that’s one thing I’m 100% sure of. Another newcomer is smartphone maker Eachine who continue to release low priced quality craft, their low priced H1 Sky walker proving very popular. I’m looking forward to testing the Eachine H108C and see how it compares with my Hubsan H107C. The soon to be released Eachine X9 also looks great value. JJRC have proved they are more than capable of delivering, the Super Scorpio F182 with the dual canopy is an impressive beginner RC Quadcopter and they have just released a version of the Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopter. I have a Syma X5C and it is another great entry level Quadcopter the camera quality is not that great but it comes with all you need there are no extras to buy, is extremely good value and fabulous fun to fly. Unlike the F182 spare parts are readily available and as this is a must for first time flyers the XC5 takes some beating. The Yi Zhan 6 Axis has gained a number of plaudits as has the UDI 816 which is becoming another best seller.

At the top end of the market Walkera have released a number of high spec models the TALI Hexacopter and the more recent Scout Quadcopter. DJI innovations still dominate the Aerial Photography space. Attach a GoPro to a Phantom via a 3 Axis Gimbal and you have got yourself an exceptional Aerial Photography Quadcopter.


A sporting future

If you have seen the outstanding First Person View videos from Airgonay then you can visualize how the amazing flying machines will morph into a sport that will be enjoyed all over the Globe. For those who wish to concentrate on the fun flying side of these exceptional craft, enjoy!

The flying camera that fits in your pocket

You will also see the emergence of the pocket sized flying high definition camera. Your Smartphone is your handheld camera your pocket sized compact camera Quadcopter your flying eye. Your smartphone will control, fly it and download the video or images you request. We will be able to view and capture imagery from angles previously unattainable. It will grant us another perspective of our lives and the planet we live on.

The Drone Community

Call them Drones, Multi-Rotors, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Quadcopters or whatever you like one thing is evidently certain they will change logistics, the way we conduct commerce and the way we capture imagery. The rapidly developing Drone community is full of great people who are only too glad to share their knowledge and work together for the advancement of this nascent industry. The great RC Groups website, YouTube Channels from the likes of Flying Ryan, SeBy DocKy, Chris Drew (quadrewcopter), and the Hubsan X 4 Owners Facebook Group are all great sources of knowledge and inspiration. They should be applauded as this ground roots expertise is driving the industry forward. If the latest Quadcopter is a fabulous flying machine then we will soon hear about it from these ‘Industry Professionals’ if it’s not that great, likewise. Whether it is a great little Nano Quadcopter or a full blown Aerial Photography Platform you can soon find out if it’s worth buying or not. The RC manufacturers have to continually up their game to keep their prices competitive and their offerings abreast with the latest technology. That can only be good for all us Drone Flyers.

Preferred Supplier

Over the last year I have tried a number of different suppliers and have decided to use BangGood for all my Quadcopters, RC Helicopters and spare parts. They simply offer the best prices, great service and after sales support with spares for the models they sell. I do not want to buy a Quadcopter then have to search the internet for spare parts. I want everything in one place with effortless ordering, great customer service and availability of spares, BangGood offer that and more.



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