Eachine Nano H7 Quadcopter

Low Priced Nano Quadcopter | RC Quadcopter for Sale

Update 13-111-204: Just received the Eachine H7, Courtesy of Banggood they have an outstanding range of RC Toys suitable for all ages and what a great little Nano Quadcopter this is. I didn’t think I would find a better Nano Drone that the Cheerson Cx-10 but this one with propeller protectors as standard is at least its equal. Great leds that light the body, super tight flips, good yaw rate, very easy to control and stable in flight.

At $17.99 it is extremely good value, great fun and another perfect Christmas Gift buy.

Eachine H7 2.4G 6-Axis LED Mini Nano RC Quadcopter

6 Axis Gyroscopic Stabilization RC Quadcopter with 6 minutes flying time (Per battery charge). Led lights, easy to fly, acrobatic flight option, This model has propellers protectors making it  ideal for indoor flying. Selling fast, one to rival the Cheerson CX-10?

RC Quadcopter
Latest RC Quadcopter from Eachine the H7


RC Nano Quadcopter
Eachine Nano H7  Nano Quadcopter 


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