Headless Mode Nano Quadcopter

RC Nano Quadcopter for Sale| V676 WLtoys Quadcopter

WLtoys V676 2.4G Super Mini UFO Headless Mode Quadcopter RTF

Things just got better for Quadcopter Flyers with the introduction of the first Nano Quadcopter to have a Headless Mode Flying System


25-10-2014 : I ordered one of these as soon as they were on sale. At ONLY $19.99 it must be the smallest RC Quadcopter to have Headless functionality. I find that due to the small size of the Nano Quadcopters it is very easy to lose orientation when flying outside. With this model you can switch it into Headless flying mode and pull your throttle stick back to return it home regardless of the direction it is pointing in a definite plus for me. At a dollar more than the exceptional Cheerson CX-10  and $2 more than the Eachine H7 it will be great to compare the three Nano models. Please don’t be fooled by the tiny size of these Nano Quads they are packed with technology, great fun to fly and they make a perfect gift for any occasion.

The V676 model comes in three different versions, the ‘Canada’ as shown below, the ‘Olympic’ with 5 rings and the ‘UFO’ version with laurel leaf

Nano RC Quadcopter
Headless Nano Quadcopter from WLtoys V676



Brand Name: WLtoys
Item Name: Super Mini Nano Quadcopter
Item NO.: V676
Material: ABS/PA
Frequency: 2.4G
Flight Time: about 4 min
Charging Time: about 30min
Battery for Quadcopter: build in 3.7V 100Mah Lipo Battery (can be detached)
Control Distance: 20-30m
Dimension: 5.7cm x 5.7cm x 2.1cm
Weight: 12.7g

Super light, Mini size (Nano) RC Quadcopter with Headless Mode funtionality

6-axis Quadcopter is suitable for indoor/outdoor flying and can be launched by hand

Adopts a 2.4G anti-interference technology, allows multi Quadcopters to fly in the same area

Functions:Up/Down, Forward/Backward,Turn Left/Right,Leftward/Rightward

Flying,360-degree Rotation

Headless Mode Operation:
V911,V912,V913 Transmitters: Push the left stick down to bottom left corner and push the right stick down to the bottom right corner at the same time.

V929,V939,V949,V959,V969,V979,V989,V999 Transmitters: When the throttle of the Nano Quadcopter is 100%, push the left stick down to bottom left corner and push the right stick down to the bottom right corner at the same time.



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