FPV Quadcopter JJRC V686

FPV Quadcopter from JJRC V686 | Best Low Priced First Person View Quadcopter

JJRC V686 5.8G FPV Headless Mode RC Quadcopter with HD Camera Monitor

If you are looking for a Low priced FPV RC Quadcopter that will give you a real bird’s eye view of your surroundings and let you fly First Person View then the JJRC V686 is most probably the best FPV Quadcopter available in this price bracket. It is extremely well made, super stable in flight and comes with and excellent FPV screen and RC Transmitter. Having tested the JJRC H9C and the Skyhawk FPV RC Quadcopter we would advise you pay a little more for this model as it is a far better option. The 5.8 ghz video transmission delivers a real time view to the clear FPV screen attached to the transmitter. The Drone Flyers Team are great fans of the JJRC range of Quadcopters and this FPV RC Quadcopter is another great model from this Brand. CLICK THIS LINK

The Mark A McCreadie V686 Quadcopter Review

The V686 4 CH Digital Proportional 5.8GHZ FPV Video Transmission R/C Quad-Copter

The day finally arrived, my V686 5.8 FPV arrived after a long journey on the Shanghai Express. and I must say its well packaged in a good strong box and well presented, I’ve really been looking forward to receiving this, and cant wait to check out the 5.8 FPV as I’m informed is pretty good, and they say the JJRC V686 RC Quadcopter is a great quad to fly, so I couldn’t be more excited to put it together, insert the batteries, charge the LED screen and just enjoy the V686 5.8 FPV.
FPV Quadcopter
Latest FPV Quadcopter
The JJRC V686
The V686 FPV Quadcopter itself has arrived in a carbon fibre effect finish, and looks really cool, Props come in Red and black for orientation reasons, and sturdy skids for landing gear, sadly the whole black stealthy look is spoiled by the, FPV camera that comes in white, but it all appears to be strong and well made. it has a control range of 150 meters, but nothing to brag about in the flight and charge times, sadly flight time is a max of 8 minutes, and charge time of 90minutes. It can do the usual 360 degree rollover, and features the one key return home and headless mode.
The V686 Remote Control Transmitter
The transmitter is also black and finished with chrome effect plastic, and again appears to be well made and strong, it has a smart LED screen that’s very informative and clear to see, it also has a smart blue backlight, a nice touch is you can turn the lights of on your quad with a press of a button, basically its a well laid out transmitter that’s very easy to understand, and most importantly it feels good in your hands, if Im to pick one fault, its that its quite heavy when you have the LCD screen loaded on top, and could use a neck strap to support it, but it doest even have something you can attach a neck strap to anyway,  however that can be sorted out quite easy, as it does have a chrome fitting where a neckstrap would fit, but it doesn’t have a hole through it, so with a drill you could easily make that hole. it takes 6 x1 AA batteries, that should keep you going for a while..
The V686 5.8 FPV system
The 5.8 FPV System consist of a good clear 4.3, inch LCD screen with sun screen, its finished in black and appears to be well made, and has a range of 300 meters, it appears to have little lag, and because its camera is a HD 720p 30fps the picture is very clear, also the 5.8ghz system doesn’t effect the control of the quadcopter like a 2.4ghz system could. and with practice should work quite well with the V686 5.8 FPV, im told the trick is not to watch the quad just the screen, if im to pick fault, its that the screen isn’t easy to view in strong sunlight, and the FPV aerial is massive, but fine otherwise it fine.
FPV Quadcopter
JJRC V686 FPV Quadcopter
So basically things are looking very promising for the V686, I’m impressed with how easy it went together, and how well made everything is,  there are a couple of things to dislike about the V686 5.8 FPV, like the white camera, the massive FPV aerial on the LCD screen, and the weight of the controller with the LCD screen mounted on it, but generally  I like everything else im seeing up to this point, but who knows the first flight may well change everything. and I wont be pulling any punches..
Box contents
Spare props
Variable rate charger
Quad Battery 1-cell 3.7v 730mAh
LCD Screen for FPV  ( With built in Battery so it doesn’t use the transmitters batteries. )
USB charger lead for LCD screen
Arial for FPV
Mounting bracket for the LCD to go on the Transmitter
Manual ( The very worst Chinenglish I’ve ever tried to make sense off in my Life, just terrible.)
Instruction sheet for Mini 5.8 FPV  ( Better than the manual, you can at least make sense of it.)
First Flight indoors
first a problem I’ve come across, is how do you calibrate and trim the V688 5.8 FPV when you  cant understand a word the instruction manual says, I had to resort to Youtube to find out how to do it, the manual is best described as a joke an needs re-writing. having said that after watching one or two videos its all pretty straight forward and very easy to do, the LCD screen is nice and bright and easy to see, and there is very little lag between the camera and the time it takes to appear on screen, its very good and actually better than I had expected, the quad itself hovers nice and steady and responds well to the controller even on low power, so things are looking great for the outdoors flight, and I cant wait to get the V686 FPV up to full power and see what it can really do.
First Flight outdoors
Again a positive start for the V686 FPV on full power it responds well to the controller, there is actually a nice feel to flying this quad, you don’t feel distant to the quad in any way, you move your thumb, it moves instantly. but even though it does do everything you ask of it, and does it well, it would be nice if it had a little more power, its the same with most quads this size and money, they are always let down by not having enough power and need brushless motors, its a real  shame because it would make all the difference between having a good quad and a near perfect one. I am finding it difficult to see the LCD screen, the shade helps, but its not great, so it makes it difficult to test the FPV system, I resorted to having a coat over my head to test it, I must stress I have little to no experience of flying a quad with FPV, and I’ve never used goggles before, so really I’m a perfect candidate to test this system, so here we go, for the first couple of attempts I have difficulty doing just about everything, but slowly its getting easier, and within three batteries I actually managed to fly a small circuit, as I was informed before the trick is to ignore the quad and just look at the screen, and once you get use to it, its the next best thing to actually climbing inside your quad and flying it, I can fully understand why people love FPV, and progress to goggles, so you can say the V686 FPV has done its job, Im converted and will definitely investigate FPV further, and no doubt I will get goggles myself.
So that’s it its a great little Quad that fly’s well with a FPV system that actually works for around $75, £50 or 71 euros, I thinks its super value for the money when you consider Syma’s 5.8 FPV system without a quad sells for around three quarters of the cost of this complete set up, I honestly don’t think you can go far wrong with this quad-copter, it has a good following and a good reputation, and is the perfect quad to start your FPV Journey with, but you will be hooked once you start this journey, so you have been warned..
we will hopefully have a video to show you how it flies, the lack of lag on the FPV, and footage from the camera..

09-03-2015 : This is a ready to fly model straight out of the box and you can be up and flying in no time at all and we will be testing the capabilities of the FPV Quadcopter over the next few weeks

Fpv Quadcopter
JJRC V686 FPV Quadcopter Low Price Great Quality

FPV Camera Quadcopter Description:

Brand Name:JJRC
Item NO.:V686
Item Name: 5.8G FPV Headless Mode RC Quadcopter with HD Camera Monitor
Channel: 4CH
Gyro: 6 axis
Flight Duration: 8 Minutes
Remote Control Distance: 100-150 meters
Recharging Time: 90mins
Battery For Quadcopter: 3.7V 730 mAh(included)
Battery For Transmiter: 6 x AA Battery (not included)
Color: Black
Product size: 36*36*8.5CM
Color box size:38*25*12cm
Function: ascend/descend/forward/backward/side flying/360°rolling action/hover/3D/LED/camera/5.8G transmission/CF mode/One key return

CLICK THIS LINK For Delivery Details

FPV Quadcopter Features:
With the Headless Mode function there is no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying
One key to return function makes it easily to find the way home if you lose orientation
6 – axis gyro quad, strong stability, easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
Large and lightweight Carbon Fiber airframe with nice durability
With 2.4G Transmiter/ Easy Adjust Frequency
Full Scale Remote Control with built-in 6 axis gyro system
High capacity battery included providing longer flight time
With LED lights making it possible for night flying
With First Person View monitor
2.0MP HD camera

Latest FPV Quadcopter for Sale
JJRC V686 FPV Quadcopter Kit

Your FPV Quadcopter Package Includes:
1 x JJRC V686 FPV Quadcopter
1 x Remote Control Transmitter
1 x 3.7V 730mAh Lipo Battery
1 x High Definition FPV Camera
1 x FPV Monitor
1 x Antenna
1 x Card Reader
1 x 2GB Card
1 x Drone Battery Charger
4 x Protection cover

CLICK THIS LINK For Delivery Details

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One comment

  1. Having flown the Syma XC5 for some time I thought I was ready to go up to the next level of copter so I bought the JRC V686 copter thinking that at almost three times the price this would be significantly better. But how disappointed I am.

    This copter is quite a bit heavier than the XC5 but it has bigger motors and a bigger battery so I thought all would be good after I got it out of the box and put on the landing pads. I thought I would fly it without the camera to just get a handle on the flying characteristics.

    The main problem appears to be the processor. It is very slow. So what happens in flight? After giving it power up command with the speed control stick the copter takes a second or so before it takes off. Then in flight directional commands are similarly slow to respond but the really noticeable thing is when the command to slow a little is given or a command to change direction is given and suddenly the processor fights with the accelerometer to find stability. It often takes several seconds to stabilise the flight after is slows or turns and at these times it is completely unresponsive. So I found that slowing the copter I could not regain control before the copter had fallen twenty meters to thirty meters or more and then it could not recover at all because as I increased the speed it again went in to a state of instability before it began rising again.

    The other time that the processor shows that it is not up to the task is when the copter flips on landing or even touches an object. It goes into a blue screen of death scenario (no screen of course) but the computer freezes and the only way to get the system up and running again is to reboot. Now this would not be that big a deal if it had a switch but this copter does not have a switch. And the only on/off is to disconnect the battery and reconnect. Then the controller also has to be turned on and off again to reconnect the radio link. I found this whole process quite frustrating.

    I think the connections are unlikely to survive this continual opening and closing to reboot the processor.

    As another statement this copter is way to unresponsive to be flown inside and finds winding conditions similarly confronting.

    All in all I think this is a very poor copter and I think that it is definitely not worth the money..

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