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16-03-2015 This is ridiculously cheap the basic JJRC H12C with no accessories CLICK THIS LINK

13-03-2015 Banggood have just announced they will soon be stocking the H12C 5 MP Camera CLICK THIS LINK Only $30.66 You can also use this High Definition Quadcopter Camera on the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter

Quadcopter Camera
JJRC HD 1080 Camera

10-03-2015 We will be testing the video quality of all these Quadcopters over the next few days. As you can see the Photographs from the H12C are better than any Low Priced RC Quadcopter we have tested previously

08-03-2015:PLEASE NOTE: The JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter with the 5 Mega Pixel Camera is Back in Stock CLICK THIS LINK at only $79.99. The Perfect Low Priced Quadcopter for Aerial Photography.

Drone Photography
Aerial Photograph taken with a Low Priced Drone the JJRC H12C 5MP  RC Quadcopter Camera

I was extremely pleased to find on my return from a great vacation in Goa India that the Drone Flyers JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter had been delivered. My first impressions were that it was more compact than I thought it would be, slightly smaller than the bestselling JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter. We are going to compare this model with a couple of alternatives the popular JJRC H8C Quadcopter and the low priced JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter. We believe all these RC Quadcopters represent great value for money. JJRC came on the scene in 2014 and have already delivered some outstanding value for money RC Quadcopters. We will add some short reviews on the JJRC 1000A Micro Quadcopter as the BNF ( Bind and Fly) version can be flown with the remote control transmitter from the H8C. We will also fly and test the Low Priced JJRC H6C Micro Camera Drone  CLICK THIS LINK  so you can ascertain which model is suitable for you. A detailed review of the JJRC H9D FPV Quadcopter will be posted on a separate page for Low Priced FPV RC Quadcopters.

A Comparison Review of the JJRC H12C Quadcopter, the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter and the JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter
In this review we will offer an unbiased and informative review of the flight characteristics of these Low Priced Camera Drones. This RC Quadcopter Drone Review will detail our experiences of the models on a continuous basis. It is only by doing this we can offer informative information. Unboxing reviews are all very well and short videos of the flight characteristics are all well and good but it is only flying these RC Quadcopter Camera Drones over a period of time can you ascertain their true qualities and find issues that may affect purchase decisions . We will look at the availability of spare parts, ease of use to work on and how the respective mega pixel Drone Cameras perform. We will also post links to some great detailed technical reviews, YouTube videos and Facebook groups.

JJRC H8C Camera Drone

RC Quadcopter Camera Drone
The JJRC H8C Remote Control Quadcopter with 2MP Camera

JJRC H12C Camera Drone

Low Priced Camera drones
Latest Camera Drone from JJRC the H12C with 5MP Camera

JJRC H5C Camera Drone

RC Quadcopter Camera Drone
Low Priced JJRC H5C with 2MP Camera

Please note we have a Yi Zhan Tarantula RC Quadcopter on its way to us courtesy of Banggood and we will add a review and comparison to see if this model offers a realistic alternative to any of these three JJRC RC Quadcopters as soon as it arrives.

These are three of the best Mini Sized Drones currently available for sale today. They all represent great value for money .

The JJRC H5C with the One key return to Home functionality and a 2MP camera is on sale now at Banggood for only $46.99 CLICK THIS LINK

The JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter with 2MP Camera $70.99 CLICK THIS LINK

The JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter with 5MP Camera $79.99 CLICK THIS LINK

The Drone Flyers Team have extensively flown most of the JJRC RC Quadcopters produced we have found them very reliable, great fun to fly, spares are available and with JJRC Quadcopters you get the full package. Your Drone, Remote Control Transmitter, Drone Camera, Propeller Guards, an SD card and reader, Quadcopter battery, manual, spare propellers, screw driver and battery charger.
Please Note: It is worth noting at this juncture that some HC8 owners are experiencing issues with motor burn out. The Drone Flyers Team has had a JJRC H8C Remote Control Quadcopter for a numbers of months and we have flown it on a regular basis without any problems whatsoever. The JJRC H8C  RC Quadcopter is using a 7.4V 500mAH Quadcopter Battery and although this delivers more power to the motors it can strain them. The newer JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter has reverted to a 3.7V Quadcopter Battery so we would expect longer motor life. Changing motors is a fairly simple task if you have soldering skills but if you are a complete beginner getting started in this fun Hobby then the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter may not be for you. Nothing is more disappointing than having a RC Quadcopter Drone out of action the Drone Flyers Team have all experienced this at some stage or the other. It ain’t fun and is very frustrating. As you get into this Hobby you will learn how to disassemble these Drone and make minor repairs, it is all part of the fun of the Hobby. The H8C Quadcopter motors are really cheap CLICK THIS LINK so if you are going to buy this model they are are sensible investment.

All Spare Parts for the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK

 Day One 28-02-2015: First Impressions and Indoor Testing
As you can see by the above and below images, the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter Drone looks and is the larger of these models and the H5C is very similar in looks to the Syma X5C RC Quadcopter. The quality of plastic and build of the H8C and JJRC H12C  RC Quadcopter is better than the JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter (this is reflected in the H5C price point). Style wise the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter resembles the Cheerson CX-20 with its slightly bulbous canopy shape, the H5C mimicking the shape of the Syma X5C Explorers but our favorite by far is the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter which has the look of the new Hubsan X4 H109S Pro Quadcopter about it. The body shell is built in rigid plastic which gives a robust feel to it. The JJRC H12C comes out top for me, it is easy to handle, good build, nice quality material and nice styling. We are lovin’ the Orange and black coloring of the H12C. Banggood are offering a Special Limited Edition Black version of the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter which looks equally impressive and it’s is also available in white coloring.

JJRC Quadcopters
From left to right the JJRC H5C, The JJRC H12C and the JJRC H8C Quadcopters

Size wise the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter is slightly bigger than the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter, diameter measurements diagonally are 23.5cms from the centre of the propellers for the H8C, 21cm on the H12 and 23cm on the H5C. Weight wise the H8C is heaviest at 155gms the H12C 140gms and the JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter a lightweight 106gms. These were taken without the propellers guards attached on all the JJRC RC Quadcopters being tested and reviewed. The three RC Quadcopter Drones had their respective cameras attached and charged batteries in place.

Camera Drones for Sale
Above view of the three JJRC RC Camera Drones

As I’ve got them all charged up I’m just going to do a few take off and landings indoors to see how easy they all are to fly. A simple take off, hover and land process. We will look at the transmitters later on in the review. I’m going to start with the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter as I’m very accustomed to using it and it is one of my all-time favortites. Most day weather permitting when walking my Chocolate Labrador Ella I will take out this remote control transmitter and a Micro JJRC H6C Quadcopter with Camera and do some flying in the local fields. It’s a pocket sized handy RC Transmitter and JJRC have improved the functionality over the last year. It has a nice Led screen and suits my small hands and my 8year old nephew uses the same transmitter to fly the JJRC DDF F182 RC Quadcopter and the JJRC H6 Micro Camera Drone. We will get him to test all these model over the next few months so we can see how a young Drone Flyer will adapt to and handle these RC Quadcopters. My Son-in-law Jackson an accomplished RC Helicopter flyer has already extensively flown the JJRC H8C Camera Drone and its was a real pleasure to see some great JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter flying. We also would love readers to post their experiences of these JJRC Quadcopters and build a community of interest around this Brand. They all offer something for the beginner and experience Drone Flyer alike.

Please note the Drone Flyers Team tested all the featured Quadcopters in Mode 2 configuration

Binding, take off, hover and land. Indoor testing with no propeller guards attached.

The JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter was so simple to bind gave a great smooth lift off, very stable hover, a little bouncy on landing, a real pleasure to fly and not too noisy. The excellent all-round Led lights give a perfect indication of flight orientation which is a definite Plus for the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter. I flew the H8C in a darkened room and it was great fun .
The JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter is a Drone Flyers dream bind and lift off, fingers off the sticks and it acted as if it has altitude hold with very little movement incredible! Smooth landing with very impressive flying characteristics.
The H5C Explorers looks like the Syma flies like the Syma X5C Explorers. I found the JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter the hardest Quadcopter to control but you can still hover very well. The lighter weight made a difference and the JJRC H5C was very responsive to the transmitter, fabulous affordable flying fun.
After flying the three models I needed to go back and fly the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter some more. These preliminary flight tests were conducted without the propeller guards on but I at no time did I fell out of control and could fly the H12C around the house confidently on only my second take off. The weight to size on this Camera Drone seems to be perfect, very well balanced it is a real pleasure to fly. After two flights I’m already very impressed. This RC Quadcopter has already shown it can deliver. I’ve flown a few Low Priced RC Camera Drones and always enjoy the flight qualities of the Hubsan X4 H107C HD CLICK THIS LINK  the very best Micro Camera drone ever produced and the JJRC H6C Camera Drone CLICK THIS LINK  the best value low priced Micro Camera drone but flying these larger Drones is a different yet highly enjoyable flying experience.

Left to right JJRC H6C, JJRC H12C , Hubsan X4 H107C HD . A very nice collection!

Camera Drones for Sale
Size Comparison  JJRC H12C with Hubsan and JJRC Micro Quadcopters

Take off, hover and land. Indoor testing with propeller guards attached
The addition of the propeller guards to the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter seems to give it an increased stability, really nice to fly with propeller guards on. The JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter showed similar characteristics both these models with propeller guards on and increased stability make them perfect Camera Drones for beginners. The X5C took a little more work with the sticks to keep it stable but again it was fun to fly and very manageable. The propellers guards took minutes to attach to the RC Quadcopters and I had to slightly bend the guards down on the H5C to avoid propeller contact otherwise there were no issues.

Aerial Photography
H12C Camera perfect for entry level Aerial Photography

Charging the RC Quadcopter Batteries
The design of the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter comes out top again. You can insert the USB charging cable into a port on the underside of the H12C body shell so there is no need to remove the battery which can be fiddly on the other two models. The H12C was the quickest to charge via the USB cable from the laptop directly into the Quadcopter body shell  at approximately 30 minutes, the JJRC H5C battery took approximately 50 minutes with the H8C 7.4V battery taking well over the hour.

At this stage I would like to thank Banggood for putting their trust in the Drone Flyers team to test and evaluate these three Camera Drones. We have already had tremendous fun flying them around and I myself am really enjoying flying the JJRC H12C Camera Drone it’s giving me a real buzz! These small affordable Camera Drones are such fun and the technology behind them is so impressive it is no wonder flying them is so extremely addictive. We should always remember the Low Prices we are paying for these fabulous Camera Drones they are extreme value for money. A few years ago we wouldn’t have been able to afford Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Drones and Quadcopters of this quality and performance and we are fortunate to be able to enter this exciting Hobby space for a tiny investment.

Checking the Yaw rates and ability to fly in small areas indoors
We don’t expect a fast Yaw rate on any of these models as the flying characteristics differ from the fast small agile Micro Camera Drones that pack similar sized coreless motors in tiny body shells. The JJRC H8C Camera Drone again was a dream to fly around the house. The Yaw rate ensured it was simple to navigate to different rooms and fly it upstairs. A couple of clips to a door frame and the fridge and the propeller guards did their job with no loss of control. The JJRC H5C  RC Quadcopter again was harder to control as the Yaw rate was jerky and the lighter weight body shell doesn’t deal with the propeller wash (the air turbulence) as well as the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter. The H12C is really smooth with a slow Yaw rate at 25% which made it perfect for flying indoors. You really feel in charge of your flying with this super stable RC Quadcopter model, movements are smooth so you can fly with confidence in confined spaces.

JJRC H5C RC quadcopter
JJRC RC Quadcopter with Camera

The JJRC H5C with the One key return to Home functionality and a 2MP camera is on sale now at Banggood for only $46.99 CLICK THIS LINK

RC Quadcopter Christmas Gift
JJRC Latest Quadcopter the H8C

 The JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter with 2MP Camera $70.99 CLICK THIS LINK

The JJRC H8 model is also available without transmitter at $50.99 CLICK THIS LINK

The JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter is available without the camera at $41.99 CLICK THIS LINK

The JJRC H8C Quadcopter is available with a 0.3 MP Camera at $52.99 CLICK THIS LINK

RC Quadcopter with 5MP camera
JJRC H12C with 5 Mega Pixel Camera

The JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter with 5MP Camera $79.99 CLICK THIS LINK

Day 2 1-04-2015
We are getting get some outdoor testing today great fun as always

First up was the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter, I will keep on the propeller guards for the purposes of these initial outdoor flights as it is blustery weather so best play safe. The JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter was a dream to fly I switched up to 75% and 100% as if the settings are lower it struggles with the wind. No complaints whatsoever from the H8C it really delivers every time. It gave a remarkable flying experience it’s no wonder the H8C has already established a strong following in the RC community. It is just great fun to fly I totally loved it! If there is a wind blowing then just don’t take too high you can still enjoy flying it and it will rapidly develop your flying skills. I took out the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter next and had been warned it didn’t handle very well in the wind. I found quite the opposite and although it was not as responsive as the JJRC H8C  RC Quadcopter and not as agile it however held it position an altitude very well in strong gusts. This bodes well for the capture of aerial imagery from the 5 mega pixel Drone Camera

The JJRC H5C Explorers was as expected a handful but as I have had extensively flown the Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter I was quite accustomed to the flight characteristics of this type of Remote Control Quadcopter. I dumped it a couple of times but that didn’t put me off having some fun and I got in 4 or 5 flips. Not the best RC Quadcopter for flying in windy conditions but you can still have some great fun with it, I just have!

It wouldn’t be fair to continue this comparison review without testing the acrobatics on the other two models. First up the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter and as I was familiar with the greatly improved JJRC Quadcopter Transmitter I was looking forward to it. The first versions you had to switch on the 3D mode perform your flip and turn the 3D button off. With this latest version you press the 3D button you flip your Quadcopter once and the flip functionality is disabled. The acrobatic functionality of the H8C RC Quadcopter gets a 5 Star Plus Rating. The JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter may have a few motors failures but it is an indisputable fact it is such great fun to fly and it always delivers pleasure in abundance.

The wind got up a bit when decided to test the acrobatic qualities of the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter  but none the less were effortlessly accomplished and again great fun. What really impressed me were the supple landing skids. If you were too low when performing flips the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter dropped on the grass but all that happened was the Quadcopter just bounced back in the air and you  could regain control. Again this is a good sign that this model is well designed, constructed and extremely well balanced. I dropped the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter a couple times no damage at all.

Please Note: I removed the cameras from the respective RC Quadcopters for this acrobatic testing to reduce weight and avoid any damages to the cameras.

Outdoor testing without the Camera and Propeller Guards attached
The JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter performed extremely well in this lighter format. At top rate 100% it was very fast and responsive to the controls. The flip were more dramatic but needed a higher level of management. You can’t fault this RC Quadcopter for the flying experience it’s as good as it gets from a model of this size and in this price bracket.

Spare JJRC H8C Quadcopter Battery CLICK THIS LINK
The JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter didn’t manage the wind as well with the propeller guards removed and it struggled with strong gusts. It is not a nippy as the H8C Camera Drone and you felt a times it needed more power. It was still a pleasure to fly but sometimes left you wanting more. Flips were still effortless and performed to expectations
The JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter was the most difficult control and you had to struggle with the sticks in strong gusts to keep it level and avoid severe drifting. You can fly this model in the wind but I would recommend you wait for gentler weather.

I took the H5C Explorers out to test some more in lighter wind conditions and to test the headless flying mode and automatic return to home flying modes. I was very impressed on how the JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter handled in the calmer conditions with great hovering and awesome flips it was a pleasure to fly. It was far quicker than I expected it to be and both the headless flying mode and automatic return to home worked a treat. Syma are soon to be releasing a headless mode version of their X5C Explorers the Syma X5SC RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK with a headless flying mode. This is likely to retail at nearly $20 more than the H5C Explorers and I’m unsure as to whether it will have an automatic return to home button. I love the Syma X5C Explorers as I was the first model of this size I had but for value for money the JJRC H5C  RC Quadcopter looks untouchable.

Conclusions after two days testing:

Super Flyer H8C. After flying these three RC Quadcopters for a couple of day we can safely say that the the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter comes out on top for the flying experience and the JJRC H12C  RC Quadcopter comes out top for design. Both are great RC Quadcopters. I depends on what exactly you want from these Camera Drones. If you are looking to have a fun flying experience with the added ability of video capture the the H8C may be a perfect choice but you will need to be prepared to replace motors at some stage. Fun, Fast , Fabulous Flying Fun!

The H12C offers beginners and experienced flyers the perfect entry level Low Priced Aerial Photography Quadcopter. It’s easy to fly with a great design and build. High Quality Camera Drone from JJRC.

The JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter also offers a great fun flying experience is easy to use but it is not as refined as the JJRC H8C or the JJRC H12C. but it offers fantastic value for money.

The three featured JJRC  Quadcopters are all well made, durable and robust.

RC Quadcopter lights
Best Led lights are on the JJRC H8C  they wrap all around the body shell on all four sides, great design from JJRC!

Tomorrow we will do some more testing on all these models as well as setting up the latest First Person View Quadcopter from JJRC  H9D RC FPV Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK as we are very fortunate to have received a copy of this model for review purpose courtesy of Banggood. We will post a link on these page to the review of the H9D FPV Drone and a link to the JJRC V686 FPV Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK when this model arrives

Low Priced FPV RC Quadcopter
Low Priced FPV Quadcopter Drone from JJRC the H9D

As we already have two spare batteries for the JJRC H8C CLICK THIS LINK I’m going to check out spares for the other models. I’m sure we have something to fit the H5C and perhaps we will try the 650 mah from the JJRC H9D rather than the standard 500mah that is supplied with this model. We also have a 700mAh 3,7V Quadcopter Battery from the Cheerson CX-30W Quadcopter (One to avoid a terrible FPV Quadcopter) I will see how that fits in the H5C. I will also checkout the availability of spare parts for all these three featured RC Quadcopters.

Thanks for taking time out to read this Quadcopter Review. We will update the review on a daily basis.

Day 3 02-03-2015
The weather here is again very windy so I’m going to take some time to test the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter with some alternative Transmitters
Testing the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter using the WLtoys V666 RC Transmitter CLICK THIS LINK  and the Transmitter from the JJRC 1000A RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK . If you have either of these RC Quadcopters then the Transmitters can be used to fly the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter.

 The V666 Transmitter, the stock H8C Transmitter and the JJRC 1000A Transmitter can all be used to fly the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter

RC Quadcopter Remote Controls
JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter with three Remote Control Transmitters

Banggood list the following remote control transmitters that can be used to fly the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter.
If you have WLtoys V262,V333,V353,V222,V323,V272,V666 series transmitters(with video function) or WLtoys V212 V252,Jingxingda jXD 385 388,Lishi 6036 6038,XX X30 X30V, JJRC 1000A 1000B transmitters(without video function).
You can save about $20 if you have any of the above remote controls however some will not let you capture video. JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter Bind and Fly Version (without Transmitter) CLICK THIS LINK 
First up is the transmitter that comes as standard on the JJRC 1000A RC Quadcopter. No problem binding the H8C to this remote control transmitter. I’m also going to also see if this works in reverse, binding the JJRC to the H8C transmitter. The JJRC 1000A is also available as a BNF (Bind and Fly) version CLICK THIS LINK  so if this works and you purchase the H8C you can buy one of these great little Micro Quadcopters for approximately $17 and fly it with your H8C TX. Yes the JJRC 1000A was compatible with the Remote Control Transmitter from the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter. I will do some indoor flight testing using this set up a little as it offers the H8C buyer the chance to add a great little Micro RC Quadcopter to their collection at a very affordable cost. The JJRC 1000A RC Quadcopter was also compatible with the WLtoys V666 Transmitter but I found the H8C TX a far better option to fly the JJRC 1000A RC Quadcopter.

Please Note: If you do buy the JJRC 1000A RC Quadcopter you will find the stock battery a really tight fit. You can leave  your battery  in the Quadcopter or do an easy modification using tape so you can pull it out without having to tug on the battery lead. See below image

RC Quadcopter battery
Simple modification to the JJRC 1000A Quadcopter Battery using tape

JJRC 1000A RC Quadcopter BNF ONLY $16.66 CLICK THIS LINK

Back to the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter  testing the alternative remote transmitters

At 40% rate I found the JJRC H8C Quadcopter far more responsive to the stick controls using the  WLtoys V666 Quadcopter transmitter and this took some getting used too. Once you got used to it flying the H8C using this transmitter it was great fun, fast response and super stable flying. At 80% the yaw rate was very quick and I can’t wait to test this configuration outdoors as soon as the weather permits.
The TX from the JJRC 1000A RC Quadcopter was the complete opposite, the yaw was very slow at 20% and although the H8C was very stable it felt sluggish. This improved as you switched to higher levels and at 80% there was a very noticeable improvement.
Warning: Please be aware that when using the JJRC 1000A TX if you switch to 100% this automatically activates the 3D mode and your JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter will flip on quick movements on the right stick (Mode 2). This also applies to the JJRC 1000A Micro Quadcopter when using this Transmitter.

Quick indoor test flight JJRC H5C with a 700 mAh Battery

The camera and propeller guard have been removed for this test. The JJRC H5C Explorers Quadcopter flew extremely well with the 700 mAh Quadcopter Lipo battery. I found it a better flying experience with the reduced weight, very stable less reactive to the propeller wash. Headless flying mode and RTH (return to home) both worked perfectly  the more I’m flying this RC Quadcopter the more I’m enjoying it.

One key return to home for the JJRC 1000A RC Quadcopter  and JJRC  H8C RC Quadcopter

As the wind seems no sign of dying down I going to charge up some batteries for the JJRC H6C RC Quadcopter and do some indoor testing of this model. This had the latest version Transmitter from JJRC with one key return to home. Before I connected the JJRC H6C RC Quadcopter up I thought I would use this latest transmitter to fly the JJRC 1000A RC Quadcopter. To my amazement the One Key return to home button worked a treat! I thought I would then use this TX to fly the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter and again the one key return to home worked on the H8C! I have an older version of the H8C so I’m going to test that to see if I get the same result. Yes it works perfectly. I’m not sure if Banggood are shipping the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopters with this latest JJRC Transmitter but I will check and confirm. I’m so pleased I checked this out as the RTH adds another dimension to flying the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter and to have it working on the JJRC 1000A is a complete surprise!

Indoor JJRC H6C RC Quadcopter Testing indoors and outdoors in blustery conditions

RC Quadcopter Kit
Complete RC Quadcopter Kit. Ready Fly, 2 MP Camera

I don’t like the JJRC H6C Micro Quadcopter, I absolutely love it! It is silky smooth to fly, performs really tight flips and has a on board 2Mp Camera. I’ve just done some indoor flying and flipping and I can’t fault the JJRC H6C Quadcopter. If anyone knows of a better under $40 RC Quadcopter with a  2 mega pixel camera we would love to hear about it. This latest version come with the upgraded headless return to home functionality and delivers endless hours of fabulous flying fun in doors and outside.  CLICK THIS LINK 

You have four different flight rates 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% making perfect fr beginners and experience Drone Flyers. I’ve have tended to fly the JJRC H6C RC Quadcopter with the propeller guards on both indoors and outside because it is super stable and have shown off putting the transmitter down and leaving it to hover in one place. If you take the guards off and switch to 100% you turn this docile flyer into a little flying demon. Flying in this set up demands it be taken outside and put through its paces. As said the wind is strong today but Hey you got to have some fun! And I really did and learn something in the process. If you hold the 3D button down with your forefinger and jerk the right stick (mode 2) with your thumb you can achieve multiple flips that are truly awesome to witness. I managed three as i didn’t wan;t to take it too high in the wind, I tried four but was being a little ambitious and ended up dumping it. I’m not sure if this will work with the other JJRC Quadcopters but I’m going to give the JJRC 1000A RC Quadcopter a try to see if it performs in a similar manner.

The JJRC 100A struggled a bit in strong gusts but I keep low and it was fast and responsive. I managed triple flips with the JJRC 1000A RC Quadcopter without any bother. I can’t wait to test both these Micro Quadcopters in calmer weather.

4.30 pm (GMT) Day 3

Have had some fantastic flying fun today but not without incident. My impetuosity got the better of me and I decided to give the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter a Camera test but ended up dumping it in a hedge. I couldn’t find it but moved the throttle stick slightly and heard the motors spinning and the I saw the Led lights, lesson learnt! The video I captured showed promise and as I believe the JJRC H12C  Camera Drone will be able to capture decent video. This Quadcopter is set up and balanced to suggest so. I’m going to put the propeller guards back on as the JJRC H12C Camera Drone seems to hold steadier with the extra weight. The wind factor obviously plays a big part but in totally calm conditions I’m sure it will perform admirably without the guards. Over the last two months I have flown the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter loads but have neglected testing the camera functionality so as soon as the weather permits I will compare these two models side by side. The JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter.is such a great fun flyer you use it to that purpose.I really not had much luck with video capture from the Hubsan X4 H107C HD Micro Quadcopter  CLICK THIS LINK the JJRC H6C Micro Quadcopter or the Syma X5C Explorers my efforts with these Camera Drones have been disappointing. The best results I have achieved are from the WLtoys V636 Skylark (La Traxxas Alias Clone) and the larger Parrot type WLtoys V666 using the WLtoys 1080 High Definition Camera. CLICK THIS LINK

 The JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter with 2MP Camera $70.99 CLICK THIS LINK

The JJRC H8 model is also available without transmitter at $50.99 CLICK THIS LINK 

The JJRC H 8C RC Quadcopter is available without the camera at $41.99 CLICK THIS LINK

The JJRC  H8C Quadcopter is available with a 0.3 MP Camera at $52.99 CLICK THIS LINK

The JJRC H5C with the One key return to Home functionality and a 2MP camera is on sale now at Banggood for only $46.99 CLICK THIS LINK

The JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter with 5MP Camera $79.99 CLICK THIS LINK

If you had said to me two years ago that in the not too distant future I would be flying a Remote Controlled Quadcopter Drone with a 5 MP HD Camera attached and able to take video or photographs with a click on the remote control transmitter and then told me I would cost under $80 I would have struggled to believe you. These are exceptional times for experienced Drone Flyers and beginners who are participating in this hobby for the first time. I’ve had a fantastic time today setting up and flying all the JJRC Quadcopters it’s given me a great buzz!

Aerial Photography
Gorey Beach from the Air H8C with H12C 5MP

I’ve set up and tested  the cameras on the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter, the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter and the JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter. The only issue I encountered was when inserting the Micro SD Card into the H5C Camera it went into the camera housing. Taking the camera apart was a simple task however and I realigned the Micro SD card slot and put it back together, The Transmitter on the H12C has  separate buttons for Video and Photo capture and you get a video icon on the small LCD screen showing that you are recording video.

The JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter was a simple set up and as I’m used to this TX I know which buttons to use. We will have a good look at all the JJRC Transmitters over the next few days. The H12C has a great user friendly RC Transmitter set up to effortlessly capture video and still photography. The RC Transmitter for the H8C is a favorite of mine and easy to use,

There is a lot of garbage in the JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter Manual about pressing the button on the top left hand side on the Transmitter for camera? There are two buttons to the left of the LCD screen one says Photo and the other says Video, use these they work perfectly!

I’ve put all the propeller guards back on and charged all the Quadcopter Batteries up and I’m good to go tomorrow weather permitting.Thanks again for reading the Drone Flyers JJRC Quadcopter blog.

Mobius Action Camera CLICK THIS LINK

I’ve recently purchased the Mobius action camera so I can record some short clips of the JJRC Quadcopters in flight and I can also attach it to the WLtoys  V393 Large Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK or the Flying 3D X6 RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK and I will hopefully use it tomorrow to capture footage of the all these great JJRC Quadcopters we are testing in flight and performing acrobatics.

Day 4 03-03-2015
Weather is wet and windy not much chance of outdoor flying today. We will take some time to look at the Remote Control Transmitters and see how they compare.

RC Quadcopter Transmitter
Latest White Version Remote Control Transmitter for The JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter

JJRC H5C Remote Control Transmitter
Please note the remote we have for the JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter is the latest white version. I’ve watched a few Videos of the of people flying with the Black Transmitter and there were issues with this Transmitter as you couldn’t seem to switch to higher rates and the camera button somehow doubled up as the flip button! Fortunately this issue has been sorted out with this new RC Transmitter with buttons for both Photo and Video. The manual still shows you activate the camera by pressing the button on the top left side of the transmitter. This button on the white transmitter switches the JJRC H5C Quadcopter between high and low rates a function not possible to implement with the black transmitter. As you can see this upgraded transmitter has separate buttons for both video and photo capture. The light on the camera is green and when you press the video button it flashes red to show you are recording video and when you press the photo button the light turns from green to red and back to green again to show you have taken a photo. The button on the top right of the transmitter activates 3D Mode for acrobatic flipping. I’ve just done some indoor testing and the Headless Flying Mode worked well.

JJRC Remote Control Transmitter
LCD Screen on the JJRC H5C Quadcopter Transmitter showing Photo, Video, Headless mode, and automatic return buttons

Whatever issues JJRC had with the black transmitter have been sorted and this is an excellent RC Transmitter for a Low Priced Camera Drone

Next up is the JJRC H8C Remote Control

This is the stock version that comes with the H8C Quadcopter but I believe the latest JJRC H8C are being shipped with the upgraded transmitter with return to home button.

Quadcopter Transmitter
JJRC H8C Remote Control without return to home functionality

As i have previously stated this is one one my favorite transmitters, user friendly and small enough to put in you pocket. The image is self explanatory and this is a great Remote Control again simple to use and well designed.

Please Note. The latest JJRC Transmitter with RTH functionality can be purchased separately CLICK THIS LINK

JJRC H12C Remote Control

RC Quadcopter Transmitter
Top Quality, User Friendly remote Contol for the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter

This is the best remote control for Video and Photo capture. You can see the Video Icon on the LCD screen showing Video is being recorded. The Photo Icon will appear when you take a Photograph. The LCD screen will also indicate if you are in 100% mode.

RC Quadcopter Transmitter
Video Icon on the Transmitter Screen

Conclusions: All the JJRC Quadcopters come with great transmitters you cannot fault any of them. All are user friendly and simple to operate.

I couldn’t resist taking the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter out in the wind to see how the 5MP Camera performed and although I was too windy to capture any decent footage the screen grab below will give you an indication of the picture quality. I was suitably impressed as it shows that capturing decent video will be possible.

RC Quadcopter Video
Screen grab from a JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter Camera

PLEASE NOTE:The HD 1080 Camera will also work on the H8C so that is a real Plus

I tested the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter in windy conditions today and managed to get a few flips in! Even in the wind it was still great fun to fly!

Day 5 04-03-2015
The weather is looking promising today with the forecast the winds will ease later. Hopefully we will get some decent video capture from the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter and the JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter. I’m also going to test the JJRC H6C Micro Quadcopter with some clear propellers I have just received from China. Looks like another fun flying day today and I can’t wait! I’ve fixed the Mobius Action Camera to the top of an old baseball cap it won’t win any prizes in a fashion contest but seems to work well.

Short Video showing the JJRC H12C indoors super stable

I tweaked the settings on the JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter and I was amazed at the improvement. I was flying this in a bigger, higher room than previously and the H5C was super stable this time.

Didn’t get a lot of Outdoor flying done today as the wind did not subside. Took my Big WLtoys V393 RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK out for a blast and that was great fun and totally different flying experience.

Hopefully the wind will die down tomorrow.

RC Quadcopter
WLtoys V393 Quadcopter


Day 6 03-05-2105

Images taken with the H12C Rc Quadcopter

Drone Photography
Clear crisp image from the H12C Camera on the H8C
Drone Photograpy
More from the 10180 5MP Camera
Aerial Photograhpy
Testing the H12C Camera
Aerial Photography
Very pleased with these first few photos from the H12C.

You can really view your surroundings from all angles, a birds eye view 🙂

Aerial Photography Drone
Bonne Nuit Bay Jersey from the H12C Camera Drone
Aerial Photograph
Archirondel Martello Tower taken with the WLtoys V666 and the WLtoys 10180 Camera
Drone Photography
Taken with the H12C RC Quadcopter
Drone Photography
Mont Orgueil Castle taken with the H12C RC Quadcopter

After spending the last few days testing I have no doubt that the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter with the 5MP camera is the perfect entry level Camera Drone for Aerial Photography. Please note it is NOT being shipped with a Micro SD card so you will need to order one separately if you haven’t already got one.
I have yet to test all these models for videography but will work on this in the coming weeks.

The Drone Flyers team have also received the YiZhan X6 RC Quadcopter and our version came with JJRC branding. The JJRC version comes in a smaller box and if you get this version you will need to set aside sometime to assemble it. The screws are tiny and the parts are fiddly to say the least. We will review this JJRC model when time permits.

Camera Drone JJRC Quadcopter
Flying with the Bird! Screen Grab from H6C Video

After some extensive flying of the JJRC Quadcopters over the last weeks we have come to the following conclusions
The JJRC H6C is the finest under $40.00 Micro Quadcopter you can buy
The JJRC H6C Micro Quadcopter at $39.99 is in a class of its own. Sure the Hubsan X4’s are still some of the finest Micro Quadcopters ever made but for value for money the H6C is simply outstanding. It is super easy to fly, extremely strong and robust, hovers well and comes with many extras that comparable RC Quadcopters don’t supply as standard. If you want a fast nimble Quadcopter than can perform great acrobatics and has the capability of capturing aerial photographs and videography then get yourself a H6C. CLICK THIS LINK 
The JJRC H5C RC Quadcopter Mini Sized Quadcopter with Camera
If you are a beginner or an experienced Micro Drone Flyer then the new version H5C is a fantastic value for money Quadcopter that will give you hours of fabulous flying fun. The latest comparable version from Syma the X5SC headless Mode RC Quadcopter with 2MP Camera is soon to be released but will sell at nearly $20 more. The JJRC H5C delivers flying fun in abundance and has a very similar 2MP camera, get the H5C at $46.99 it is another superb value for money RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK
The JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter a fast agile flying machine
If you put aside the issue of motors burning out then the H8C is on great RC Quadcopter. The flight characteristics of the H8C are outstanding and again this model like most of the JJRC Quadcopters is extremely well built, robust and durable. If we were going to make a purchase today we would suggest if you are looking for purely a fun flying experience then purchase the H8C version without the camera and a spare set of motors. The H8C zooms through the air and can perform great 360 degree flips. Hopefully the 5MP from the H12C will be available to purchase separately very shortly so you could purchase this HD camera at a later date and try your hand at aerial photography.


The JJRC H8C RC Quadcopter without the camera at $41.99 CLICK THIS LINK
PS. If you purchase an H8C or the H6C Micro Quadcopter then the transmitters from both these models will fly the JJRC 1000A BNF (Bind and Fly) RC Quadcopter. We had been flying this Quadcopter mostly indoor until recently and were amazed at its speed and agility outdoors. At $16.66 for the BNF version it is an absolute must and you will get hours of fun indoors and outside from the quietest Micro Quadcopter we have ever flown. CLICK THIS LINK
The JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter for Aerial Photography
If you are looking to experiment with aerial photography then this starter kit is ideal for you. The H12C is exceptionally stable in windless conditions allowing the 5 mega pixel camera to capture decent images from all angles. The JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter is almost ready to fly out of the box, simple to set up and easy to use. It is not however a fast agile flyer so don’t expect the same flying experience of the H6C Micro Quadcopter or the JJRC H8C. CLICK THIS LINK


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