Cheerson CX-22 RC Quadcopter

Latest Cheerson RC Quadcopter | CX-22 Camera Drone with follow me functionality

22-08-2015: We are so pleased to announce that our Cheerson CX22 RC Quadcopter has been despatched. We are really looking forward to testing this latest Aerial Photography drone and as soon as we receive the CX22 we will undertake an extensive review.

21-08-2015: Banggood now have the Cheerson CX-22 in stock  CLICK THIS LINK

Cheerson CX22 Follower 1080P Camera 5.8 Ghz Dual GPS FPV Quadcopter Ready To Fly

Cheerson CX-22 RC Quadcopter
Latest RC Quadcopter from Cheerson Cx-22 from Banggood


Cheerson CX-22 RC Quadcopter Description:

– Dual GPS systems
– Follow me feature
– 5.8 Ghz FPV transmission
– Battery double
– 1080p camera
Functions: GPS fixed point and set high,Auto-return,Out of control andreturning, One key to return,Auto-land, Automatic stability augmentation system

Cheerson CX-22 Camera Drone
Latest Camera Drone from Bannggood


Cheerson CX-22 Follower Features

Dual GPS systems:
Greatly improved positioning accuracy,stable Flight with Follow me feature:

Increase aircraft follower remote controller,arbitrary and easymanipulation.Telemetry and mission planner by default.

1080p camera:
Comes with high definition cameras and high-definition image transmission FPVequipment.

High-end design:
Long Lasting Battery,Robust frame,Aerodynamic body.

Longer flight time:
This can be achieved with higher capacity battery and well designed propellers.

FPV system:
1080P HD sports camera for first person view flights.

5.8Ghz transmitter with extended flight range and LCD screen to display the flight parameters.

Open source flight controller (FC).

Cheerson CX-22 Transmitter
Cheerson CX-22 FPV Screen on Transmitter


Package Included:
1 x Cheerson CX-22 RC Quadcopter
1 x 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal
1 x HD camera
1 x Monitor
1 x Transmitter
1 x Charger
1 x Battery

Cheerson CX-22 Motors
Powerful Cheerson CX-22 Brushless Motors

Update 09-07-2015 Great new images of the Cheerson CX-22 have been released. The more we see of this Camera Drone the more we like it

Cheerson CX-22 Camera Drone
Latest CX-22 Camera Drone from Banggood

Update 08-05-2015

We have received news from  a respected contact within the RC Community that details of the Cheerson CX-22 Follower RC Quadcopter are imminent. The video at the bottom of this page was shot at a recent exhibition and the Cheerson CX-22 looks amazingly stable. There are likely to be a number of considerable improvements on the previous CX-20 with a vastly improved flight control board supporting open source.built-in camera that will enable First Person Viewing (FPV) and the much talked about follow me system. The flight time will definitely be longer as this New Cheerson CX-22 RC Quadcopter will be powered by a high capacity battery. Our trusted contacts within the RC Community believe an announcement about the release date of the Cheerson CX-22 RC Quadcopter is due very soon and as always we will keep you posted. These are very exciting times for all those involved in this nascent industry.

BREAKING NEWS 19-03-2015

Spurred on by the success of the Cheerson CX-20 rumors are that Cheerson will soon announce the release of the new Cheerson CX-22 Follower RC Quadcopter with follow me functionality. This is the first image we have seen of this exciting new Drone and we will update this post as soon as we receive any further information


Cheerson CX-22 RC Quadcopter
First image of the Cheerson CX-22 RC Quadcopter

If the news is genuine then this New Cheerson CX-22 RC Quadcopter could lead the way in Low Priced FPV Aerial Photography Drones with First Person View.


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