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New Quadcopter Arrival | RC Quadcopter with 5 Mega Pixel  Wide Angled Camera | JJRC H16 Tarantula RC Quadcopter

The Mark A  McCreadie JJRC H16C Yizhan X6 Tarantula Quadcopter Review

Check Out Mark A McCreadie: Mark is an experienced passionate Quadcopter flyer who specializes in simple to do modifications that will improve your model and enhance your flying experience. Listen to what he has to say, he strives to get the best out of every Quadcopter he reviews. Mark  doesn’t let his Quadcopters gather dust on a shelf he flies them to the max and gets the maximum out of them. Drone Flyers are extremely pleased to Welcome Mark to our team of reviewers. You will enjoy his informative reviews of that we are sure, Mark tells it like it is then seeks solutions to improve the experience.

Thanks for this great review Mark most appreciated.

Getting the very best out of the X6 Tarantula Quadcopter 

If you are thinking of buying or have already got the JJRC H16 Tarantula RC Quadcopter then read on, Mark will show you some easy mods to get the very best out of this fabulous RC Quadcopter. Set up correctly the X6 can really deliver, fast fabulous fun flying and decent video and image capture.

It’s my intention to do three reviews on this Quadcopter, First impressions on receiving the Tarantula X6, First Flight, then an overall review after a few modifications that everybody can do at home. I will then finish with a video to pull it all together where we can see Tarantula in flight, and hopefully you can see what the camera is capable of doing..

The Tarantula X6 (JJRC H16C) is a Quadcopter I’ve personally been interested in for some time now, the reason for that is I live in a quite windy place, I own an X5C-1and a X5SW they are great quads but they just don’t like the wind, I use these to build my flying skills and just to throw around and have fun, if the wind goes above 7 mph, I’m grounded, so the  JJRC H16 Tarantula X6 with its more powerful motors looks like a good alternative for those windy days, at least on paper anyway.
On receiving my Tarantula X6 the first thing that jumped out at me was the plastic molding they use to keep everything in place in transit is so thin and cheap, and I’m hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come. and after laying everything out in front of me ready to put it together its more disappointment, the battery charger is about as cheap and nasty as I’ve ever come across, although it does as its supposed to, the Prop Guards described as Carbon fibre in the manual, are also really cheaply made, and definitely not made from carbon fibre. also the landing gear, is extremely flexible and cheaply made, I suspect I will have issues with those when it comes to landing, I reckon it will bounce more than Skippy the bush Kangaroo. The controller is a little small, but it does the job and everything works, I do like the fact you have the option to turn the lights on and off, the LED screen is clear and gives you all the info you require, it does however take six AA batteries two more than normal, but I believe that’s to help improve its range, it actually says in the Tarantulas Specs that its range is 100 meters, but im told its more like 200 meters. Now for the Camera and its mounting, both appear to be of reasonable quality, the camera is 5mp and actually takes good quality stills and video on the ground, so providing it holds up in flight it could be a good little set up that operates via the controller. Overall first impressions are a bit hit and miss, but I believe with a few minor mods the Tarantula X6 could still be a great little quad, we will all know more after its first flight, and a review on that will follow shortly..

JJRC H16C Tarantula X6 First flight straight out the box with prop guards

Well has suspected, the Tarantula X6 proves to be a handful for a few reasons, the legs make landing a bit of a Lottery, they are way to flexible, so it has a tendency to bounce and flip on landing, the prop guards are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard, to be honest they make this bird look pretty, but do little to enhance the flight of this machine, and in my mind they need sorting out so you get the best from this machine. Once in the air both legs and prop guards continue to cause problems catching the wind and you can feel that something isn’t quite right. now the camera, stills appear to be fine, nice and clear, good detail, and quite a nice colour throughout, but the video leaves a lot to be desired, ive never seen Jello like it, and I suspect that’s down to the mounting of the camera and the poor quality rubber dampers, again I think a quick mod would help improve this no end, so I wont give up on it just yet, however having said all of this, im still of the view that once these problems are sorted out, your going to have a monster of a quad, that’s going to be perfect for building those flying skills, and just throwing around, because as it stands at the moment it does fly well, it has bags of power and a good range of around 175mtrs, it just needs a little love and attention, stripping back to basics, and we can improve this machine no end. I’ll cover this in the next part of this review..

X6 Tarantula Modification
Marks Mod: Shortened Legs

Tarantula X6 modifications and final review

I will be producing a video to show you how to do these mods, all of them are really simple to do and most people wont have any problems doing them.. Where to start, well for me its got to be the prop guards, remove them completely, they just don’t work, and only there for design and looks they do nothing to enhance this bird whatsoever.. secondly the landing gear/legs, they are to long and need shortening,(this can not be reversed). I recommend you take them down to about half inch below the camera after doing the camera modifications Im also going to suggest, all you need to do is measure how much the camera hangs below the body of the Tarantula add half inch and remove what’s left from the bottom of each leg, sand down the edges and fine tune to ensure they all sit level on the ground, this is important you get this right, so the machine calibrates correctly when you switch it on. I place a spirit level across the top of the props, and this ensures its perfect. Now for that camera and its Jello issues, I think the problems are with the cheap rubber dampers, there is far to much Flex with them, and instead of damping the camera, they are actually enhancing the vibrations making worse than ever, again the solution is fairly simple, remove the dampers, stick the two plates directly together, double sided tape, this then sticks the camera directly to the quad, like say the X5C-1, and then balance your props, you will then see a massive improvement to the video quality. All these mods when completed will turn your tarantula into the beast it wants to be, and also helps make it stable enough to get those pictures and videos you want too. as I’ve said I’ll do a video to show you how easy these mods are..

JJRC H16C RC Quadcopter
Camera Mod for the JJRC H16C
X6 YiZhan Tarantula
Camera Mod for the Tarantula

Update 19-04-2015. Having tested this great flyer we are unfortunately having great difficulty obtaining decent video footage from the 5 MP camera due to Jello (shake). You can however take this RC Quadcopter and capture decent photographs or shoot the video and get some screen grabs. We will work hard to see if we can find a solution to the Jello.

Camera Drone Video
Screen Grab from JJRC H16C Video
Camera Drone Image
Mont Orguil Castle Jersey JJRC H16C Drone Camera Photograph

Now in stock the great JJRC H16 YiZhan Tarantula RC Quadcopter with a wide angled 5 mega pixel camera 


RC Quadcopter Camera Drone
RC Quadcopter with 5 MP Camera

The JJJRC H12C RC Quadcopter at $79.99 CLICK THIS LINK is already becoming a best seller and much of the success can be put down to its 5MP Camera that can take decent Aerial Photographs. JJRC have followed suit with this collaboration with YiZhan and this JJRC H16 X6 RC Quadcopter comes with a 5 Mega Pixel Wide Angled Lens Drone Camera. The X6 version without the camera has already sold very well and has proven to be a great stable flyer so capturing good photographs from previously unattainable angles will not be a problem. These two models will set a precedent as more and more Drone Flyers get into Aerial Photography they will demand at least 5 Mega Pixel Cameras on their Camera Drones. This RC Quadcopter has plenty of power from a 1200 mAh battery and is considerably larger than the JJRC H12C model. It also boasts Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) so you don’t need to worry if you lose orientation in flight. It also can perform great 360 flips by pressing a button on the RC Transmitter and sharply pushing the right stick in the direction you wish to flip it (Mode 2 left hand throttle). We are sure you won’t find a better under $100 Camera Drone for sale than this model.

The team at Drone Flyers are waiting for their JJRC H16 Tarantula X6 RC Quadcopter with the Wide Angled 5 Mega Pixel Drone Camera to arrive. It has been supplied by Banggood to enable us to undertake extensive testing and complete an unbiased and impartial RC Quadcopter Review.

Camera Drone Description:
Brand Name: JJRC YiZhan/JJRC
Item Name: JJRC H16 Tarantula X6 Quadcopter
Item NO.: X6 H16
Color: Black white,Blue White
Control Distance: About 100m
Charger Time: About 90mins
Flight Time: 8mins
JJRC H16 Quadcopter Battery: 7.4V 1200MAH Li-Po 30C
Quadcopter Size: 47.5cm*25.3*cm(included cover)
Weight: About 310g
Remote Control: 4 x AA battery (not included)
Certification: 7P RTTE EN71

5 MP Camera
JJRC H16 5 Mega Pixel Wide Angled Camera


The JJRC H16 RC Quadcopter comes with a wide angle 5 million pixels camera and a set of shock absorbers that will protect the camera from any damage. It has an extended  flight distance of approximately 100 meters
With the Hyper IOC function (intelligent orientation control) it can start and fly in any orientation.If it flies far away there is no need to worry about losing the orientation.

Using a 7.4V 1200MAH Li-Po battery of double electricity core it will offer you a long and powerful flight with a 30C super high power discharge
The H16 X6 can flip perfectly at the height of 1 meter from the ground . This flip can test the H16 drone’s strong power and steady performance.
With the strong and unique design the H16 X6 has been tested in the harshest conditions and is  exceptionally stable and durable much due to its  state of the art design.
The JJRC H16 Tarantula X6 utilizes bright LED lights for night fly
6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight delivers strong stability and it can easily implement various flight movements. The stronger wind resistance make it simple to control.
The outstanding power efficiency,coupled with professional propeller and EVA shock mounts to offers better all round protection.
2.4G technology has been adopted for anti-interference so even more than one Quadcopter is flying at the same time they will not interfere with each others signals.
Function:up/down,left/right sideward fight,forward/backward,turn left/right,with gyro/flash lights,A 360-degree 3D and special functions(continuous rolling).
The LCD monitor shows the throttle, LED lights, battery and signal conditions.

Camera Drone
Latest Camera Drone from JJRC YiZhan


Orientation Mode:Connect the charged battery to the drone. Place the drone on a FLAT surface.Switch “ON” the Transmitter .The light in the drone blinks rapidly ; indicating the binding process is on. When the LED remains constant,the binding process is complete.

Package Included:
1 x JJRC H16C YiZhan Tarantula X6 Quadcopter
1 x  Quadcopter Transmitter
1 x Blade Protection Set
1 x Spare Blade set
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Battery Charger



  1. Is there any chance that you could take some close up photos of the piece of the mount that connects to the battery door? I’m trying to test a 3d printed prototype but haven’t seen any clean shots of the tabs on the bottom.

    • Hi Jason,
      My mount does not connect to the battery door. Please mail me droneflyers@gmail as I have an associate that may be able to provide exactly what you require,

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