Eachine X4 3D RC Quadcopter

Best RC Quadcopter to Learn to Fly | Best Beginner RC Quadcopter

You can turn this Quadcopter over and keep on flying! 
Eachine 3D X4 2.4G 4CH 6 Gyro RC Quadcopter With LED RTF
RC Quadcopter
Excellent Stunt Flyer from Eachine X4 3D RC Quadcopter
The Stunt X4 3D Drone from Eachine will really teach YOU How to Fly Quadcopters.
Indoors or outside on a calm day you can perfect your Drone Flying Skills with this excellent Mini Quadcopter from Banggood. Very lightweight,quiet, stable and extremely agile this revolutionary Quadcopter can fly in normal standard flying mode or in an inverted position! Flying in the inverted (propellers facing downwards) mode will get you accustomed to reverse flying (flying the front of the model pointing toward you). If you can master this it will put you in an excellent position to move on to bigger and more expensive RC Quadcopters. Nice size to take with you wherever you go, fly it around your work place, inside on a rainy or windy day, give it a blast outdoors on a sunny calm day and have some great fun with the Eachine X4 3D RC Quadcopter, we are!
Flipping Fun
The flips it can perform are awesome and multiple flips can be implemented. Down facing LEDS are really good for orientation.
We have spent some time today flying this RC Quadcopter and are really impressed by the Stylish Designed Body Shape, Durability and the Flying Experience. Powered by a decent sized 350 mAh battery you can have some great fun with the Eachine X4 3D RC Quadcopter and really hone your Drone flying skills. Simple to set up, read the manual whilst charging your battery,  install 4 x AA batteries in your transmitter and you good to go.
Quadcopter Size Comparison
From left to right, Hubsan X4 H107C HD with clear propellers, Eachine X4 3D and Cheerson CX-10A with three leaf propellers
Drone Flyers will update this post as we spend more time flying the Eachine X4 3D Quadcopter
PS. The propeller blades have a tendency to fly off on impact just check they are tightly in place if one feels a bit loose change it.
10-04-2015: Got some early morning flying in with the Eachine RC Quadcopter today. Fabulous flying fun, crashed a few times when flipping and flying inverted but no damage whatsoever this is a really robust RC Quadcopter. Flying inverted takes a bit of getting used to but is great fun!
RC Quadcopter
Eachine Stunt Flyer
 Testing The Durability of the Eachine X4 3D
Brand: Eachine
Item Name: 3D X4
Frequency: 2.4 GHz, automatic frequency
Channel: 4CH
Size of the RC Quadcopter: 17.3 x 17.3 x 3.6cm
Battery for the X4 3D Quadcopter: 3.7V 350mAh Lipo battery (included)
Battery for transmitter: 4xAA (not included)
Speed control: 20% 60% 100%
Flight time: 5-7 minutes
Battery Charging time: about 65 minutes
Control distance: 50m on the ground, 60m in the air
X4 3D Colors: Red & Back and Yellow & White are available
Quadcopter Features:
4 motors driven, leading to steady flight and rolling.
Easily install and fix.
Adopting a 6 Axis gyroscopic flight board, a one key 3D flip. Easy to fly with 3 speed choices..
With bright down facing LED lights
Up to 7 minutes flight time
Rolling 180°
Fly Inverted functionality
 Package included:
1 x Eachine 3D X4 RC Quadcopter
1 x 2.4G transmitter
1 x 3.7V 350mAh battery
1 x USB Battery charging cable
1 x English Manual
1 x Spare Propeller Set

Great Unboxing Video from SeBy DocKy


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