Syma X8C Camera Drone

Aerial Photography Quadcopter| Syma X8C Venture Camera Drone

Aerial Photography Quadcopter
La Rocque Harbour Jersey XiaoMi Yi on Syma X8C

Large sized Low Priced Aerial Photography Camera Drone from Syma

Drone News


25-05-2015 Fast US Delivery CLICK THIS LINK ONLY $103.99

21-05-2015 Syma X8C Spare Batteries CLICK THIS LINK

17-05-2015 FPV (First Person View) Syma X8W coming soon CLICK THIS LINK

10-05-2015: Screen Grab from Video Syma X8C, Helmet Mount attaching the Xiaomi Yi Camera. First time flight by my Daughters Partner Jackson. The whole Kit is under $200 this is a No Brainer!

Drone Camera
Screen Grab from Video Syma X8C with YiaoMi Yi Camera
Syma X8C Rc Quadcopter
Another Screen Grab from the XiaoMi Yi Video

15-2015 If you think it is impossible to capture great images from a $100 Drone think again.

Syma X8C RC Quadcopter
Image taken from the Syma X8C RC Quadcopter


The Drone Flyers Team are so pleased to have just received the Syma X8C Venture RC Quadcopter courtesy of Banggood so we can undertake extensive testing and evaluation. Before we undertake our detailed review we would like to stress that  this Model is NOT suitable for beginners. Yes it will support your GoPro or the great XiaoMi Yi  Quality Low Price Action Camera CLICK THIS LINK but if you have not had previous experience flying RC Quadcopters or Camera Drones this is NOT for you.

As we do NOT regard this RC Quadcopter as a Toy and the very size of it could cause safety issues we will fly this model whenever the weather permits and evaluate it accordingly. As Low Priced RC Quadcopters become bigger, faster and heavier quick unboxing and first flight reviews are not enough. It is only by flying Quadcopter models of this size on a regular basis  you will get a true picture of their capabilities and pitfalls. We will publish the very best unboxing, flight reviews and flying tips we can find so if you are thinking of buying or have already bought a Syma X8C Venture RC Quadcopter bookmark this post as we will update it on a regular basis.

What you will get with the Syma X8C is a super stable, wind resistant large Brushed Motor RC Quadcopter that will give you a decent 12 minutes of flying Time, It is durable well made and relatively simple to maintain. The range control is approximately 200 meters and it contains a low voltage alarm system with Headless Mode functionality. The 2 MP camera is not the best but this can be altered by attaching a XiaoMi Yi Action camera or Mobius. The Yaw rate is not that fast and you will have to be patient while the Quadcopter battery charges


This Quadcopter is Not Recommended for 360 flips, Hand Launching or Flying Indoors

Don’t take notice of all you read in the manual or on some website. Yes It is possible to do 360 flips, hand launch or fly this model indoors as stated on some sites, Drone Flyers however suggest you refrain from these treating this model as a toy and do NOT attempt any of the above, give the Syma X8C the respect a model of this size and power demands. This is a RC Quadcopter that can lift Action Cameras and take Aerial Photography it is NOT for fast stunt flying and showing off so treat it accordingly and ENJOY 🙂

Syma Camera Drone
Big, Bold the Syma X8C Camera Drone in Black

Syma X8C Venture RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK

Big Quadcopter Low Price

This is one of the biggest and best RC Quadcopters you can buy for around $100 and the version we have received has a 2 MP camera on board. Syma will be releasing a version with an updated 5 MP Camera both will be great for practicing your Aerial Photography skills. We feel however that over the next few months numerous modifications will appear because by attaching the new Mobius Wide Angle C Lens Camera CLICK THIS LINK or the XiaoMi Yi Action Camera CLICK THIS LINK you will have a really versatile Low Priced Camera Drone. You can’t expect all the bells and whistles you would get from a RC Quadcopter five times the price. You won’t get GPS or altitude hold but for me that doesn’t matter at all. All I want is something that I can take out of the box, effortlessly set up, take off and capture decent Aerial Photography and Video.

If you are looking to enter the Professional Aerial Photography business then start with a smaller Micro or Mini sized Quadcopter to learn your flying skills, then buy the Syma X8C RC Quadcopter it makes complete sense. Once you are completely confident of handling a 350 sized model then get yourself a DJI Phantom 3 Professional or similar CLICK THIS LINK

Aerial Photography Camera Drone
Syma X8C Venture RC Quadcopter

Syma X8C Venture RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK

Aerial Photography Learning Tools

Moving up to flying RC Quadcopter of this size can be quite a daunting experience. The Syma X8C Camera Drone has completely different flight characteristics than the smaller Micro or Mini Quadcopters. If you want a big fast flyer with plenty of agility then buy yourself a JJRC H16 X6 Tarantula Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK forget the 5 MP Camera Drone version there is too much Jello (Camera Shake). The JJRC H16 RC Quadcopter is most probably the best low priced big Drone Flyer ever produced, it is absolutely stunning to fly. If you feel the Syma X8C is too big for you to handle or you wish to buy something easily transportable then go for the JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter with a 5 MP camera CLICK THIS LINK. The 5 Mega Pixel Drone Camera on this Quadcopter is the finest you can get on a Quadcopter of this price. $74.99.

The Syma X8C Venture however will lift High Definition Action Cameras with ease and we will no doubt see a proliferation of Gimbals suitable for this model. You will simply capture far better images and videos using the XiaoMi Yi or Mobius Action Cameras

News has just reached us that Banggood have already started to develop a Gimbal for the XiaoMi Yi Camera and this quality Action Camera attached to the Syma X8C Venture RC Quadcopter is a marriage made in Quadcopter heaven! I’ve flown Syma Quadcopters for over a year now and the Syma X5C RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK is still one of my favorites. Syma Quadcopters are well built, always good quality, easy to maintain and easy to set up and fly.

Unboxing and setting up the Syma X8C RC Quadcopter

Syma X8C Box Size
Syma X8C RC Quadcopter comes well packed
Syma X8C Box
This is the box our Syma came in it is 75 x 35 x 12

Syma X8C Venture RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK

When the Syma X8C Venture RC Quadcopter arrived from Banggood it showed no sign of damage whatsoever, we have received over 100 packages from Banggood over the last 18 months and all have been extremely well packaged. The box was much larger that we are used to reflecting the size of the Quadcopter inside. Like any of the Syma products we have received putting it together was effortless and accomplished in a matter of 15 minutes. The powerful 7.4 volt Quadcopter Lipo battery was put on charge and while it was charging we studied the manual to make sure we fully understood all the functions of the Quadcopter and the RC Transmitter.

Syma Quadcopters
Syma X8C, Syma X5SC, Syma X11C size comparison

Weight of the Syma X8C Venture

We carried out some weight tests and the Syma X8C Venture RC Quadcopter weighed approximately 450 grams without the propeller blade guards, Lipo battery and Camera. The Lipo battery weighed 104 grams, the Camera 27 Grams and the four propeller guards 22 grams so with everything on the Syma X8C came in at just over 600 grams.

First Flight Video easing the motors in. Slight wind but this Big Bird Hovers extremely well. Filmed with the XiaoMi Yi Action Camera

Safety First the Syma X8C Venture is NOT a Toy

Please Note: This is a big RC Quadcopter and could cause damage if you lose control and on no account should you fly it unless you are fully aware of all the functionality and are confident of controlling it. Make sure when flying the Syma X8C Venture you do it in a large open space well away from people, pets and buildings. Always fly low and fly slow to start with, flying Quadcopters of this size take a fair amount of skill and practice. The Syma X8C Venture’s propeller blades are all the same color and this can cause problems with flight orientation. The headless mode will help with this issue but it’s not foolproof. Just use common sense and don’t fly too far away. There are some great videos on YouTube that will guide you through flight orientation and reverse flying. Practice these flying tips using your smaller Micro or Mini sized Quadcopters before attempting them with the Syma X8C Venture.

Syma X8C RC Quadcopter
Syma X8C RC Quadcopter looks great in the Sky

Drone Flyers First Flight of The Syma X8C Venture

28-04-2015:We tested the Syma X8C Camera Drone through a few battery charges today in a light breeze. This Quadcopter was extremely stable and hovers exceptionally well. We did a quick test of the 2 MP Drone camera and found it very disappointing. This RC Quadcopter is made for Aerial Photography so why bother with putting a cheap camera with it, we would rather pay a few dollars more and get something half decent. It not an issue for us however as we will use this camera for testing purposes and then put on the Mobius Wide Angle C Lens or the XiaoMi Yi Action Camera. Even without the Camera this RC Quadcopter offers exceptional value for money and the Orange color works perfect with a blue sky backdrop. The Yaw rate is not that fast but it is smooth again lending itself to the capture of decent images and videos.

29-04-2015 Weather is windy with rain today but we are determined to use this great Quadcopter to capture decent Video and images so we have been working on attaching the Mobius Action Camera it. The first version is little rough but we are sure this is definitely the way forward with the Syma X8C. Hopefully if the weather gets better later we can shoot some quick videos. All you need is some felixible 8mm tubing, 30mm for each side, some 8mm dowling and some insulation tape. We will test the pro-type then rework it accordingly. The same set up should work fine for the XiaoMi Yi.

Syma X8C with Mobius
Prototype attaching the Mobius Action Camera to the Syma X8C

Quick Video of the Mobius attached to the Syma X8C (Please note this is the standard Mobius and we will be testing it with the Wide Angle C Lens Mobius as soon as the weather permits)

Please note this was shot in windy conditions so we were very reserved with our flying not wishing to damage the Syma X8C in any way. It lifted the Mobius with ease and although it was quite gusty the short Video shows that capturing decent Video and Photographs from the Syma X8C is totally possible.

Mobius on The Syma X8C

XiaoMi Yi Action Camera Quick test on the Syma X8C

30-04-2015: This great little attachment arrived today and is a must for any Syma X8C owner

Syma X8C
Cheap Attachment for your Action Camera


Syma X8C RC Quadcopter
Mobius Camera Support
XiaoMi Yi Action Camera
Works well for the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

Camera Drone Description
Brand Name: Syma
Item Name: 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter with 2 Mega Pixel Wide Angle Camera
Item NO.: Syma X8C
Color: Orange, White
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4CH
RC Quadcopter Control Distance: 100 meters
Fight Time: 7 minutes
Charging time: About 200 minutes
Battery: 7.4V 2000 mAh Li-on
Battery for Transmitter: 4 x AA batteries (not included in your package)
Quadcopter Size: 50 x 50 x 19 cm
Battery Size: 9 x 3 x 1.5cm
Box Size: 35 x 35 x 17 cm
Package Weight: About 1856g
Syma  X8C Features
With an attached 2 Mega Pixel Drone Camera the Syma X8C can take Aerial vVdeos and Aerial Photographs.
It has  intelligent orientation control (IOC) that is triggered by activating the headless mode function.
It is said that the 6-axis gyroscopic flight control system allows the Syma X8C to be hand launched but this is something we would NOT recommend you do with a Drone of this size. To attempt a hand launch with the Syma X8C is pure stupidity just don’t even consider it.
The 6-Axis gyroscopic flight board delivers strong aerial stability and stronger wind resistance however the Syma X8C takes practice to control.
2.4 technology is adopted for anti-interference so even more than one Quadcopter is flying at the same time the radio control systems will not interfere with each other.
We recommend this RC Quadcopter  for outdoor flying only and it includes a 4 Channel digital proportional Remote Control system.
Function: Video/Photograph/Raise & Down/Forwards & Backwards/Left & Right Turning/Left & Right Flying/Hovering and 360 Degree Rotating (Again NOT recommended with a Quadcopter of this size)

Camera Drone Package Contents
Syma X8C Quadcopter Package

Syma X8C Venture RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK

Your Camera Drone Package Includes the following items:

  • 1 x Ready to Fly RC Quadcopter Camera Drone
  • 1 x Remote Control Transmitter
  • 1 x Drone Camera
  • 4 x Propellers Blades
  • 4 x Quadcopter Protection Frame
  • 4 x Quadcopter Landing Skids
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Quadcopter Battery
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x Memory Card
  • 1 x Card Reader
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x English Manual




    • Hi Mr x,
      I’m new to videos and didn’t realize I had Movie maker in Standard Mode many thanks for the heads up! I feel a bit of a dummy now but in the future they will be much better

  1. Hi, but you use the “Cheap Attachment” showned in the video that made with the Xiaomi cam?
    Can the attachment reduce the jello effect on camera?


    • You won’t get top quality video from a $100 Quadcopter but I use my Syma’s effectively to capture Aerial Images. I have an XK Detect 380-C that I’m using to learn video capture.

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