Chitwan QW350 Quadcopter

Low Priced Aerial Photography Quadcopter | QW350 Brushless Quadcopter

Chitwan QW350 Quadcopter
Latest Aerial Photography Quadcopter from Banggood

Coming Soon Low Priced Brushless FPV RC Quadcopter Drone. The Chitwan QW350 FPV Quadcopter is a fast agile flyer. Priced at $356.79 on Banggood this is great value for money. Clip on the outstanding XiaoMi Yi Action Camera CLICK THIS LINK and for just over $400 you have an excellent FPV Aerial Photography Quadcopter. It comes with some great features like altitude lock, one key/ low voltage  return to home functionality and a decent 800 meters range. I spoken to a respected Quadcopter reviewer and he has tested this models and gives it the thumbs up. If you are looking to get into Aerial Photography then this Low Priced Feature Quadcopter could be the ideal Drone to develop your skills. As this is a sporty flyer we do not recommend this RC Quadcopter for beginners.


QW350 FPV Quadcopter Description

Overall dimensions: 290x290x195MM

Wheel base size: 350MM

QW350 motor specification: 2212

Quadcopter weight: 870 grams without Action camera/ and or Gimbal attached

Chitwan receiver:  QW350-1

The remote control: QW350-433 wireless

Drone battery specification: 2500MAH 11.1V

Quadcopter flight time: 15-18 minutes

QW350 Quadcopter Remote control distance: 600-800M

Figure the distance: 400M

Flight load: The Gimbal and Drone Camera weight should not exceed 350 grams

Working environment temperature: O-40°

Hover precision: GPS mode – vertical: : + 0.8 M + 2.5 M

Maximum lifting speed: Up 6 m/S down 2 m/S

Leg, the rudder Angle: 200“/S

Maximum flight speed: 10M/S

Box package sizes: 440x235x340

The charger and battery parameters

Charging input voltage range: 100-220V

Output current: 1.2A

Current input: 11.1V-12.5V=5A

The battery is compatible with: 11.1 Volt output

Battery category: lipo

The balance charge: 500MA

The power supply parameters

The output power: 100mW-1W

Clear power flow: <500mA

The output pulse: 900-1900ms

The sensitivity: -121dbm – 90dbm

FPV Transmission: 5.8 Giga Hertz

Transmission power: 30dbm

The working current/voltage: 14.8

Built-in 14500 lithium batteries: Section 4 (5)

Chitwan QW350 FPV Quadcopter
Chitwan QW350 FPV Transmitter


Chitwan Qw350 Features

The integrated Chiwan GPS auto-pilot system offers accurate position holding

Altitude lock and stable hovering, giving you a constant stable flight so you can focus on capturing outstanding images

With one key automatic return functionality you can fly this Remote Control Quadcopter with confidence

The return position may not be very precise a variance of a few meters from the take off position exists so keep this in mind

You can clear your fine-tuning operation by pressing the button light control button

Don’t stop pressing until you open the transmitter the power switch.

An 800 meter flying distance can be achieved according to the remote control signal, the QW350 Quadcopter can fly further than many RC Quadcopters in this class.

The QW350 Camera Drone can automatically hover in the sky without input from the Chitwan remote control transmitter.

A 3-axis gyro gimbal can promise the image quality, steady without jello effect.

With low voltage protection alarm and auto-return-home . If your battery has nearly fully discharged then the QW350 will automatically return to the take off position.

With 720P built-in camera which delivers clear images you can mount a variety of Action Cameras for video and image capture. We recommend the XiaoMi Yi Low priced Action Camera  CLICK THIS LINK 

QW350 FPV Quadcopter
Ready to Fly Chitwan FPV Quadcopter Drone

QW350 Functionality

Set high, hover, a key back, out of control protection, automatic landing, low voltage protection.

Your Chitwan QW350 Quadcopter Package includes the following items:

1 x QW350-02 Quadcopter Drone

1 x The remote control transmitter

1 x FPV (First Person View) Display Screen

4  x Propellers blades

1pair x lead frame

1 x Quadcopter Battery Charger

1 x 11.1 V battery

4 x 3.7v battery

1 x wrench

4 x screw set (Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise)

1 x Aluminum screw

1 x The Instruction Manual for the Chitwan QW350 Quadcopter



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  1. Why its name is chitwan?is it from Nepal…coz chitwan is my home district and i wondered when i saw this name

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