FQ777 Scorpius RC Quadcopter with 2MP camera

Low Priced Quadcopter Drone | Camera Drone

Scorpius 955C Low Priced Camera Drone from FQ777

This Low Priced Drone from FQ777  has really taken me by surprise. great value and great flying fun! Lightweight but very robust would make a great Birthday or Christmas Quadcopter Gift.

Charge your battery,  add the landing skids, 4 AA batteries for your Scorpius Drone Transmitter and you’re good to get some  fabulous flying fun in. Two  speed modes indoor and outdoor flyer. Styled on the Ehang Ghost Drone, tri-blade propellers excellent little safe flying drone. Spare Propellers, 2MP Camera, Micro SD card and reader, neat remote control, nice packaging I’m very impressed. Flips are a dream, bright led lights for better orientation and night flying. Extremely simple to set up and use, one of the Best Quadcopter Gifts you can buy.

Scorpius 955C Camera Drone   CLICK THIS LINK ONLY $54.99

Full review and flying video of the Scorpius 955 Camera Drone to follow

Update 15/10/2015:

Having spent some more time flying the FQ777 Scorpius 955 Quadcopter I have been impressed by the flying range and the stability of this camera drone’ I already modded the camera attachment with a layer of foam to further remove any jello from video. Will post some pics up tomorrow morning. The downward facing propellers and the tri-blade propellers should be good for Aerial capture. I’ve  never had much success with 2 MP cameras I’ve tried loads 0n Syma, Hubsan, JJRC and many other makes of Quadcopters and they have all disappointed. This Camera Drone from FQ777 shows real promise and I can’t wait to test it more weather permitting. This little Camera Drone may be light in weight but it sure is big in design the more you handle it the more you can appreciate the Scorpius 955C. I like the flexible landing skids, the great propeller protectors. The size, flexibility, makes it perfect to take out with you in a small backpack which is exactly what I’m going to do. I often take Ella my Chocolate Lab through the  local fields and the Scorpius 955c will make another great companion. When I first saw images of the FQ777 Scorpius I wasn’t convinced it would be any good but first impression and first few flights I’ve radically altered my opinion. I really loved my Syma X5 when I first got it and still rate it very highly but I found the camera a real let down. It never bothered me however as I just enjoyed flying the Syma X5.The Scorpius is already giving me a great buzz if I can capture good Aerial Images with this FQ777 Camera Drone I will be overjoyed. I forgot to mention the Scorpius has an on/off switch so there is not need to fiddle around with putting the battery in when your out and about. If the camera is half decent then the Scorpius 955 Camera Drone offers endless possibilities. I’m so pleased I got this in post today the Low Priced Scorpius 955C Camera Drone has already exceeded all my expectations and more

Thanks Banggood for supplying Drone Flyers with this great easy to use Quadcopter with camera so we can undertake a honest and impartial review. I was recently sent a similar size Drone to review . one that I have looked at for a few months and thought it was going to be the best thing since sliced bread, I was extremely disappointed with it. Cheers for this Camera Drone. I’m loving it and will do my utmost to get the very best from it and show it doesn’t have to be pricey to get a really great experience from Drones in this price bracket.


Quick pic of the Camera Mod. Just squeezed in some foam between camera and underbelly of the Scorpius 955C and secured with a small strip of Velcro. Hopefully if the wind subsides a little I can test it today.


Scorpius 955C
Scorpius 955C Simple mod to remove any Jello from the 2 MP Camera
Camera Drone Video
First Screen Grab from Scorpius 955C Video cloudy blustery conditions

Scorpius 955C Camera Drone   CLICK THIS LINK ONLY $54.99

Drones fot Sale
FQ777 Scorpius Drone

Easy to use Two Speed Remote Control

RC Quadcopter Remote Control
Easy to Use Scorpius Remote Control

Scorpius Drone Package

Scorpius Drone
Your Scorpius Drone Package

Scorpius 955C Camera Drone   CLICK THIS LINK ONLY $54.99

FQ777 Scorpius 955  Specification

Drone Description:
Drone Brand Name: FQ777
Model  NO.: 955C
Model Description:720P 2MP Camera FPV 2.4G 4CH 6Axis RC Quadcopter
Colors: White, Black
Channel: 4CH
Gyro: 6 Axis
Remote Frequency: 2.4G
Material: Alloy ABS,ABS,PEO
Control Distance: About 80-100m
Charger Time: About 60mins
Flight Time: 6-7mins
Battery For Quadcopter: 3.7V 600mAh/25C(included)
Battery For Transmiter: 4 x AA Battery (not included)
Quadcopter Size: 30cm*30cm*9cm
Package Size:49*33*8.5cm
Motor to motor distance: 19cm
Quadcopter weight: 118g(with batteries)
Package Weight: 860g
Control Mode:Mode 2 Left hand throttle and Yaw, Right Hand forward and backwards and pitch
Camera: 2MP 720P/Photo Quality 2560×1440/ Video Quality 1280×720,30FPS

With 720P 2MP HD Camera, easy to take a satisfactory clear photos / videos
Headless mode allow to auto rolling 360°,one key to rolling, more stability. With one key return function , makes it easily to find the way home
6 – axis gyro quad, strong stability, easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
Remote control with anti-interference protection function, the Quadcopter has a low electrical over-current protection, Quadcopter flight flexible and smooth; Fine-tune the performance of the Quadcopter by remote control function to ensure normal spinner
Special appearance design, motors downward positioned, more flexible, more robust. Unique streamlined design, with cool lighting effects.
Function: CF mode/take photo/record video/up/down/forward/backward/side flying/360°rolling action/hover/3D/LED

Scorpius 955C Camera Drone   CLICK THIS LINK ONLY $54.99

Package included:
1 x FQ777 955C RC Quadcopter
1 x Remote Control Transmitter
8 x Spare Propellers
8 x Spare Propeller knobs
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Manual
4 x Protection Cover(Assembled)
2 x Landing Feet
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x 2GB Micro SD Card
1 x Card Reader
1 x 720P 2MP camera

Quadcopter Drone | Camera Drone |FQ777 | Scorpius 955| Best Quadcopter Gift


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