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Karma Drone from GoPro | GoPro Karma Drone

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GoPro: Karma is Coming

News  and views, discuss the GoPro Karma Drone with like minded Drone Flyers.

World leaders GoPro will soon enter the aerial photography drone market space as cheaper Chinese clones impact their sales figures. The Karma Drone can expect stiff competition from many of the new entrants both in the Action Camera market space and the rapidly emerging. No specifications are yet available but a when DJI dropped the price of the Phantom 3 range to celebrate their 10th anniversary it may have made GoPro consider their price points. GoPro won’t release the Karma Drone until they are 100% sure it will impact the market and capture instant share. Fortunately their past successes with their outstanding revolutionary GoPro Range of Action Cameras sees them extremely well funded with years of experience in the aerial photography field.

No one outside the company has any idea of what GoPro are planing but we won’t see cheap, price or quality. A promo video has just been released but as yet nothing much else has hit the press. That’s not surprising as I expect that the competition are closely monitoring the situation.

GoPro Karma Drone Lettering Style
Instant Karma: GoPro Drone Lettering. One for the Font Freaks!

Future successes for GoPro with the Karma Drone will be largely dependent on the programmers behind the flight control system, complicated if then algorithms will be needed for obstacle avoidance and flight stability delivering fast instructions to the electronic speed controllers delivering their messages to the brushless motors.

GoPro Karma Drone Expectations

I expect this Karma Camera Drone to to have advanced gyroscopic system not only for the flight control but embedded in the camera software. High Speed Computational power will analyze the footage and process it literally on the fly.

I’m hoping the Karma Drone will be something that GoPro Karma Drone Buyers will be able to carry around with them, get up in the air quickly a high quality anytime anywhere safe drone is what the market needs. The DJI Phantoms are magical pieces of flying machinery that you attach a camera to and capture aerial images and great video footage. I think however the GoPro Karma Drone with be a flying camera first and foremost with the drone technology built to fly it.

I don’t like the idea of Flying Drones pure by using a Smartphone and think DJI have got it spot on with a combination of Remote Control Transmitter and mobile or tablet app. I think the Karma Drone will be app driven although I would prefer the control and the extended range a remote control transmitter would offer.

This is all speculation on my part but I welcome the arrival of GoPro Karma Drone with bated breath. I’m no expert but I’m a passionate Drone Flyer and I enjoy flying testing and Reviewing Drones. I really hope GoPro nail it with the Karma Drone it can only lead for better things for aerial photographers at any level.

Come on GoPro smash it with the Karma Drone!

GoPro: Karma is Coming. Life is a Dream.

What if you could fly now that would be magic


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