Eachine H8S 3D Inverted

Great for flying indoors the Eachine H8S is so much fun @ $17.99 from Banggood CLICK THIS LINK

3D Drone
Tiny Inverted Flyer

Got this Eachine H8S Mini Drone in the post today and I can’t stop flying it!

Inverted Drone Flying
Upside down with the H8S from Eachine

Wet and windy outside, take this little mini quadcopter around the house, flip it, invert it, make it spin madly in 100% rate.

H8S Quadcopter Drone
Handy Size

Handy take anywhere size

H8S Drone Kit
H8S Box contents

Inside the box you will find a screwdriver, rubber feet (I find I lose these) your H8S eachine Micro drone, the manual which is basic but self explanatory, spare propellers, USB charging cable for chargiung the removable battery (that’s a plus) and remote control. Check your propellers after crash landing as flying inverted requires the propellers to be in good shape. I’ve already had some wild flying after crashing but the H8S is very robust for a tiny flyer and for me it’s all part of the fun. If I aint crashing it I aint trying hard enough.For me flying these little demon type flyers is great for improving my mind muscles and helps when I fly bigger stuff. Sometimes it’s good to good back to where you started, I started flying the Walkera Ladybird and this one is alot more forgiving when you crash! CLICK THIS LINK

Just tested the H8S fipping functions, works a treat really tight flips, nice.


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