XK X251 Whirlwind Quadcopter

XK X251 Quadcopter

The Best Small Quadcopter to be released in 2016 is the latest model from XK the X251 Whirlwind. I am an extremely proud owner of this model and absolutely love it !

This is the Finest Low Priced Brushless Quadcopter you can buy CLICK THIS LINK If you are looking for a great out of the box agile fast fun flyer that you can set up to suit your flying style then this $135 dream machine  is for you.

XK Quadcopter
Fabulous Fast Fun Flying an Exceptional Flying Machine

I have been flying and reviewing Drones/ Quadcopters for a number of years and have been extremely fortunate to have tested some of the very best toy and hobby grade models that have come to market. I have been fairly quiet recently due to the arrival of a lovely little Granddaughter and to be perfectly honest some of the latest models I have tested have not come up to scratch. After a long wait I am so so happy to have received the XK X251 Whirlwind and before I go any further I would like to say that this is one of the very finest Quadcopters I have ever flown.

Like a dream come true
When I started flying small Micro Quadcopters with coreless motors I always wanted to experience flying larger models and moved up to the Syma X5 which was and still is one of the best Quadcopters ever made and it was the first RC model I ever reviewed.

XK X251 Quadcopter
Size comparison with the Syma X5

As you can see the XK X251 Whirlwind and the Syma X5 Quadcopter are very similar in size but that is where the similarity ends. I’m not going to do a comparison review of the two they are completely different types of Quadcopter the Syma having small gear driven coreless motors and the XK X251 small powerful direct drive brushless motors. I will however demonstrate than the Whirlwind from XK is the pefect Quadcopter for those who have experienced the joys of small micro models or the Syma X5 type models and want to move up to the next level.

The XK X251 is a fast fabulous fun flyer, well made, robust and the very best learning craft you could get if you are looking to getting into racing Quadcopters. I spoke with a very well respected reviewer about the XK X251 some weeks back and asked him what he thought of this Quadcopter, he said he thought it was almost perfect and I questioned that. Having had it for a few days and been through about ten battery charges I cannot help but to agree with him.  CLICK THIS LINK

First Flight Test of the XK X251

XK X251 Ready to fly out of the box.
The XK X251 Whirlwind comes ready to fly out of the box even the propeller blades are installed all you will need is 6 AA batteries, charge up your 950mAh lipo battery and you are ready to go. A word of warning at this stage: THERE IS NO ARMING SEQUENCE FOR THE MOTORS ON THIS BRUSHLESS QUADCOPTER SO PLEASE ENSURE THE TOP RIGHT SWITCH ON THE TRANSMITTER THE THROTTLE HOLD SWITCH IS PULLED TOWARD YOU. ENSURE THE THROTTLE STICK (Mode 2 left hand throttle) IS AT ITS LOWEST POSTION, THEN PUSH THE TROTTLE HOLD SWITCH FORWARD AND YOU ARE READY TO FLY. TEASE THE THROTTLE STICK FORWARD AND THE PROPELLER BLADES WILL START SPINNING. The throttle hold sitck is very useful if you have crash and the motors are still spinning pull the switchback and the motors will stop. I would get used to doing this every time you bring the XK X251 in to land. Get into the habit of landing, bringing you throttle stick to its lowest postion to stop the motors then flicking the throttle hold switch forward. The brushless motors on the XK X251 Whirlwind spin pretty fast so be aware of this at all times. Below the throttle hold stick you have a dual rate switch if you are new to flying this type of Brushless Quadcopter then stick to the beginner rate to start off with a get used to the flying characteristics of the XK X251 first before experimenting in the higher rate. Don’t be in a hurry to fly it in acro mode either take your time to learn all about the functionality this superb little flyer offers then you will get the very best out of it.

XK X251 Drone
Outstanding Lightweight Quadcopter from XK the X251 Whirlwind

XK X251 Transmitter
The real beauty about the XK X251 is the version that I have comes with a great hobby grade transmitter that is programmable. This means you cam change the settings so that the XK X251 Whirlwind becomes far more responsive to the input of the sticks. This makes it a perfect learning tool for anyone aspiring to future FPV racing and I will go into this in detail later in this review. It uses the Futaba FHSS protocol which delivers a fast signal and approximately 300 meters range, plenty for a Quadcopter of this size.

I will be flying the XK X251 whenever the weather permits and keep updating this page. I’ve already crashed into a tree and fall upside down on to concrete, dumped a few times on the grass and not so much as a prop broken. To be continued

CLICK THIS LINK for Price and delivery details

XK X251
Screen Grab The XK X251 will lift a Mobius or Runcam size action camera

Small, Quiet (you wont irritate your neighbours), efficient, powerful small brushless motors on the XK X251

Brushless Motor for Quadcopter
XK X251 Whirlwind Brushless Motor

Well Made, Compact, Robust design of the XK X251 Whirlwind

XK X215 Design
Well Made, Compact, Robust Design

Excellent Hobby Grade Programmable X7 Transmitter

XK X251 Remote Control Transmitter
High Quality Remote Control

Best Small Low Priced Brushless Motor Quadcopter you can buy CLICK THIS LINK

Update 19/5/2016 Perhaps XK should have named the X251 Whirlwind the Wind Cutter as I flew it in strong wind today and it cut through the wind like a knife through butter ! The more I fly this little Quadcopter the more I like it there is nothing quite like it.

XK X215 Drone
The XK X251 without landing skids

My son-in-law flew the XK X251 Whirlwind in acro mode today and it was an absolute joy to watch. He really put it through its paces and I had great difficulty filming him flying and flipping, it was so fast and agile I had a job following it.

He had a crash at fast speed and one of the leg fixings was slightly broken and I have repaired it with some super glue. I did however enjoy flying it with the landing skids, it looked really sleek and makes the perfect take anywhere fun flyer.

When I bring it into land I get it to just hover just slightly above the landing pad then flick the throttle hold switch. When taking off always ensure the throttle stick is always at its lowest position. If you don’t have it at its lowest position and take off the throttle hold, the pops will spin and it will shoot up in the air. I will do a few videos showing the controls and what the switches do over the next week or so weather permitting.

XK X251 Whirl Wind
High in the Sky

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike other reviewer we don’t fly models one or twice then assign them to the attic or storeroom, we test test and test again. It is only over time that you can ascertain how good these extraordinary flying machines are. We want to get the very best from them and hope our advice will help you do the same.

We will also make a case that if you are looking for a great Quadcopter Gift as a Birthday Present for Christmas or any other occasion then the XK X251 would be gladly received by even the most experienced Drone Flyer.

If you want to check out the full specification and any other details about this amazing little Quadcopter then CLICK THIS LINK Now

XK X251 Aerial Photography
Mobius action camera on the XK X251

With any Quadcopter or Drone you buy you will experience crashes if you are testing your flying ability to the maximum and you will need to buy spare batteries to prolong your enjoyment and your flying time. Below are links to the spare parts available for the XK X251 Whirlwind

Quadcopetr battery
XK X251 Spare Part Battery

XK X251 Battery CLICK HERE

Quadcopter Motors
Brushless Motors for the XK X251


Spare parts for Whirlwind Quadcopter
XK X251 motors mounts and landing skid spares

XK X251 Motor Mounts CLICK HERE

Spare parts fro Xk X 251
Spare Body Shell for XK X251

XK X251 Body Shell CLICK HERE

XK X251 Spare Parts
Spare Propeller set for the XK X251

XK X251 Spare Propellers CLICK HERE


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