Best Low Priced Quadcopter Drones in 2016

5 Best Quadcopter Drones 2016

In this post I’m going to feature  five of the best Quadcopter Drones I’ve been fortunate to fly over the last few months and give my honest opinion of what I think of them.

For me these are the best 5 Low Priced Quadcopter Drones released in 2016.There are a number of other exceptional models that have been released in 2016, but in my mind these 5 represent exceptional value for money.

A word of warning, flying these Quadcopter Drones can become extremely addictive as they are so much fun. I’m not the greatest Drone flyer in the World but I really know how to have some serious fun with all of the Remote Control Quadcopter Drones listed in this post. I fly all them on a daily basis and they all give me tremendous pleasure.

Low Priced Aerial Photography Quadcopters
The big thing in 2016 seems to be altitude hold also known as hover mode or high hold. High hold is achieved by the use of a barometer and is especially useful in Aerial Photography as the Quadcopter Drone can hold its Altitude with little input from the remote radio controlled transmitter.

The Syma X8HG Aerial Photography Quadcopter Drone
I’m a great fan of the Syma X8 series Quadcopters and the Syma X8HG does not disappoint. Easy to set up and use, comes with a decent 8MP camera, great to get up high and get some screen grabs, smooth video is possible on windless days. I’ve had a nine year old girl fly my Syma X8HG. It was her first time on a Drone of this size and she handled the Syma X8HG effortlessly. I’ve also been with a 35 year old complete newbie who struggled with it on a windy day, seen a 45 year old complete newbie flying it around after 10 minutes so I would definitely say the Syma X8HG is pretty easy Quadcopter to fly. The X8s are some of the toughest Low Priced Camera Quadcopter Drones you can buy, they are simple to work on, parts are cheap and readily available and there is a great community of interest dedicated to Syma X Series Quadcopters. If you are looking to experiment with Drones, Quadcopters, Aerial Photography and have endless hours of flying fun then at under $130 I would highly recommend this X8HG from Syma. You can also modify the Syma X8’s to carry small lightweight action cameras such as the great Runcam 2 HD Action Camera CLICK THIS LINK or Mobius C2 Lens Action Camera CLICK THIS LINK . Mobius are soon to release a new Low Priced Action Camera and details can  be found here CLICK THIS LINK

In the slide show below you can see some of the images I’ve captured from Syma X8 series Quadcopter Drones and some of the camera setups you can use with the Syma X8 series Quadcopter Drones.

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The Syma X8HG was supplied to me by Banggood and I’m thankful to them for giving me the opportunity to test this latest model in the Syma X8 series of Quadcopters.

CLICK THIS LINK to get the full specification of the Syma X8HG Quadcopter Drone and all the other great Quadcopter Drones available from Banggood

I’ve recently tested some of the other Low Priced Quadcopter Brands who are trying to prise away the dominance Syma have in the market for Low Priced Aerial Photography Drones that mimic the DJI Phantom series in size and looks. I’ve seen elaborate review videos on YouTube featuring Syma X8 ‘Killers’ but I’m sure that if these Guys flew these X8 wannabes over a period of time their opinions would change. The Syma X8s are for me one of the finest range of Low Priced Quadcopters ever released. Toys they maybe, very good toys they are, very reliable and extremely robust. I’ve to date had 6 X8s, I’ve flown them in Jersey in the Channel Islands, in the UK, Gold Coast, Perth, Mandurah, Cotesloe Australia and Goa in India. I’ve got friends all over the globe who I connect with on a daily basis who fly X8s and get tremendous pleasure from them.

Hubsan X4 H501C Quadcopter Drone
Fabulous Flying Machine the Hubsan X4 H501C from Banggood

Hubsan X4 H501C
The latest Hubsan X4 Quadcopter the 501S is in my mind the Star Buy for 2016. It will cost you about $40 more than the Syma but it’s really worth a look at if your budget stretches that far. Unlike the Syma the Hubsan has powerful, smooth brushless motors and not only has altitude hold but also GPS functionality. In GPS hold it is amazingly stable and very very easy to fly. With a small transmitter. built in camera and sleek design (no landing legs required) it will fit into a carry bag so you can take it anywhere you go. I use the video feature to capture screen grabs and are delighted with the results. The video capture is not exceptional due to the fixed camera with no gimbal but an optional camera mount for GoPro type action cameras is available but for me I love it just as it is, straight out of the box. For full details of the outstanding Hubsan X4 H501C Quadcopter Drone CLICK THIS LINK

Best Quadcopter Drones 2016
Image captured from the Hubsan X4 H501C

There is a FPV version of this model the Hubsan X4 501S CLICK THIS LINK. This version has a Transmitter that incorporates a FPV screen so you get a true birds eye view of what the camera is viewing.

As you can see I’m a bit of a Hubsan Quadcopter Drone Freak! They make incredible Quadcopter Drones and I have a small collection.

collection 2


FPV Racing Quadcopter Drone
If you are more into speed flying and flying first person view using a screen or FPV Goggles then there are a few great little Drone Racers or FPV Quadcopters you can have fabulous fun with.

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Walkera Rodeo 150

I started my flying learning on a little Walkera Ladybird Micro Quadcopter and ever since then I’ve dreamed of something like the Rodeo 150. Small, agile with powerful brushless motors this zippy little Drone is so much fun. You can link it to a First Person View (FPV) Screen or Googles or just fly it line of sight (LOS). Purists will argue that the Rodeo 150 is not an out and out FPV Racer and is unlikely to survive fast crashes. That maybe be so but I have an acquaintance who designs and builds some of the very best Micro Racing  FPV Quadcopters in the World. He liked this model so much he went out and bought one and was amazed at how well it flies straight of the box.

Walkera Rodeo 150 CLICK THIS LINK


Fast Fun Flyer the XK X251 Whirlwind

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XK X251 Quadcopter Drone
If you are looking for a fast fun flyer then the XK X251 Quadcopter Drone will delight. This XK X251 Quadcopter is one of my favourite Quadcopter Drones . As you can see in the slide show above it is possible to attach a small Runcam/Mobius type action camera to capture some Aerial Photography.

XK X251 Whirlwind  CLICK THIS LINK

Fabulous Nano Quadcopter

The amazing Cheerson CX-10WD


For some excellent indoor flying fun this tiny remarkable flying machine is packed full of technology and a FPV camera! I’ve just received this model and I’m so happy with the way it flies. I will post the specification below so you can see what you will get for under $35 from Banggood the World’s Best Value Quadcopter Drone supplier.

The Cheerson CX-10 series of Quadcopter Drones are by volume the Worlds Best Selling Range of Quadcopter Drones. The original CX-10 was and still is a marvellous example of Nano Technology packed into a tiny flying machine. The CX-10WD however has surpassed any Nano Quadcopter Drone ever released as regard to ease of use and functionality. The One Key Take off and Land coupled with the altitude hold makes the CX-10WD remarkably easy to fly. I’m using this model to teach my 4 year Grandson the basics of Quadcopter flying and I can’t stress enough what a valuable learning tool the CX-10WD Quadcopter Drone is.

You can link up the CX-10WD to your mobile device and fly it First Person View (FPV)

Cheerson CX-10WD App
Cheerson App Flying the CX-10WD using an IPad Mini

Versatility for sure

You can ditch the supplied remote Control and Fly the Cheerson Cx-10WD using an app that’s available for Android and IOS devices. This adds a different dimension to your Quadcopter Drone Flying experience. I wouldn’t use a WiFi app to fly and expensive Quadcopter Drone but you sure can have some fun flying the CX-10WD indoors on a rainy day.

The Cheerson CX-10WD would make a perfect Quadcopter Drone Gift for any occasion

Brand Name: Cheerson
Item No.: CX-10WD
Item Name: CX-10WD Mini WiFi FPV with High Hold Mode RC Quadcopter
Diameter of Blade: 30mm
Channel: 4CH
Transmitter type: 2.4G
GYRO: 6-axis
Quadcopter Drone Battery: 3.7V 150MAH Li Battery (Included)
Transmitter battery: 4 x AA 1.5V dry battery (Not included)
Flying Time: About 4mins
R/C Distance: 20-40m
WIFI FPV Distance: About 20-40m
Charging Time: about 30mins
Camera: 0.3MP (Resolution 640X480)
Material: ABS Aviation Material
Size Of Product: 42x42x25mm
Product weight: 17g
CX-10WD Colors available are: Golden, Rosy Red, Grey
Certificate: RTTE+NB,FCC,EN71,7P,ASTM,HR4040,EN62115,EN60825,CD,ROSH,MSDS,UN38.3

1. 4 channel transmitter: Ascend/Descend;Forward/Backward; Left/Right sideward fly; Left/Right rotation; Hover Hold, flexible and comfortable.
2. 6-axis gyro system makes CX-10WD very stable and easy to operate.
3. Transmitter & Mobile Phone Dual Operating Mode.
4. CX-10WD is equipped with multi-color LED lights making the flight more spectacular especially in the dark.
5. CX-10WD super small size, can be throw to fly.
6. CX-10WD has 0.3MP camera, can take video and pictures.
7. CX-10WD has latest mobile phone WIFI remote control mode, support IOS/Android, you can scan QR code to get the APP.
8.CX-10WD can be operated in 3 flying modes. High/Low speed modes can be changed using a transmitter and the third mode in 360°high speed rotation mode in which the aircraft’s lights dazzle.
9. CX-10WD is equipped with a battery protection module to protect and prevent overcharging the battery.
10. With high density air pressure sensor which can precisely hold the height, stable and easy to operate.
11. CX-10WD mobile WIFI distance: 15-30 meters, suitable for indoor flight.
12. CX-10WD comes with one-touch take off, one-touch landing options as well as one key to return function.

Your CX-10WD Package includes the following items
1 x CX-10WD Quadcopter Drone (with 3.7V 150MAH Li Battery)
1 x Drone Transmitter
4 x Spare Propeller Blades
1 x USB Charging cable
1 x Manuals



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