Eachine E010 Tiny Whoop Quadcopter Clone

Eachine E010 Quadcopter

Is this Eachine E010 the very BEST Quadcopter gift you could buy?

A tiny Nano/Micro sized Quadcopter that will give hours and hours of SAFE flying fun to all the family

Latest Eachine Qudcopter
Tiny Whoop Look-a-Like from Eachine

Over the last few years I have tested many of the small Nano size Quadcopters that have come to the market and I must say this Tiny Whoop look-a-like from Eachine is right up there with the very best. What I do like about this model is the built in Propeller guards which not only protect the craft but also will protect the surroundings and the person flying it. Even with the small sized Quadcopters the propellers spin very fast and can cause physical damage but with the Eachine E010 you have no such worries. It is super easy to fly and therefore makes the perfect Quadcopter gift for any occasion. This model has been supplied to me by Banggood so I can carry out an honest and impartial review. CLICK THIS LINK

What’s in the box?

Eachine Quadcopter Drone
All you need for some flying fun Eachine E010 box contents

The box contents are pretty basic but you will get all you need to have some great flying fun, your Eachine E010 Quadcopter and battery, USB battery charger, a spare set of unique propeller blades, an instruction manual and the remote control transmitter that takes 2 AA batteries (not supplied). All you need to do is charge up your Quadcopter battery, insert 2 AA batteries in the transmitter and you are good to go. Whilst these sized Nano/Micro Quadcopters are absolutely perfect for indoor flying you can still have some great outdoor flying fun on a windless day  CLICK THIS LINK

If you are looking to buy a Quadcopter as a gift for a friend or family member I cannot think of a better Low Priced model you can get. This Eachine E010 from Banggood is easy to fly with dual rates and a flip button that will make the Quad rotate 360 degrees. A word of warning if you are going to attempt flips with this model. When flipping especially forward or backwards apply a little forward throttle (left stick) as the Quadcopter flips over as this will stop it crashing to the ground. Although flipping looks easy I would suggest you try this outside on a windless day to perfect your flipping, preferable on a grassy surface to avoid and damage to the craft. CLICK THIS LINK

Eachine Quadcopter
Is this the best Quadcopter Gift you can buy?




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