Low Priced Quadcopter Drone Gift Guide

The Ultimate Low Priced Quadcopter Drone Gift Guide for Christmas 2016 or any Gift Giving Occasion

Latest Eachine Qudcopter
Tiny Whoop Look-a-Like from Eachine the Outstanding E010 Mini Quadcopter Drone

The Fantastic Eachine E010 Mini Quadcopter Drone from BANGGOOD (My Personal Favourite Mini Sized Quadcopter Drone Ever)

There has been a plethora of great Low Priced Drones and Quadcopters released throughout 2016 and if you are looking to purchase a Low Priced Quadcopter Drone as a Gift this holiday season or as a Special Gift for any occasion then read on THIS IS FOR YOU

PLEASE NOTE: All the Quadcopter Drone Gifts recommended have been tested over time and despite the very low prices from BANGGOOD these are quality items and should not be confused with clones from unknown brands.

The Best Low Priced Quadcopter Drone Gift for all the Family
The Eachine E010 is a $15.99 Outstanding Quadcopter Drone from BANGGOOD that never fails to impress
The Quadcopter Drone I would highly recommend as a Gift for any family member or friend is the incredible Eachine E010 Mini Quadcopter Drone from BANGGOOD.
I really love like this little flyer not just because it is so cheap and fantastic value for money but because due to the way it has been constructed it is extremely SAFE TO FLY. There are guards that protect the propellers and this will negate any damage to surroundings, pets and persons.
The Eachine E010 Mini is a 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Headless Mode Remote Control Quadcopter Drone is Ready to Fly  CLICK THIS LINK
The Eachine E010 has some fantastic features imbedded into the flight control board, you can press a key and it will return to where it took of from, another button operates the flip control so you can astound onlookers with your flying skills, it has two speed modes and a headless mode. All you need to fly this Mini Drone is a couple of AA batteries for your remote control.
In the neat box you will get your E010 Quadcopter Drone, a spare set of propellers, your Drone battery, a USB charging cable and the Eachine E010 manual.
Whether you buy one of these Eachine E010 Quadcopter Drones for a youngster or an experience Drone Flyer I can guarantee YOUR GIFT WILL BE APPRECIATED as they are so much fun to fly indoors and outside on a windless day.

Have some Party Fun with the Eachine E010
I can imagine a few family members and friends with these drones setting up a course and seeing who can best fly around it. The Eachine E010 Mini Drone will give your gift recipients hours of flying fun, I can’t think of a better $15 gift I would like to recieve that’s for sure. CLICK THIS LINK

A WORD OF WARNING. The Eachine E010 sells out fast and I expect it to be the best selling Quadcopter Drone gift this coming holiday season so to avoid any disappointment be sure to order your Quadcopter Drone Gift from BANGGOOD NOW CLICK THIS LINK

BANGGOOD WILL BE RESTOCKING THIS ITEM ON THE 4th OCTOBER 2016 ( It has sold out once again!)

It is so cheap but high quality and the flight characteristics make The Eachine E010 Mini Quadcopter Drone The Very Best Low Priced Quadcopter Drone Gift Money Can Buy
Neatly packaged, perfect to wrap as a gift or present for any occasion
Real stable and easy to fly making it perfect for beginners and fun for experienced pilots
Suitable for all ages between 7 to 100 !
Super Safe flying fun
Parts are readily available
The E010 Quadcopter Drone is a good size and is considerably larger than the Cheerson CX-10 types, more Mini than Nano size

BEWARE! Flying the BANGGOOD Eachine E010 Quadcopter Drone is very addictive 🙂
Short flying time, 5 minutes, so be sure to order spare batteries to prolong your enjoyment CLICK THIS LINK
Demand is likely to exceed supply so get your orders in early

What I say : I have flown many Quadcopter Drones but I fly this Mini Drone nearly every day. It is perfect for keeping my mind muscles sharp, I can bump it into things without losing control, it is super  fun to fly, uncomplicated and delivers everything I personally want from a Mini Sized Quadcopter Drone. If the recipient of your present flys DJI Phantoms or is a complete novice to Drone and Quadcopter flying your can be sure your Gift will be cherished.

Just check out this video to see how much fun the Eachine E010 Mini Quadcopter Drone is. Bump it, Bash it Flip it, Stick it, the falling box takes it out in the end, fabulous flying fun GUARANTEED

BANGGOOD Review comments
Fun, fun, fun!!! a great Yaw rate, correct speed and resistant to crash. This is one of the best quads i had, with the powerful  Hubsan x4. Will order the red one to race “against” my 7 years old when it´s raining outside !
Well protected, looks like it will take a lot of beating and will not break. And even if it does, its so cheap it almost doesn’t matter 🙂 It is also surprisingly quiet compared to most other quads. Flies well, even has enough pitch and yaw in high rates to be fun even for more experienced pilots. The only drawbacks I noticed are a bit weak thrust sometimes, unusually long charging time and the non-standard battery plug. None of these is really a big deal.
Great little micro quad fly’s great just order more batteries so you can keep flying

Drone Flyers Rating:
Flying-5 Star Plus and rated as the Best Low Priced Quadcopter Drone Gift you can buy.

Another Great Low Priced Quadcopter Drone Gift from BANGGOOD

The Best selling Eachine E10 Quadcopter Drone

Eachine E10 Mini Headless Mode 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis LED RC Quadcopter Ready to Fly

Drone Gift
Great Quadcopter Drone Gift The Eachine E10 from BANGGOOD

At only $11.59 from BANGGOOD the Best selling Eachine E10 Drone comes in a great little gift box making it a perfect Drone Gift for Christmas or any gift giving occasion. Unlike some of the small Nano sized Qudcopter Drones previously released the Eachine E10 from BANGGOOD comes with propellers guards a must for me especially if it is to be flown by young children. It has many of the same features as its big brother the E010, headless mode, one key return, three speed modes and the capability of performing 360 degree flips in any direction. CLICK THIS LINK

Fantastic Low Priced Quadcopter Drone
Great Gift Box Packaging
Suitable for all ages from 7 years upwards
Quality Build
Propeller Guard included for Fun Safe Flying
Good Flying time
Pocket size take anywhere
One of the Lowest Priced Quadcopter Drone Gifts you can buy

It has a built in Battery so you will need to charge between flights
Not suitable for flying outside in windy conditions
If you buy the Eachine E10 Mini as a present you will certainly want one for yourself

Drone Flyers Rating:
Flying 5 Stars Nano Technology at its finest
What I say: The price and flying characteristics alone makes it a worthy competitor to the Eachine E010. CLICK THIS LINK

Fantastic Low Priced Quadcopter Drone Gift from BANGGOOD
The Cheerson CX-10A CX10A Headless Mode 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis RC Quadcopter Ready to fly

This is the best selling Quadcopter Drone that has ever been produced. The Cheerson CX-10A is an ugraded CX-10 model that has led the Nano Quadcopter sales for many months now. Similar in size a construction to the Eachine E10 this tried and tested product is a favourite with Drone Flyers all over the World. Super stability combined with ease of use, 360 flips makes this tiny Nano Drone one of the very best you can buy.
It also comes in a super compact gift box  CLICK THIS LINK

Quadcopter Gift
Cheerson CX-10A Quadcopter Drone

Quality Product
Great for beginners
Spare parts readily available

No Propeller Blade Guard included CLICK THIS LINK
Built in Battery so you will need to charge between flights

Drone Flyers Rating:
Flying- 5 Star product that has stood the test of time with a devoted fan base  CLICK THIS LINK

The Original Cheerson CX-10 Quadcopter Drone is still a great buy and will make a super Gift for any occasion it retails at under $15

CLICK THIS LINK If you buy this LOW PRICED Drone then I suggest you also grab a propeller protector to ensure safer flying CLICK THIS LINK

Quadcopter Gift
The Original Cheerson CX-10 Quadcopter Drone


Quadcopter Gift
Cheerson CX-10C Small in size Big on Delivery Tiny Camera Drone from BANGGOOD

Just check out all the Cheerson CX10 Range of Quadcopter Drones from BANGGOOD they make great Gifts for any occasion

Drone Gift
Cheerson CX-10C Quadcopter Drone

Cheerson CX-10C CX10C Mini 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Remote Control Quadcopter with Camera Ready to Fly  CLICK THIS LINK

Drone Gift
Cheerson CX-10W Quadcopter Gift

Cheerson CX-10W CX10W Mini Wifi FPV (First Person View) With Camera 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis LED Remote Control Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK

Quadcopter Gift
Cheerson CX-10WD Quadcopter Drone Gift

Cheerson CX-10WD CX10WD Mini Wifi FPV with High Hold Mode 2.4G 6-axis Remote Control Quadcopter  CLICK THIS LINK   

Drone Gift
Cheerson CX-10D from BANGGOOD

Cheerson CX-10D CX10D Mini 2.4G 6-axis with High Hold Mode LED RC Quadcopter Ready To Fly  CLICK THIS LINK

Some alternatives to consider


Camera Drone Gift
JJRC H30C Camera Drone Gift

CLICK THIS LINK  Low Priced JJRC Quadcopter Drone with a 2MP Camera


Drone Gift
Eachine H8S Inverted Flying

 CLICK THIS LINK  A great Low Priced Quadcopter Gift for the more experienced  Drone Flyer. Capable of inverted flight, super fast Yaw rate and little pocket rocket.

Coming Soon from JJRC a couple of Nano Sized Drone Gifts


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