JJRC H37 Elfie the Selfie Drone

Low Cost Foldable Selfie Drone from LighTake

If you are looking to buy a great drone gift this Christmas then be sure to check this Selfie Drone from LighTake CLICK THIS LINK

JJRC H37 Elfie Alitude Hold Wifi FPV 0.3MP Camera Foldable Pocket Drone RC Quadcopter Slideshow

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You can see lots of these types of Selfie drones coming to market some priced at over $300 ! This little beauty made by JJRC one of the leading makers in the drone space will be in stock at LighTake for ONLY $41.99 with FREE Shipping. CLICK THIS LINK

We expect this little Selfie Drone to be one of the best selling RC Products this Christmas so be sure to get your order in early to avoid any disappointment.

Elfie JJRC H37 Drone Specifications:

•The Elfie has an Altitude Hold feature  with an advanced barometer that keeps the drone steady and stable at a fixed position
• The JJRC H37 Elfie is capable of performing 3D Flips & rolls allowing the drone to flip and roll at different angles
•It has  a 6-axis Gyro enables the drone to keep the balance and stability during the flight
•In the Headless Mode you can set fly the drone so that Forward is always Forward, Backwards always Backwards, Left always Left and Right always Right. This intelligent orientation mode is perfect for beginners.

IOC Headless drone mode
Headless Mode Drone Flying

•The JJRC H37 has WiFi First Person View (FPV) with 0.3MP Camera can take photos and videos.
• The foldable structured design allows for ease of transportation.

LighTake has kindly agreed to send the Drone Flyers Team one of these innovative drones to test and carry out and impartial review CLICK THIS LINK

As soon as we receive the JJRC H37 we will update this page with our in-depth review of this Drone model. Our first impressions are that the Elfie offers extremely good value for money. JJRC are a reputable make and the Elfie is a fraction of the cost of some of the Selfie drones presently available. The brushed motors are unlikely to cause any serious damage to persons or property unlike the more expensive versions with high powered brushless motors. You don’t need a remote control to fly it, you use your smartphone or tablet and the App has both Android and iOS versions.

Low Priced Selfie Drone
JJRC H37  Foldable Selfie Drone App

Your getting plenty of features for your money

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If you are thinking of buying a Elfie Drone as a Gift for this gift giving season or any other occasion you can be rest assured that it comes in  really smart packaging

Latest Elfie Foldable Drone
Elfie Drone Package



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