Hubsan X4 Air PRO H501A

Hubsan X4 AIR PRO H501A Drone WIFI FPV Brushless With 1080P HD Camera GPS Waypoint Remote Control Quadcopter Ready to Fly


Hubsan X4 H501A Air Pro
Lovely colours from the 501A Camera

Drone Flyers are so so pleased to have received the Hubsan X4 Air H501A and have started extensive testing of this futuristic Quadcopter Drone. We found that flying with the App only (using a smartphone attached to the Mobile Wifi Relay Unit) so much fun and so easy to use. We have tested the return to home one of the most important features and this worked a treat. Over the next few weeks we will be testing this innovative drone at every opportunity as we have done with the Hubsan X4 H501S one of our all time favourite Quadcopter Drones. We get some much enjoyment seeing the fantastic images that can be captured from a low cost drone. CLICK THIS LINK


Hubsan X4 Air Pro Mobile Relay Unit
Harry Testing the Mobile Relay Unit
Hubsan X4 Air H501A
Flying using your mobile device is so much fun


Hubsan X4 H501A Drone
First Pictures from the 501A Camera
Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A
Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A
Hubsan X4 H501A Quadcopter
Hubsan X4 Air H501A filming the DJ Mavic !

We captured a DJI Mavic in flight using the Hubsan X4 H501A on our first field test. We will use the DJI Mavic to record the flight characterics of this new Hubsan Drone. Rather than just film the Hubsan from below we will endeavour to show you how the X4 Air looks from above using drone on drone footage. CLICK THIS LINK

Hubsan X4 H501 Camera
Low tide with the 501A


Hubsan X4 H501A Air Pro
High tide Hubsan 501A Camera

Hubsan logo

The Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A Quadcopter is set to write a new chapter in the evolution of Drones. Low Cost Quadcopter Drones that can be flown via an app or a remote control and packed with features only previously found in high-end expensive models. The X4 AirPro for around $200 sets a precedent that other Drone manufacturers will aspire to. CLICK THIS LINK

This new Hubsan X4 AirPro H501A low priced compact quadcopter is jam-packed with technology. The build quality is very good and like the previous 501s and 501C Drones it will take a few knocks. The black and gold colouring is impressive and the new app will enable the X4 AirPro to do a lot of the flying itself and the built-in Return to Home and Low Voltage Failsafe lets you fly with confidence. CLICK THIS LINK

Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A History

Hubsan have previously released two versions in the X4 501 series, the Hubsan X4 H501C which is still one of the finest Low Cost GPS Drones you can buy and the Hubsan X4 H501S an indentical looking Quadcopter. The X4 H501S can be purchased with 2 remote control options and both of these have a small screen that enables you to view what the Quadcopter sees from above, this is known as FPV (First Person View). Both these 501 Drone models are relative simple to set up and fly, spare parts are readily available and Hubsan offer support for any issues owners may have. Video and photographs are recorded to a micro sd card that is inserted into a slot on the underside of the Quadcopter. It is suggested you use a class 10 high speed card.  We cannot  coment on this as the camera on the New Hubsan X4 Air Pro (H501A) is an updated version of the 501S/C camera, however we found an micro sd card worked well with the S/C cameras. The Hubsan X4 501 videos imported effortlessly into Windows Media Player or Windows Movie Maker.

Introducing the Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A

The standard Hubsan x4 AirPro (H501A) Drone  version comes with what Hubsan are calling a Mobile Relay Device that extends the flying range and the FPV (First Person View) feed  from 100 meters to approximately 400 meters. As of yet we are unsure of the technicalities of this relay device but it seems to us to be a signal booster.

Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A Mobile Relay device
Mobile Relay Device
Hubsan X4 Air
Harry (15) giving lessons on how to fly the H501 Air using the Mobile Relay Device

Who will the Hubsan x4 Air Pro H501A Drone appeal to?

  • Existing or past Hubsan X4 501S Drone owners who already have a compatible  remote control that they can bind to the X4 Air Pro (H501A).
  • New Drone Flyers who are looking for a quality build, feature rich, simple to use, low-cost, entry-level aerial photography/Video platform.
  • Drone Flyers who wish to move up from flying micro/mini sized Quadcopters and experience flying brushless motored, GPS drones packed with functionality.

Drone Selfies Par Excellence!

Over the last 18 months or so we have seen a proliferation of models that have been marketed as Drone Selfie Quadcopters. In our experience we have not found a better example for accomplishing this Drone Selfie task than the 501 series from Hubsan. They are super stable and in GPS mode they just hang there with little or zero stick input. Smooth video can also be captured (this requires a decent level of flying expertise) and we prefer screen grabs rather than photographs. There are a few examples of screen grabs from the videos at the bottom of the page. You need to go up to DJI Phantom quality to better them, the Drone Flyers Team have always been 100% happy with them.


HUBSAN X4 Ait Pro H501A Video

Coming very soon from Banggood the latest version of the popular Hubsan X4 H501 series Quadcopter Drones CLICK THIS LINK

The Drone Flyers Team have put together this little video to show the functionality of this latest Hubsan X4 Air Pro 501A Quadcopter . We are not the biggest fans of flying a Drone using an App however there will be a number of options for this model. You will be able to fly it by using a mobile device and the app or using a remote control.

The Drone Flyers team will undertake a detailed and extensive review of this Hubsan X4 AirPro H501A Drone model as soon as we receive it. The Hubsan X4 H501C and the Hubsan X4 H501S are a couple of our favorite take everywhere Drones. There are plenty of spare parts already available for the Hubsan X4 Air H501A and be sure to get a few extra batteries to prolong your flying time CLICK THIS LINK  Realacc make a number of cases that will be suitable for this model CLICK THIS LINK

Join the Hubsan H501/502 Group on Facebook for any help regarding this model. This group is full of great guys who will gladly offer advice, help and tips and Shally Lui the Hubsan representative is at hand to help with any issues you may have. If you buy a Hubsan X4 AIR PRO H501A or are considering purchasing this Quadcopter or any Drone in the 501 or 502 series then please join this Facebook Group. Peter Martin who is one of the very first persons to receive the Hubsan X4 AirPro H501A is an admin on the group and you will find it a great source of information. CLICK THIS LINK

Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A Quadcopter Description:

Brand Name: Hubsan
Item NO.: H501A
Item Name: Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A Remote Control Quadcopter Drone
Frequency: 2.4G
Flying time: About 20mins on a fully charged battery
Color:Gold and Black
501A Quadcopter Size:311*311*70mm
501A Quadcopter Weight: 410g ( including the battery)
Package Size: 28.4*28*9.3cm
Rotor size:185mm (7.3 inches )
Brushless Motor: KV1650 PM1806  x4
ESC: brushless 12A x4
Battery: 7.4V 2700mAh Lipo
Max current: 16A
1080P camera
Field Of View : 120°
Max Flight radius:300m
The Hubsan X4 AirPro H501A Quadcopter Drone has a flight time of approximately 20 minutes
Battery Charging time is around 210 minutes with the supplied charger we however would suggest you purchase a decent balance battery charger
Adapter included
4 LED indicators & Rubber feet

Hubsan X4 AirPro H501A Drone

APP Functions:

WIFI Real Time Video Transmission, FPV Feed.

Waypoint flight:You can set waypoints and the altitude so the Hubsan X4 Air will fly a course you set on the map.

One key takeoff: Press the take off key and the motors will engage and the X4 Air Quadcopter will rise to a pre-determined height.

Follow me mode: The follow me functionality worked a treat on the 501C and 501S models and we expect similar results from the AirPro 501A.

Orbit mode: The orbit mode enables the Air 501A to circle a fixed point.

Headless mode: In this mode no matter which direction the X4 Air is pointing towards, forward is always forward and vice versa backwards is always back.

Gravity sensor: The gravity sensor couple with accurate GPS positioning make the X4 Air Pro able to maintain a fixed position and height.

Video/photo: You won’t get better video and photo capture from any Quadcopter Drone in this price bracket.

Hubsan X4 AirPro 501A Drone features

* With the App Waypoint Function the X4 Air is easy to control and you will enjoy a relaxed and effortless flight experience.

* The built in 1920x1080P High Definition camera is expertly tuned to capture stunning aerial pictures and videos from all angles.

* Built-in GPS(Universal version) positioning system gives an accurate positioning location making it the perfect advanced follower.

* With headless mode function,no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying.

* With Follow me function it turns you into a mobile photographer with a personal camera that will capture those perfect drone selfies.

* The 2700mAh capacity battery provides 20 minutes of fabulous flying fun on a single battery charge.

* With 2 Configurations it gives you two ways to fly: X4 Air + Cellphone + Relay / X4 Air + Transmitter (Optional)

Your Hubsan X4 Air Pro 501A Quadcopter Package will include either

1x With a Mobile Relay Device (As pictured previuosly)


Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A Transmitter Option
X4 Air H906A Transmitter Option

1x With Mobile Relay Device + Remote Control

(Please Note : The first version to go on sale looks to be the Hubsan x4 Air H501A that is flown by a mobile device)

1x  H501A Remote Control Quadcopter

1x 501A Quadcopter Battery

1x Lipo Battery Charger

4x Hubsan  X4 Air H501A Drone Propeller Blades


Hubsan X4 501 Spare Parts CLICK THIS LINK (please check the compatibility with your Hubsan model)


The new  X4 Air 501A  is packed with functionality and here are a few images from previous versions of this model the Hubsan X4 H501C and the Hubsan X4 H501S . We expect the camera quality to be at least as good or most probably better on this Hubsan X4 Air Pro H501A model.

The Hubsan X4 AirPro Drone (501A) is expected to go on sale in the next few weeks CLICK THIS LINK


Hubsan X4 H501C
Great Value Low Priced Hubsan X4 H501C GPS Drone

If you wish to see the other Hubsan 501 series Quadcopters you can find the Hubsan X4 H501S CLICK THIS LINK or the Hubsan X4 H501C CLICK THIS LINK

Hubsan X4 H501C Drone
Luca a 9 Year Old Hubsan X4 H501C Drone Flyer

Hubsan | X4 | Air | H501A | Quadcopter | Drone| Pro



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