Emax Babyhawk 85 FPV Micro Racer

Coming soon a neat looking FPV Racing Drone from Emax the Babyhawk Micro FPV Racer. For latest price and delivery details please click here Emax Babyhawk 85

FPV Racing Drone
The Emax Babyhawk 85 Micro FPV Racing Drone

Babyhawk FPV Drone Racer

Equipped with a custom designed All-In-One Camera and VTX, femto f3, easily-replaceable solderless connected 6A BLHeli 2s-4s capable ESCs, and 1104 5000kv motors. Accompanied with EMAX’s custom designed 2.3″ propeller, the 85mm brushless drone produces roughly 500 grams of thrust using only 2S lipo. Dry weight without Motor Guards equals to approx. 60 grams. With Motor Guards equals to approx. 68 grams. Babyhawk with 2S 300mah lipo without motor guards equals less than 86 grams.

Emax FPV Drone racer
Side view of the sharp looking Babyhawk from Emax

We really like the look of this tidy FPV Racing Drone from leading manufacturer Emax.

Emax are a well respected company in the RC World and produce some excellent motors. They have done great job designing and producing this little FPV Racer that will be suitable for flying indoors and outside.


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