Eachine 250 PR0 Drone Racer

In stock now at BANGGOOD the Eachine 250 PRO Drone Racer CLICK THIS LINK NOW

Having flown a number of out of the box drone racers over the last few years we are confident in saying that this new Eachine 250 PRO Racing Drone model from Banggood is one of the very finest drone racers of its size ever produced. Lightweight in construction and well designed it is super fast and extremely agile. It is not for the faint hearted as it packs a real punch!

Our first test was conducted in a large open field by a seasoned FPV Drone Racing enthusiast who flew the Eachine 250 PRO Racer via his Fatshark goggles. He said that he was more that impressed and this model was the first he had ever flown that compares favourably with those he constructs himself. There is a short video of him flying in acro mode and testing the flips further down the page.  We recorded the short video using a DJI Mavic and will endeavour to produce more flight video from above not an easy challenge as the Eachine 250 PRO Drone Racer from Banggood is so quick!

Over the forthcoming weeks the Eachine 250 PRO Racing Drone will be tested by a number of drone flyers from all ages. Those who have flown it so far have been suitably impressed with the fast response rate and the absolute power it delivers.

Out of the Box and almost Ready to Fly

The Eachine 250 PRO Drone Racer is very easy to set up and fly straight out of the the box. all you will need to do is insert the supplied AA batteries into the remote control, charge up the 4S Lipo battery and install the propellors ensuring you have them in the correct positions. A tool is supplied to attach the propellors ensure they are tightly fastened and be vigilant when tightening them as they have sharp edges. We would suggest that if you are getting into any type of drone flying then you should consider purchasing a decent battery charger Banggood have a great selection in stock and we highly recommend this one, The Eachine Gemini Battery Charger

If you have flown small brushed motor drones previously and have purchased this model to experience the joys of FPV racing then we suggest you seek the help and advice of someone who has flown these types of drone before. Please read the manual very carefully so you understand how the motors are armed and disarmed and the position of the switches on the remote for the different flight modes.

We will undertake a concise review to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from this exceptional drone racer from BANGGOOD CLICK THIS LINK

Eachine Racing Drone
The Mobius Mini Action Camera is a perfect fit and match for the Eachine 250 PRO

You can link your Eachine 259 PRO to a set of Eachine FPV Goggles for a Fantastic FPV flying Experience and add a Mobius Mini Action Camera to record your flight footage.

Eachine 250 3

Testing in your back garden is NOT reccomended as this Eachine 250 Drone Racer is Super Fast and Super responsive!

We have just started testing and reviewing this model and will like at this stage to offer some advice. This excellent drone racer is packed with power so treat it with the utmost respect and ensure you fly it in a large field or similar open space. In stabilise mode you can fly it with ease but always remember that the sticks are very sensitive to input so dont go jerking them fast. CLICK THIS LINK

Drone Racer
Eachine 250 PRO Racing Drone from Banggood

The Eachine 250 PRO is powereed by a 4S battery that gives it maximum thrust in acro mode it becomes a great ‘air dancer’. This clip was filmed using a DJI Mavic

You can easily understand why we love this Eachine 250 Pro FPV Drone Racer it is just so so much fun to fly. In stabilise mode it holds it’s level extremely well and can be flown with caution by even the most inexperienced FPV Racing Flyer. We do not however suggest this is a model for a complete beginner and if the flight is attempted by an inexperienced flyer then they should always be accompanied by a person with knowledge of these types of drone racers.

Racing Drone
Eachine 250 PRO Drone Racer

You Eachine 250 PRO Drone Racing Package includeds:

1 x Eachine Racer 250 PRO FPV Drone
1 x Eachine I6 2.4G Transmitter
1 x Eachine I6 2.4G Receiver

1 x F3 6DOF flight controller

4 x Blheli_S 20A ESC

2 x 2205-2300KV motor CW

Drone Racer
Eachine 250 PRO 3 Blade Propellor Blades

2 x 2205-2300KV motor CCW

4 x 5048 3 Blade propeller CW

4 x 5048 3 Blade propeller CCW

1 x mushroom antenna

1 x 4-cell 14.8V Lipo balance charger

1 x 1100mAh 4S 14.8V 30C lipo battery

1 x tail light LED colorized
2 x headlight LED white 3W

1 x 1000TVL camera

1 x 600MW 5.8G 32CH transmitter built in OSD

1 x Eachine Branded Remote Control Strap
4 x AA Battery for your Eachine i6 Remote Control
1 x Battery Strap to secure your 4S Lipo battery
1 x wrench to secure your propellors


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