DJI Mavic Pro Foldable Drone Review


DJI Mavic Pro
Stunning capture of Elizabeth Castle Jersey by Dave Double with the DJI Mavic 


The DJI Mavic Pro a Drone Flyers Review for BANGGOOD


DJI Mavic Pro
The Drone Flyers DJI Mavic Pro

When size matters the DJI Mavic Pro literally blows the competition away!

The key feature of this remarkable flying camera drone is the fact that the arms fold into the body making it extremely compact and it can be effortlessly transported without the necessity of prop removal. That being said the Mavic is packed with features and functionality that has made the DJI Mavic Pro the most sought after drone ever produced. I don’t think even DJI realised the demand the Mavic would generate. If you are thinking of purchasing a DJI Mavic Pro then read on this review is for you.


DJI Mavic Pro Camera and Gimbal
DJI Mavic Pro arms folded showing the camera and gimbal

After flying Drones for over 4 years now and having tested over 150 drone models we can safely say the the incredible DJI Mavic Pro is one of the most outstanding aerial photography FPV drones ever made. In Sports Mode the DJI Mavic Pro turns into a fast fun flying machine that can be hooked up to FPV Goggles so the user can experience a truly immersive flying experience. There is nothing that has ever been produced that comes anywhere near the DJI Mavic and we are certain that it will become one of the very best selling drones ever produced. Such was the demand for this model that even the Drone Flying Team with their extensive connections within the industry had to wait months to acquire one. Was it worth the wait, you better believe it! This in-depth review will tell you why we love this DJI Mavic Pro Drone so much.

DJI Mavic Pro
Sharp Image capture from the Mavic Camera


We are so pleased to announce that our favourite drone supplier BANGGOOD have now got stocks of this innovative flying camera platform. Over the coming weeks and months we will be extensively testing the DJI Mavic Pro for BANGGOOD so follow us on our journey.

Below is an image captured by our first flight over water.

DJI Mavic
Lovely Rich Colours from The DJI Mavic Pro Camera

This shot was taken at Anneport Bay Jersey and the house in the picture was featured in a TV documentary on Channel 4 TV UK the same evening. Flying over water can be a nervous experience but that is not the case with the DJI Mavic it performed impeccably !

When you are taking aerial photographs you want your drone to lock into position in GPS mode you do not want it to drift about and have to constantly move the sticks to maintain its place. The DJI Mavic Pro holds its position very well ensuring that you can capture excellent aerial photographs from this lightweight DJI drone. The camera strings can be tweaked in the app but its the ability to place the drone at the right height at the right time in the right light that is all important to capture great aerial photographs. Just like anything you undertake practice makes perfect so if you get yourself a DJI Mavic Pro then try to fly as much as possible. We love to get up early in the morning around sunrise when there is often nobody around, little wind, the sea is calm and with the sun behind the aerial photography drone we often get our very best shots. Sunset is also a great time to practice your aerial photography skills.

DJI Mavic
La Rocque Harbour Jersey early evening high tide

Testing a high performance quality drone like the DJI Mavic Pro cannot be done in 45 minutes it is only by constantly flying it, experiencing all the advanced functionality it has, flying it in different weather conditions, over land and over water, that it can it be properly evaluated. The camera has numerous settings that can be adjusted to suit varied lighting conditions and there are now ND filters that fit the tiny 4K camera. We would like to stress at this juncture that the  gimbal is a work of art, so small yet so efficient.


This is most probably the most photographed landmark in Jersey Mont Orgueil Castle the DJI Mavic PRO captured this image at about 200 feet

Mavic Picture
Mont Orgueil Castle from the DJI Mavic pro

When we demonstrate the DJI Mavic Pro even the most experienced Drone Flyers remark how rock solid it is in the air. Don’t be fooled by its size the Mavic will deliver high quality aerial photographs and super stable video. Lots of people have said it is the best Drone they have ever flown. We are fortunate to have flown every DJI Phantom model and a number of Inspire 2s but the Mavic is up there with the very best.

We are not going to bore you with an extensive unboxing review as there are plenty of those already available and we will not produce tutorials on how to fly the DJI Mavic Pro as DJI have always produced quality tutorials. We will however engage members of the public  and solicit their feedback so you will get a true insight into how this remarkable flying camera platform is viewed and how it performs. We will adjust the settings and test all the advanced flying modes it is such a pleasure and drone testing is something we are truly passionate about.

About the Drone Flyers Team

The Drone Flyers team has been reviewing drones for over 4 years and have flown many of the DJI products DJI Phantoms 1, 2 P3S, P3A, P4 and are currently flying a DJI Inspire 2 with a X5S camera a DJI Phantom 4 Pro and the DJI Mavic Pro The Inspire 2 along with the Phantom 4 Pro is being used for commercial filming projects and the DJI Mavic is the favourite take everywhere drone that is capable of super fast deployment and capturing excellent 4K video on the fly. One of our Drone Flying team always has the DJI Mavic Pro charged up and ready to go and if a holiday is planned then the DJI Mavic Pro is undoubtedly the aerial photography drone of choice.

The Bathing Pool at Havre Des Pas Jersey looking a tad tired at low tide. I spent much of my childhood down at the swimming pool as my father was a swimming teacher. Was so glad to capture this image from the DJ Mavic Pro.

DJI Mavic Pro
The Bathing Pool Jersey from The DJI Mavic Pro


Over the last few years with warehouses China, USA and Europe BANGGOOD have established themselves as one of the World’s leading suppliers of RC Products, Drones, Quadcopters, Spare Parts and related accessories.


The DJI Mavic Pro has been designed with ease of use in mind

The DJI Mavic Pro is one of the easiest Drones to fly. We have had people who have never flown a Quadcopter Drone previously take to the DJI Mavic Pro in a matter of minutes. In a short space of time they are competently flying the Mavic Drone around. You will not find a better high quality aerial photography/FPV  drone more suited to a complete beginner or an experienced drone flyer. The size and weight of the craft along with the fantastic stability and intuitive DJI GO 4 app interface makes this foldable drone a pleasure for anyone to use regardless of age.

The Return to Home features is a godsend if the user finds themselves in difficulty especially with orientation (knowing which way the drone is pointing towards) but in reality we have yet to see anyone having to use this functionality through necessity. The view you get on your mobile device (we use an iPad Mini 4) is exceptional and if you are flying in an area you are accustomed to then orientation is never an issue, just a quick look at the screen, adjust your position with the left stick on the remote, Yaw left or right, job done. If for any reason you lose sight of the DJI Mavic Pro then just enable the return to home and it will fly back at a preset altitude. When the DJI Mavic Pro is viewable again (line of sight) the you can choose whether you want to let it continue returning to home and landing or take it out of the return to home and carry on flying.

It has automatic take off and land and a built-in failsafe system that will notify the user of low battery voltage or activate RTH if the battery reaches a critical level.

The app also has a beginner mode that will restrict certain parameters, this mode has been specially designed for complete new drone flyers so they can enjoy the experience without too much stress. In our experience we have never had to activate this mode but it is there for those who may wish to use it.

Flying the DJI Mavic Pro is far less daunting that the larger heavier DJI Phantom models and it has a lot less noisy motors making it far less intrusive than the Phantoms. Wherever you fly we hope that you will stick to the regulations applicable to where you are flying.

Below is a photograph taken from our testing field in the Parish of Grouville Jersey in the Channel Islands. You can see the reservoir at Queens Valley in the top left and in the distance the magnificent Mont Orgueil Castle situated in the Bay of Grouville.

DJI Mavic Pro
DJI Mavic Pro Compact Quality Camera Drone

Sensible Sensors and Precision Hover

The DJI Mavic PRO is also fitted with a number of intelligent sensors that prevent it crashing into obstacles. The precision hover feature really ensures that the DJI Mavic can be flown by even the most inexperienced drone pilots. We would not in any way advocate that this drone be flown by very young flyers on their own but under strict supervision it can be easily controlled. The precision hover , sensors and super stability makes the DJI Mavic PRO the perfect selfie drone. You can just get the Mavic PRO up in the air turn it towards you and take perfect selfies. The front red led lights flash off and on when you take a photograph so you can rest assured you have captured that special image.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the reviews you will read will come from experienced drone pilots who are used to flying and reviewing drones. In our review we will use people from all walks of life and all ages to test the DJI Mavic Pro so we can get a real overall perspective on how this drone is viewed by the public in general, real people not paid advocates of products. We also get great pleasure from enabling others to experience the joys of drone flying and capturing a bird’s eye view of their surroundings.


Here is a few images of a few friends who have helped us in putting together this DJI Mavic Pro Review for BANGGOOD.

We are very fortunate to have the use of a large field in Jersey to carry out drone testing. The land is owned by Lord Jersey who has given us permission to fly our drones and for that we are very thankful. The Earl of Jersey, Lord Jersey is flying the DJI Mavic Pro in the top left image.

DJI Mavic Pro Portability

DJI Mavic Pro
Portable take anywhere drone

The first thing that people remark upon is the size of the DJI Mavic, it is just incredibly small for a Drone that can capture superb 4K video. If you buy the Mavic Fly More Combo you have  a superb kit that will give you over 1 hour of flying fun that can all be packed into a small camera size carrying case.

Hubsan X4 H501A Quadcopter
DJI Mavic Pro Precision Hold at its very best

DJI Mavic Range and flight time

The DJI MAVIC PRO boasts an incredible 7.2 kilometres range. The First Person View (FPV) vision that is sent to your mobile device or mini iPad is very clear. The battery life is also very impressive as you will get up to 27 minutes in normal flight mode. The Mavic also has a fast sports mode but in this mode the flight time is considerably less.


Sports Mode, FPV Flying the Mavic is more than just a Camera drone

Below is the DJI video showing a couple of Guys hooking up their DJI Mavics to the new DJI FPV Goggles

DJI Mavic Specification Courtesy of BANGGOOD
Brand name: DJI
Item number: Mavic Pro
Frequency : 2.4G

Channel : 4CH
Gyro:6 Axis

Max speed: 18m/s
Flying Time: 27mins
Camera Pixels: 4K
FPV transmission distance: 7km
Product weight: 0.743 kg

The DJI Mavic Pro folds down as small as a bottle of water, making it small enough to take with you anywhere.
New OcuSync transmission system offers up to 4.3 miles (7km) of transmission range.
Fly at up to 40mph (64kmh) or for as long as 27-minutes.
True 4K, fully stabilized ensures smooth footage.
ActiveTrack, TapFly and other smart features make professional looking video effortless.
Obstacle Avoidance combined with sensor redundancy increases flight safety and reliability.
Vision positioning paired with GPS and GLONASS ensures precise positioning indoor and outdoors.
Fly by Phone over Wi-Fi for even easier flight.

Two version for you to choose from select either the
Mavic Pro Fly More Combo: Mavic Pro + Car charger + Battery-charger adaptor + Backpack + Battery holder + 2 Spare batteries + 4 Propellers


or the
Mavic Pro Only: Mavic Pro

Your DJI Package will include the following
1 x Aircraft (with battery and gimbal)
1 x Transmitter
1 x Charger
6 x Propeller
1 x 16GB SD card
1 x Gimbal clamp
1 x Power cable
2 x RC cable
1 x RC cable slider
1 x Micro USB cable


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