Eken Action Cameras from Banggood

Great Deals on EKEN Sports Action Cameras from BANGGOOD available NOW

EKEN started production 12 years ago in 2005 and rapidly established themselves as a leading producer of high quality low priced action cameras. Banggood are the leading supplier of Eken products and their range of Eken Action Cameras can be found here


Long gone are the days when you had to spend over $200 on a GoPro Camera the EKEN H9 featured below is the perfect take anywhere small compact action sports camera that fits in the palm of your hand, pocket or handbag. This incredible sports action camera from Banggood retails at ONLY $39.99 yet can shoot Super Ultra 4K-HD video.


If you purchase one of these great little $39.99 cameras from Banggood you not only get ths 4K 12 mega pixel camera with back screen that gives you a live preview of what you are capturing but a host of accessories that come with it.

EKEN H9 Low Cost Drone Camera

The small lightweight size coupled with the low cost makes it a perfect little camera to attach to your aerial photography quadcopter or racing drone. The Drone Flyers Team are building a number of flying platforms to test these high quality low priced action cameras spurred on by the amazing images we have captured from the Mobius Mini Series.

Action Camera
Great Image Captured from a Low Priced Action Camera

The image above was captured at St Brelades Bay Jersey early one morning. Although not taken from a EKEN we are using it to demonstrate the possibilities of low priced action cameras on low cost drones. This image is a screen grab from the Mobius Mini 2 video and is untouched. We see too many images now that have been altered in editing programes like Photoshop and Lightroom we prefer our images ‘Au Naturel’ as nature intended us to see them.

Years ago you would have had to spend thousands of dollars to capture a quality image from above. Now with a low cost sports action camera from BANGGOOD and a drone capable of lifting it then amazing aerial images are easily obtained. Aerial Photography is a real passion of ours, the Drone Flyers Team just love to get the very best we can from these tiny cameras so please keep coming back as we will post more images up as and when we capture them. Please check out this page to see the great images we have manage to capture from the Mobius Mini 2 CLICK THIS LINK

Hopefully BANGGOOD will see fit to send us an EKEN camera for testing purposes so we can explore the endless possibiliries of great image capture from these excellent value action cameras.

EKEN H9 Action Camera Funtinality, Features and Accessories
TF Card(SDHC Class10 up to 32GB).
Smaller size, easy to carry, easy use.
4K Ultra-HD Definition.12.0 Megapixels.
Rechargeable 1050mAh Lithium Battery.
2-inch TFT LCD.Live preview what you shoot.
A new way to view,share and store your footage.
Provide stunning video quality with 1080p at 60 fps.
Multi-mode Camera.Fast to switch the mode while sporting.
Loop Recording.When the memory card is full, the machine will automatically delete the earlier video, make room for new video.

Your Eken H9 Package Includes the following items

1 X EKEN H9 Sport Action Camera WiFi enabled 1 X Helmet Mount 1 X Handle Bar
1 X EKEN Waterproof Housing 1 X Bandages 1 X Tethers
1 X ProtectiveBackdoor 1 X Battery 1 X Metal Tether
1 X Protective Backdoor 1 X USB Cable 2 X Clip
7 X Mount 1 X User Manual

Top End Sports Action Camera the Incredible Eken V8s with Image Stabilisation

The Eken V8s from Banggood is the top of the range Eken Sports Action Camera if your budget stretches to $119.99 (NOW ONLY $95.99 with Coupon!) CLICK THIS LINK

What we do love about the V8s is the built in image stabilization system and the 170 degree wide angle lens. These features make the Eken V8s one of the very best sports action cameras for the money on the market today.

If you are flying a low cost drone without a gimbal then the image stabilzation system is a godsend.


EKEN V8s Action Camera Features
Real 4K Action Camera
4K 25frames per second  Full-Time Image Stabilizer
170 degree Wide-Angle
WiFi Control
Dual Screen, 2 inch screen + Status Screen
Built in 1050mAh lithium battery


Your EKEN V8s Package Includes:

1 X EKEN V8s Action Cam   1 X Waterproof Case   2 X Mount
1 X Frame 1 X Helmet Mount 1 X Battery
1 X USB Cable 1 X Charger 1 X 2.4 Remote
1 X Tripod


Sports Action Camera Accesssories
EKEN V8s Sports Action Camera Accessories
Low Cost Action Camera
Mounting Options for the EKEN V8s Sports Action Camera

Whilst you are on the Banggood site stop fpr a minute and check out this little beauty the EKEN Pano LiVe I 360 Degree 2048 * 1024 7G / 210 Panoramic Camera

This model is NOT for aerial photography but just imagine the fun you can have with it. The EKEN Pano LiVe slots in the the top/bottom of your mobile device and allows you to capture stunning 360 panoramic images, unbelievable ! CLICK THIS LINK

Coming Soon the Amazing Hawkeye FireFly 8S Review CLICK THIS LINK

Action camera Review
Latest Hawkeye Firefly 8S Action Camera

Coming soon Foxeer Legend 3 CLICK THIS LINK

Action camera fro Foxeer
Foxeer Legend 3 Action Camera

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