Micro Sized Brushless FPV Racing Drones

Micro FPV Racing Drone Feature

This post will have a look at some of the great little Brushless Drone Racers that are now available from Banggood. The Ready To Fly Micro Drone Racing Models, frames and components are ideal for anyone wishing to get into the fast fun pastime of FPV Drone Racing. Don’t be fooled by their size these little FPV Racing Drones with Brushless Motors have got plenty of punch!

Micro FPV Racing Drone
A personal favourite of mine the Aurora 100 FPV Micro Racing Drone

Eachine Aurora 100 Micro FPV Racing Drone CLICK THIS LINK

The first featured Micro Brushless FPV Drone Racer is the Eachine Aurora 100 a fast fun little FPV Racing Drone. The advantages of purchasing this model are that it is very lightweight and therefore will take a crash far better than the 220/250 size Drone Racers. We found this extremely useful especially when practicing acrobatic moves like flips and rolls. A great advantage of the Eachine Aurora 100 is that if you are unfortunate to break the frame the guts can be easily put into many of the Micro Racing Drone frames available on Banggood. We had a crash with our Aurora Racing Drone recently and while waiting for a new bottom plate to arrive a friend 3D printed a 100 size Racing Drone frame and we were back in the air in no time at all.

3D Printed Micro Racing Drone Frame
Aurora 100 Brushless FPV Drone Racers ‘Guts’ in a 3D Printed Frame

Aurora 100 ‘Guts’ in a 3D Printed Frame

As you can see in the above image we are not the greatest fans of the stock props that come with the Eachine Aurora  100 FPV Racing Drone they tend to break easily and we have had them ‘crack’ in the air when giving the Aurora 100 full throttle so we suggest you get these DYS 2030 propellers they are far less likely to give you any problems.  CLICK THIS LINK

Betaflight Configurator for Micro Racers

A big plus with the Eachine Aurora 100 Micro Brushless FPV Racer is that the flight control can be configured in the latest version of Betaflight allowing you to tune and tweak the settings according to your flying style. You can set the flight modes, the stabilized mode which is perfect for learning, Air Mode (be careful in this mode as the propellers continue rotating until you disarm the motors so if you crash use the disarm motor switch immediately) and full Acro mode which takes a little getting used to but is great for FPV Flying and Freestyle Acrobatics.



Eachine Aurora 100 CLICK THIS LINK


Eachine Aurora 100 Parts CLICK THIS LINK


Awesome Q95 FPV Racing Drone

Eachine Lizard Micro Racing Drone Ready to Fly Version CLICK THIS LINK


Let’s have a look at some of the Drone Racing Frames on offer from Banggood. Whilst there are many ready to fly micro drone racers available to purchase it is advisable that you learn how to build yourself as will find that however good you maybe at First Person View (FPV) flying you will crash your Racing Drone at some stage that is a given. Therefore there is a strong likely-hood that parts will need to be replaced especially frame parts. Its also great fun testing out different drone racing frames to see which particular configuration suits your Drone Racing flying style.

We will give recommendation on the parts for the builds. We have these featured micro drone racing frames on the way to us and we are looking forward to building and testing them all.

Eachine Firer Micro Brushless Racing Drone Frame CLICK THIS LINK

Firer Micro Drone Racer
Super little fast flying fun Firer from Eachine

Size: 110MM  Weight: 19.5g Thickness: 3mm  Material: Carbon Fiber


Eachine Roarer Micro Brushless Racing Drone Frame CLICK THIS LINK

Size:120MM  Weight: 20g Thickness: 2.5mm  Material: Carbon Fiber



Eachine Lizard Micro Brushless Racing Drone Frame CLICK THIS LINK

Size: 95MM  Weight: 14.9g Thickness: 2.5mm  Material: Carbon Fibre


Eachine Aurora Micro Brushless Racing Drone Frame CLICK THIS LINK

Size:100MM  Weight:14.5g Thickness:2.5mm  Material:Carbon Fiber


Realaac KT100 Micro Brushless Racing Drone Frame CLICK THIS LINK
Size: 100MM Weight: 25g Thickness: 2.0mm Bottom 1.55 Top Material:Carbon Fiber

Realacc Micro FPV Drone Racer Frame


Realacc Bobo Micro Brushless FPV Racing Drone Frame CLICK THIS LINK

X2 ELF 88 Micro Brushless FPV Racing Drone Frame CLICK THIS LINK

Recommended Parts for Micro FPV Brushless Drone Racers Builds

Eachine Minicube 20x20mm CLICK THIS LINK

This Eachine Mini Cube is 20mmx20mm size making it perfect for thes micro sized fpv racing drones. The stack has 4 in 1 BL Heli 10A electronic speed controllers (Escs) and a low voltage buzzer that can be configured in Betaflight

Mini Cube for Micro FPV Drone Racers

Racestar 2035 5 Blade Propellers CLICK THIS LINK

We have yet to try these racestar 2035 propellers but reports from the micro drone racing community suggest they will give your brushless micro drone plenty of punch but will diminish your flight time slightly.

5 Balde Micro FPV Racer Propellers

DYS 2030 Tri Blade Propellers CLICK THIS LINK

We love these DYS 2300 Blades and they take plenty of stick!

Micro FPV Drone Racer Propellers


Micro Racer FPV Camera


Motors: Eachine 1104 7500KV 2S Brushless Motor CLICK THIS LINK

Micro FPV Drone Racer Motors

Eachine Aurora 90 100 Mini FPV Racer Spare Part 2S 7.4V 450mAh 80C Lipo Battery with JST Connector CLICK THIS LINK
Lipo Battery for Micro FPV Racer
Eachine VR006 VR-006 3 Inch 500*300 Display 5.8G 40CH Mini FPV Goggles Built-in 3.7V 500mAh Battery
You are going to soon need a set of FPV Goggles but there is no need to go out and spend a fortune on top of the range Fat Sharks. The good news is that BANGGOOD will soon be selling a great set of low cost Mini FPV Goggles from Eachine, these will be available from July the 5th at $33.99 CLICK THIS LINK

Coming Soon from Realaac

A couple of new Bind and Fly Micro Racing Drones from Realacc

Realaac 100 Horns CLICK THIS LINK


I’ve never ever seen a  dual camera Micro FPV Racing Drone before, the Horns from Realacc has inverted rear motors. Whilst it looks pretty impresive I’m not sure how robust it’s likely to be as I can see the cameras snapping off on impact and the rear arms and motors also look fragile.

Realaac 100 Scops CLICK THIS LINK


 I do like the Y4 style but have never flown one, will the lower back motor encounter problems on landing?

Eachine Revenger 55 FPV Micro Racing Drone CLICK THIS LINK

Micro FPV Drone Racer

Looks like things are getting smaller with Eachine introducing the Revenger 55mm size Micro Drone Racer

This tiny Revenger 55 is indicative of the trend towards even smaller more compact Micro FPV Brushless Drone Racers.The Eachine Revenger55 comes with a set of Propeller guards making it a perfect dual purpose indoor and outdoor FPV Racing Drone. On this FPV Micro Brushless Racer the camera is mounted underneath the main frame giving it the advantage of not seeing the propellers in the FPV feed although with this setup the camera might be more suseptible to damage when crashing. The Eachine Revenger55 draws its power from a 400mAh 2S Lipo battery and flight time is given at 3minutes. Parts for this Micro FPV Racer are readily available from Banggood. The Drone Flyers team are very pleased that Banggood have sent us one of these new breed of tiny Brushless Racing Drones for testing purposes and we will undertake a concise review in due course.

Brand name: Eachine
Model: Revenger55
Item name: Eachine Revenger55 Micro FPV Racing Drone
Wheelbase: 55mm
Size: 82mm*82mm*37mm
Weight: about 49.5g (Lipo Battery not included)
Take off weight: about 69.1g (including Lipo Battery)
Flight controller: F3 Flight controller
Motor: Eachine 1102 KV11500 brushless motor
Propeller: 38.1mm 4-blades propeller
Camera: 600TVL HD CMOS 1/4inch
VTX: 5.8g 25MW 48CH NTSC/PAL Video transmitter
Battery: 7.4V 400mah 40C lipo battery
Firmware of Flight controller: Betaflight 3.1
Flight time: 3minutes
Buzzer Ready


BNF (Bind and Fly) Receiver Options:
– Original Frsky XSR-E receiver (Smartport ready)
– Compatible Frsky SBUS D8 mode receiver (RSSI Output)
– Compatible Flysky 8ch AFHDS2A receiver
– Compatible Specktrum DSM2/DSMX Compatible receiver

Flight controller Specification:
Size: 20mm*20mm*4mm
Mount hole: 15mm*15mm
Processor: STM32 F303 MCU
Sensor: SPI Sensor MPU6000
Firmware version: Betaflight 3.1 Dshot ready
Target: OmnibusF3

ESC specification:
6A BLHeli_S Dshot 2 In 1 ESC
Size: 20mm*20mm*4mm
Mount hole: 15mm*15mm
Firmware version: BLHELI_S 16.5
BB2, 48MHZ Chip
Lipo Battery: 2S
Con. Current: 6A
Peak Current: 10A (10S)
Programming: YES
Betaflight passtrough ready
Dshot600 ready(Default)
Support oneshot42, oneshot125, Multishot and Dshot 150/300/600
Damped light on

-Extremely light and more powerful
-STM32 F303MCU + BLHELI_S ESC make your Operating feel more stabilly and silky
-Adjustable Angle of Camera
-Jaw-dropping flight performance
-Betaflight support
-Acro mode/Air mode/Angle mode support
-BLEHELI_S pass-through ready


Package included:
1x Eachine Revenger55 micro 55mm drone frame kit
1x Frsky D8 reciever/Frsky D16 reciever/Flysky 8ch AFHDS2A receiver/DSM2/DSMX receiver (option)
1x F3 flight controller
1x 6A BLHeli_S Dshot 2 In 1 ESC
4x Eachine 1102 KV11500 brushless motor
4x 38.1mm 4-blades propeller
1x 600TVL camera
1×5.8g 25MW 48CH NTSC/PAL Video transmitter
1x Lipo Battery

Keeping coming back to this Micro Brushless FPV Drone Racing page as we will be updating it on a regular basis.



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