Eachine EX1 Brushless GPS Drone

Eachine EX1 Brushless Double GPS Camera Drone one to avoid!

I DON”T OFTEN SAY DO NOT BUY but in the case of this Eachine EX1 I cannot recommend it. If you are looking for a low-priced Brushless GPS Drone then get the Hubsan X4 H501S CLICK THIS LINK

This EX1 from Eachine is a very poor clone of the Hubsan H501 series

Low-cost brushless gps drone
Mitchell Park, Bentley WA from the Eachine EX1

Low-Price Brushless Dual GPS Camera Quadcopter Drone the Eachine EX1 NOW IN STOCK AT BANGGOOD CLICK THIS LINK


17-12-2017 Eachine EX1 Low-Cost Brushless GPS Drone Review: I have the Eachine EX1 Low-price brushless drone coming very soon and I will carry out an extensive, detailed, unbiased review as soon as I can.

Eachine EX1 Brushless GPS Drone Package
10 out 10 for packaging

This latest drone model from Eachine  looks pretty good and the Double (Dual) GPS is a fantastic feature. The EX1 Double GPS Brushless Camera Drone is due for release in late December 2017 and as soon as I get any news from BANGGOOD on the release and delivery date I will post it up. Received 23-12-2017

Robustly Made EX1 Drone Racer
Well Constructed Eachine EX1 Racing Drone

I’ve also listed a few alternative Low Priced GPS Drones at the bottom of the page that you may want to check out. I’ve also started a Low Cost Brushless Drone Buying Guide that I will update on a regular basis and this can also be found at the bottom of this page

Cheap Brushless GPS Drone

Eachine EX1 Brushless GPS Drone
Sleek Lines of the Eachine EX1 Brushless Double GPS HD Camera Drone

Introduction to the Eachine EX1 Brushless Double GPS Drone with HD Camera from Banggood

I’m liking the look of this new Eachine EX1 Dual GPS Drone from Banggood and I do like the fact that the HD 1080P Camera can be removed. This should lighten the Eachine EX1 Quadcopter Drone for a spot of fun drone flying and you can just clip the HD 1080P Camera back on when you want to use it for Aerial Photography and video capture. NOW IN STOCK  CLICK THIS LINK

History of the Low Priced Brushless GPS Camera Drones

First we had the Hubsan 501 GPS Brushless HD Camera Quadcopter Drone models from Hubsan. The Hubsan X4 501C Drone was and still is in my mind one of the finest Low Priced GPS Drones with Brushless Motors you can buy, hours of fantastic drone flying fun. The Hubsan 501S I have has been faultless from day one and I have had endless hours of flying fun from it and captured some great  Aerial Photography images from this exceptional Brushless GPS Camera Drone. I’ve attached the Mobius Mini Camera to the Hubsan X4 H501S and have got some really impressive screen grabs.

Hubsan X4 H501S GPS Drone Screen Grab
Mobius Mini Screen Grab from the Hubsan X4 H501S. I hope the Eachine EX1 Brushless Dual GPS RTH Drone will be able to deliver similar results. The Eachine EX1 comes with a detachable HD 1080 camera and I hoping to test it while I’m out in Australia. This capture was taken at St Brelade’s Bay Jersey early one morning . It shows you don’t have to buy an expensive drone in order to get some aerial photography lovely images.

Then came along the MJXBugs Drone Models, I’ve never flown one of these MJX GPS Brushless Camera Drones but from the Drone Reviews I’ve read and people I’ve spoken to who have one of these MJX Bugs Quadcopter Drone models they stand up pretty well against the Hubsan models. The MJX Bugs GPS Drone series are very similar in construction to the Aerial Photography Hubsan 501 series and have very similar features.

The 501 Quadcopter models from Hubsan have not been without issues with many drone flyers reporting fly aways and various abnormalities with flight patterns. Hubsan have been working hard to sort out any issues and have been constantly updating the firmware and helping those out who have issues. I never updated the firmware on my Hubsan X4 501S GPS Drone and have had zero issues with it.

Why Buy a Low Priced Brushless GPS Camera Drone?

People will argue that why should you buy any of these types of Low Priced GPS Brushless Camera Drones rather than save up a few more dollars and put that towards a second hand DJI Phantom 3 Drone that will allow you to capture great images and super stable jello free video something these Lower Priced Brushless Motor Camera Drones cannot do, this is due to the lack of fitted Gimbals or Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) Systems. You can however get some really decent drone video results with patience and the right weather conditions. It is challenging but also great fun, I love getting back from a drone flying session to see what Aerial Photography I have captured from above.

Eachine EX1 (7)

I would argue against the fact that you need to go out and spend a fortune and will make a strong case as to why anyone considering Aerial Photography should at least give due consideration to purchasing the new Eachine EX1 Dual GPS Brushless Camera Drone against any of the DJI Phantom models.

Eachine EX1 GPS Brushless Drone
Fabulous Flying Fun

The Eachine EX1 Double GPS Camera Drone is extreme value for money and will be available soon from Banggood at a competitive price of $169.99. A DJI Phantom Drone will set you back about $400 so that’s one good reason to consider the Eachine EX1 Drone especially if you are new to drone flying. This latest Eachine Low-price GPS Drone could be one of the very best beginner GPS drones ever made.


Top View of the EX1 Drone
Top View of the EX1 Double GPS Drone

Eachine EX1 Dual GPS Brushless Camera Drone Specification

Let’s first have a look at the specification and features of the Low-Cost Eachine EX1 Double GPS Quadcopter Drone:


The Eachine EX1 Dual GPS Drone is fitted with powerful 2300KV 1806 Brushless Motors that are managed by 2S 12A Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC’s) and these get their power from a 7.4 volt 2000 mAh Lipo battery. The Drone Lipo battery will take between one to two hours to charge and will deliver a flight time of fifteen to twenty minutes. If you buy an Eachine EX1 GPS Drone get some spare batteries as soon as they are available, one is never ever enough.

Measurements of the Eachine EX1 Dual GPS Drone
Size Specification for the EX1 Dual GPS Drone

It seems from the video released on the 8th of December that the Inexpensive EX1 Quadcopter Drone may be Geofenced limiting it to 300 metres distance and 100 metres high. I’m not sure about this but will update as soon as I’ve spoken with BANGGOOD.

UPDATE 1-12-2017 : The Geofence (Electric Fence) can be applied by the electric fence switch on the remote and is a function for beginners so if they fly over a distance of 300 metres or over an altitude of 100 metres the EX1 will automatically return to home.


Eachine EX1 Remote Control
Functionality of the Eachine EX1 Remote Control Transmitter

The New Eachine EX1 Dual GPS Brushless Drone has a 6 axis gyroscope fitted to ensure flight stability. The control distance is listed at 500 meters and the FPV feed to the WiFi enabled app is 200M. Whilst I’m not the greatest lover of Wifi enabled FPV having been spoilt by the impressive DJI Lightbridge any FPV is better than none at all. The WiFi First Person View (FPV) can often be laggy but the ability to see the direction the Quadcopter Drone is pointing towards and the birds eye view that FPV affords is great for getting that perfect Aerial Photography capture from above. The frequency is 2.4G and is 4 channel transmission. You will need to get yourself four 1.5 volt double A (AA) batteries to power the remote control transmitter. I’m not 100% sure at this stage but it seems that there will be two colours available for the Eachine EX1 Dual GPS Brushless Drone like the Hubsan 501S, white and black.


EX1 Beginner GPS Drone
EX1 Great for Beginners to learn their flying skills and experiment with Aerial Photography

Although the EX1 Quadcopter Drone looks perfect for beginners that’s not to say that seasoned Drone Flyers wont get hours of flying fun from this Dual GPS Drone, I know I will.


The Eachine EX1 Double GPS Drone will come with a detachable 1080P High Definition Drone Camera and an outdoor dual positioning GPS. It will also have an automatic position hold that can be used both indoors and outside to ensure the user has a great stable flying experience. Inbuilt is also a failsafe return to home (RTH) system that is automatically triggered by a low voltage battery enabling the EX1 Drone with Camera to safely return to its take off point. The return to home (RTH) can also be initiated if the user loses sight of the Eachine EX1 Dual GPS Drone in flight and the flight control system remembers the GPS co-ordinates of the take off point. The Return to Home on the Eachine EX1 Quadcopter will also come into force if the connection from the transmitter to the drone is lost. These RTH features are an absolute godsend to any drone flyer. If the EX1 Dual GPS Drone is flying at an altitude of less than 30 metres when the return to home is triggered then the drone will rise to 30 metres before it returns, if the height of the drone is above 30 metres when the RTH is triggered it will automatically return at that height.

There is a Headless mode for the Eachine EX1 Double GPS Quadcopter but in my experience I do not use headless mode flying and do hot advise others to either to use this headless mode as it teaches you nothing.

There is also an indoor altitude hold for the Eachine EX1 Quadcopter Drone so you flying pleasure is not limited  to outdoor flying. I just hope Eachine will consider making propeller protectors for this EX1 model they would help to limit the damage to the drone and the surroundings should you crash it.

EX1 Indoor Altitude Hold
Indoor Altitude Hold

The EX1 Quadcopter Drone has Blue Led lights to the front and Green Led lights to the rear and at the bottom of the led lights there are rubber shockproof landing pads similar to the Hubsan 501 drones. It is good practice to check these after landing as they sometimes come lose and pop out on a hard landing.

Eachine EX1 Drone
The Eachine EX1 Drone Package

In the package you will receive you will get the EX1 Double GPS Camera Drone the remote control transmitter, the drone battery, a phone holder, a USB charging cable, 4 propellers and the Eachine EX1 Quadcopter Manual. CLICK THIS LINK

PLEASE NOTE: The BANGGOOD  Video advises you perform GPS compass calibration on your first fight. To be on the safe side I suggest you carry out the compass calibration ever time you fly in a new location. It doesn’t take that long to do so I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t do it.

Eachine EX1 Brushless GPD Drone
Technical Details and Components for the Eachine EX1

What you will need to do is download the dedicated app for the Eachine EX1 Double GPS Brushless Quadcopter with Camera to your mobile device.

Download the Android version of  the Eachine Fly App CLICK THIS LINK

Download the iOS version of the Eachine Fly App CLICK THIS LINK

Or Alternatively you can san the QR Codes below

Eachine EX1 App QR Codes
QR Codes for the ‘EACHINE FLY’ App

I suggest you do this when your Eachine EX1 Dual GPS Drone is on its way to you then you can get accustomed to the functionality before the drone arrives. I believe with the WiFi App you can fly the Eachine EX1 Double GPS Drone without the necessity of using the remote. My advice is don’t, if you have the remote control I cannot see any reason other than portability why this Eachine EX1 Brushless GPS Quadcopter should be flown by using your Mobile device, its harder and far less reliable.


Reasons why you should consider the Eachine EX1 GPS Brushless Drone

Lets face it for only $169.99 you are getting plenty of bang for your buck with this Camera GPS Brushless Drone. Eachine have built a reputation for supplying great Low Priced Quadcopter Drones so quality shouldn’t be an issue. These types of drone models are pretty simple to set up and fly you don’t need a drone degree to get it up in the air and if you look after it the Low Priced Eachine EX1 GPS Brushless Camera Drone will give you hours of fabulous flying fun.

OK so you are not going to get that super smooth video that you would from a drone with a gimbal but this little brushless camera drone model will be far less intrusive that a Phantom and far less daunting to fly. The 1080P camera should be perfect to get those great video screens grabs. These types of lightweight GPS Drone models are also far less noisier than the Phantom models. You will find people will hardly know you have the Eachine EX1 up in the air.

So if you are looking to get into some aerial photography or perhaps just want to learn how to fly a Brushless GPS Camera Drone without investing hundreds of dollars or even thousands and turning yourself into a nervous wreck then the Eachine EX1 Brushless GPS Drone from BANGGOOD could be just what you are looking for. Check it out NOW CLICK THIS LINK

I’m hoping to receive an Eachine EX1 GPS Brushless Camera Drone from BANGGOOD so I can carry out a detailed and unbiased Drone Review and will update this page as soon as I have any news or release date for the Eachine EX1 GPS Brushless from BANGGOOD

Eachine EX1 Dual GPS Drone Package
Eachine EX1 Packaging

My drone reviews and blog updates have been slow over the last few months due to moving house but I can’t wait to get stuck into reviewing this latest Eachine model.

PLEASE NOTE: I’ve started a FACEBOOK Page for the Eachine EX1 GPS Brushless Camera Drone where I will publish links, reviews and information on the Eachine EX1. If you are thinking about purchasing an EX1 or want to see how others are getting on with this model then please join you are most welcome. CLICK THIS LINK

UPDATE: Looks like JJRC are releasing a very similar Low Priced Brushless GPS Drone the JJRC JJPRO X3 HAX Brushless GPS Drone with a 1080P detachable Camera. I’ve contacted Banggood and asked them whether they will be stocking this model. There is no mention at all if the HAX from JJRC has a Double GPS system so this version may be single GPS. as soon as I find out any more information on this Low Priced Brushless GPS Drone from JJRC I will post it up here

JJRC JJ PRO X3 HAX Brushless GPS Camera Drone

As you can see from the image above this JJRC JJPRO X3 Brushless GPS Drone looks exactly like the Eachine EX1.

Alternative Low-Priced GPS Drones

There are a few models that you compare the Eachine EX1 GPS Brushless Camera Drone to and these can be all found on the  BANGGOOD site.


Hubsan X$ H501S Brushless GPS Drone
One of My All Time Favourite Drones the Hubsan X4 H501S GPS Brushless Camera Drone


Hubsan X4 H501C Brushless GPS Drone
One of the Best Value Low Priced GPS Brushless Drones ever produced


MJX Bugs 2 Brushless GPS Drone
MJX Bugs 2W is Similar in Design to the Hubsan 501S and 501C Brushless GPS Quadcopter Drones


MJX Bugs 2C Brushless GPS Quadcopter Drone
MJX Bugs 2C

Below is a screen grab from the Hubsan X4 H501S GPS Brushless Camera Drone. I’m sincerely hoping to get similar from the Eachine EX1 Camera Drone

Hubsan X4 H501S GPS Brushless Drone with Camera
This is the quality I’m expecting to be able to capture from the Eachine EX1. This is a screen grab from the Hubsan X4 H501S. I can’t wait to see how the EX1 compares

You might also like to check out this latest coming soon Hubsan model the H216A it doesn’t have brushless motors but retails at under $100 CLICK THIS LINK so if your budget doesn’t stretch to $169.99 then this could be a really good alternative Quadcopter Drone for you as it comes with a decent 1080P camera and features found in far more expensive drones. Hubsan have also announced they will be releasing a version of the 501 with a 720P camera the H501M. If it’s Aerial Photography you are after  then I would suggest you avoid any drone model that doesn’t have at least a 1080P camera. You would be far better saving up the extra $60 and buying a Hubsan 501S or the extra $40 and buying the Eachine EX1 Double GPS Brushless WiFi FPV Quadcopter Drone.

Low-Price Brushless GPS Camera Drone Buying Guide

In this article I’m looking at what you should consider when looking at buying a Budget Brushless GPS Camera Drone. What features should it have, do the propellers show in the captured video? What range do you have before the FPV breaks up? There are many points to consider and I hope I can help you make an informed choice so you can get the best from your drone flying experience.

I love these Low-Cost Brushless GPS Camera Drones for a number of reasons, firstly I find I’m nowhere near as nervous flying a Cheap GPS Drone that I’ve spent around $200 than I am flying my DJI Mavic Drone or any other DJI Drone. One, if I do have accident with it or if I’m extremely unlucky and lose it then I haven’t lost a fortune, two if I do crash it the parts for repair won’t cost me an arm and a leg, three they are far less likely to annoy anyone as they are far less noisier that the DJI Drones, four and god forbid if I do crash it into anything then the damage is more likely to be to the drone.

Let’s take a look at the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that these Low-Cost Brushless GPS Drones come with. Traditionally these Quadcopter Drones are linked to the US owned satellite navigation system but more recently we have seen Low Priced Brushless Camera Drones being released with Double (Dual) GPS linking to the US system and the Russian based Glonass satellites. By taking the approach the drone makers have realised this is a far more accurate solution and the drone is likely to pick up satellites far quicker than the single GPS system. Please ensure when flying an Inexpensive Brushless GPS Camera Drone that you get a decent number of satellites before taking off. You will find what the manufacturer recommends in the drone manual.

First Person View (FPV) options

FPV will you a birds-eye view of exactly what the Low Cost Drone is seeing so you can get great capture without guess work. Some remote control transmitters have built-in screens (Hubsan X4 H501SS), others have separate screens attached to the tops of the remotes (Aesenmoa CG0035) and others use dedicated WiFi Apps on mobile devices (Eachine Ex1). I prefer the screen on the transmitter version as the WiFi App can be somewhat laggy

Cameras on Budget Brushless GPS Drones

For Aerial Photography then anything less than 1080P doesn’t cut the mustard for me. Hubsan are releasing a 501 X4 model with 720P camera that is suitable for those who do not want aerial photography capture as a priority. As I stated I love flying these Low Cost Drones but I do love seeing what I can capture. I usually find I get better results getting screen grabs from the video. That way I never miss anything while the video is recording and can chose the frame I want as an image.

Low-Price Brushless GPS Camera Drone Buying Guide to be continued



  1. […] Eachine EX1 GPS Brushless HD Camera DroneBrand name:EACHINEItem name: EX1Frequency : 2.4GChannel : 4CHGyro:6 AxisMotor Type: 2300KV 1806 Brushless MotorESC: 2S 12AControl Distance: 500mWIFI FPV Distance: 200mTransmitter Power: 4 x 1.5V AA battery(not included)Battery: 7.4V 2000mAh Lipo battery (included)Charging time: 60-120minsFlying Time: 15-17minsColor: WhiteProduct size (L x W x H): 40 x 40 x 7.5 cmPackage size (L x W x H): 31 x 26 x 16 cm […]

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