XK X150-W Remote Control Quadcopter Drone

XK X150-W Quadcopter Drone

XK X150-W Quadcopter Drone
The XK X150-W with Propeller Guards fitted

If you are looking for a well made reliable Low Price Quadcopter Drone with a built-in camera then this little X150-W from XK could well fit the bill. I’ve had a few of the XK models and they have all been great quality and all have been fantastic fun to fly.

This latest model on sale now at Banggood is made from ABS plastic and comes in two smart colour ways, a white and light blue combination and a white and red combination.


The XK X150-W Quadcopter Drone is powered by a 3.7 volt 800 mAh Lipo battery that when fully charged will give approximately nine minutes flying time. This drone battery will take roughly 120 minutes to charge.

XK X150-W Quadcopter Drone
Without the Propeller Guards Fitted

The XK X150-W Quadcopter Drone is fairly lightweight weighing in at about 100 grams and has a 1mega pixel camera fitted in to the body.

This little drone has some excellent features and has a 6 axis gyroscopic flight control system and an optical flow positioning with air pressure altitude hold to ensure smooth stable flying patterns.


The XK X150-W Qudacopter Drone utilises 2.4GHz remote control technology, with a gravity sensing remote control function. The remote control for the X150-W is a 2.4GHz four channel and will work up to about 100 meters depending on the flying conditions.

XK X150-W Quadcopter Drone Remote Control Transmitter
Neat Little 2.4GHz $ Channel Remote Control

The X 150-W is fitted with led lights making suitable for night flying and there is also a 360 degree flip function installed.

For those who are not 100% confident in their flying ability the X 150-W has a set of propeller protects supplied as standard. If you are flying without these attached and your X150-W hits an obstacle then the motors will automatically stop to avoid any damage.

XK X150-W Quadcopter Drone
Top View

If the battery reaches a critical low voltage point then the Led light will flash to warn the drone flyer to land.

There is also a downloadable WiFi App that you can use to fly the X150-W and view a live First Person View (FPV) giving you the opportunity to get a birds eye view and see what your Quadcopter camera is seeing. I don’t recommend you use the App to fly your X150-W all the time you have great little remote control that comes with it but the App an alternative and fun to experiment with.



Your XK X150-W Quadcopter Drone from Banggood will come with the following items included in the package. You will get the X150-W Quadcopter Drone the 2.4Ghz 4 Channel XK Remote Control, the 800 mAh Lipo Battery with a USB battery charging cable, a charger, 4 propellers and 4 propeller guards a screwdriver and the X10-W manual in the English language.

The XK X150-W Quadcopter Drone is now on sale at BANGGOOD Check it out NOW


XK X150-W (8).jpg


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