Best Low-Price Foldable Pocket Selfie Drones 2018

Top Low-Cost Folding Selfie Drones 2018

The success of the DJI Mavic Pro Folding Drone prompted the Low-Cost Drone makers to produce cheap variations of Quadcopter Drones with folding arms. In this post we will look at the best inexpensive folding drones you can or will be able to buy in 2018.

These are some of the very best value low-priced folding drones available from our preferred drone supplier Banggood. If looked after correctly these bargain selfie drones will give you endless hours of flying fun, you can capture some images from above or use them to get that perfect selfie (dronie).


What I do like about these Top Low-Cost 2018 Foldable Pocket Selfie Drones I’ve listed below:

  • They are easy to set up and fly
  • These Best 2018 Selfie Quadcoper Drones are Super Cheap to purchase
  • Lightweight with folding arms they a really portable and will slip into your pocket
  • They are feature rich
  • Parts are inexpensive and readily available
  • You can fly them both indoors and outdoors
  • Most Selfie Pocket Quadcopter Drones have Apps for FPV
  • They make great inexpensive gifts for Birthdays and all occasions
  • Low-Cost Folding Drones are suitable for all ages
Low-Cost Folding Drone 2018
Cheap Folding Pocket Drones


Eachine E58 WIFI FPV Camera High Hold Mode Foldable Pocket Remote Control Drone Quadcopter Ready To Fly

Low-Cost Folding Drones 2018
Eachine E58 Mavic Style Drone

This DJI Mavic look-a-like the Low-Cost Eachine E58 Folding Drone has already established a big fan-base and has had big sales. There are two version of this Best Cheap Folding Drone you can chose from, one with a 0.3 MP camera and one with a 2MP camera. You also get the choice of one, two or three batteries which is for me is a real plus. The most expensive price combination is only $52 so you are not going to break the bank with this E58 Top Cheap Pocket Folding Drone from Eachine.

Best Cheap Foldable Selfie pocket Drones 2018
Eachine E58 Remote Control Transmitter

As you can see by the image below this Portable Pocket Low-Priced Camera Drone with Folding Arms is not lacking in features and you also have two flight speeds.

low-cost folding selfie drone features
Packed with great features the Eachine E58 Folding Pocket Drone

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VISUO XS809HW WIFI FPV With Wide Angle HD Camera High Hold Mode Foldable Arm Low-Cost Remote Control Drone Quadcopter Ready To Fly

Low-Cost Visuo Folding Drone 2018
Low-Cost Visuo Selfie Drone

The Visuo XS809HW is another low-price pocket drone with folding arms that has built a great following and has become a best seller. Again the design of this cheap camera drone mimics the design DJI Mavic Pro. You get the same choice of camera as you do with the Low-Price Eachine E58 a 0.3 or 2MP camera but with this Folding Arm VISUO XS809HW Drone you only get the choice of buying the drone with a single battery. It is however Super Cheap at only $44.99 and extra batteries are available and priced at a reasonable $8.99 or three for $19.99.

Cheap Foldable Drone
VISUO Remote Control Transmitter

The VISUO low-cost drone has three flight speeds and is also packed with a plethora of features.

Foldable Low-Cost Quadcopter Drone 2018
Folded VISUO Drone

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JJRC H45 BOGIE 720P WiFi FPV Low-Price Selfie Drone With High Hold Mode Foldable RC Quadcopter

Loe- Price JJRC H45 Selfie Drone Unfolded
Size of the The JJRC Bogie Unfolded

This 2018 Drone from JJRC is not a small as the previously featured drone models as it has propeller protectors attached, something that makes it perfect for beginners to drone flying. It can bounce of walls and obstacles without damaging them or breaking its propellers. The JJRC H45 Bogie Low-Cost Drone can not really be classed as a pocket drone due its design but it is lightweight portable and easy to transport. The coreless motors are powered by a 3.7V 500 mAh lipo battery that will take approximately 80 minutes to charge using the supplied USB charging cable and fully charged the battery will afford you 5 minutes flying time. This Budget Selfie Drone with foldable arms has three flight speeds, a Headless mode and comes with a 720P camera. Like most of the Low-Cost Quadcopter Drones coming to the marketplace it has a one key RTH but my experience is without built-in GPS the return to home can be somewhat erratic.

Folded JJRC H45 Selfie Drone 2018
JJRC H45 Folded
Low-Cost Foldable Selfie Drone
JJRC H45 Bogie App Functionality

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JDRC Low-Cost Elves Foldable Quadcopter Drone

Whist many of these Low-Priced Foldable Drones have copied the style of the DJI Mavic this one from JDRC the Foldable Elves Cheap Quadcopter Drone from JDRC is similar in looks and design to the DJI Spark. This Cheap drone folds up really small CLICK THIS LINK

JD-20 Folding Quadcopter Drone
JDRC JD-20 Low-Cost Foldable Quadcopter Drone

Top Guide to Flying Low-Cost Pocket Selfie Drones 2018

If you want to get the very best out of your cheap drone there are a few things you can do that will ensure you get a great drone flying experience.

Cheap Folding Drone
Best Selling Low-Priced Folding Drone from Visuo

Low-Price Quadcopter Drone Manual

When you receive your Folding Pocket Quadcopter Drone it is highly recommended that you read the manual at least a few times so you are conversant with the functionality and aware of all the controls on the remote. We also suggest you hold the transmitter in your hand to get the feel of it. If your budget pocket drone is flown or uses and App for FPV then download the App even before your Quadcopter Drone arrives and have a play with it.

Check out the unboxing reviews on YouTube see what other reviewers are saying about your chosen model and only when you are 100% confident then prepare yourself for the initial flight.

Folding JJRC Drone New for 2018
JJRC H45 Drone Package

If you are going to fly your low-cost folding pocket drone outdoors then be mindful that the do not perform well in windy conditions so choose early morning or at a time when there is little or no wind. Avoid areas with power lines and areas where there is likely to be interference.

You should also choose a location where there are no persons or pets. The Quadcopter Drone propeller blades spin quickly and can cause damage always me mindful of this, safely first always.

There is a motto that many drone pilots swear by “Fly Low and Fly Slow’ and you should do exactly that on your first and subsequent drone flight until your confidence grows. Practice taking off and landing then get used to all the functionality on the remote control and in the App. Be patient Rome wasn’t built in a day, be gentle on the sticks, avoid jerky movements, keep as relaxed as you can. If you have a timer and your Cheap Drone’s flight time is say 8 minutes set the timer for 5 minutes rather than deplete the battery right down.

As the majority of these bargain pocket selfie drones come with coreless motors make sure you let the motors cool down between flights it will extend their lifespan.

If for any unfortunate reason you do crash your great value pocket folding drone then please check it over carefully. The propellers may have fluff or debris wrapped around them or they may have been slightly bent on impact.

Best Low-Cost Folding Pocket Drone Buying Guide 2018

There are some fantastic bargains to be had if you are in the market to purchase a cheap selfie drone but there are a few points to consider before you make your choice. Make sure you choose a reliable seller, we recommend Banggood as we have been dealing with them for many years. They are not the only supplier who ship from directly from China (Banggood also have US and EU warehouses and have recently added an Australian warehouse) there are many others but we have dealt with a few of them and have been let down with late deliveries and bad packaging. Some of the other China suppliers sometimes offer deals that seem too good to be true beware of getting sucked into these remarkable sounding deals there is often a catch. Another ploy is to say the product is in stock but after you have paid your money the seller will then go and order your product and you may wait months for it to arrive.

Foldable Drone
Eachine E52 Folding Drone

This little low-cost pocket selfie drone from Eachine  the E52 comes in two versions one with a remote control transmitter and one that you fly using your mobile device. The red version is the bind and fly (BNF) version that can be flown using your mobile device and has a 0.3 Camera the blue version comes with a 2MP wide angle camera

For more details on this Eachine E52 Folding Drone CLICK THIS LINK

Always choose a reliable Quadcopter Drone brand as there are many companies that just copy best selling drone models using inferior parts.

Make sure there are available spare parts for you chosen Low-Price Foldable Drone, if you have a crash you don’t want to wait months before you get it back in the air.




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