New Aerial Photography Folding Camera Drones 2018


New Folding Camera Drones for 2018

Since the release and success of the DJI Mavic Pro Folding Drone manufactures have been struggling to produce a foldable high quality aerial photography drone model that is a viable alternative. Competition is healthy for this nascent drone industry however DJI’s dominance doesn’t seem to be under any threat whatsoever from these three new Folding Camera Drones for 2018 from WalkeraGDU and Halo.

The New Year often sees a number of new aerial photography drones being released. Banggood have a few coming soon Folding Drone models that are worth a look at and Halo the makers of the Haloboard have released a Foldable Drone that they are already claiming to be the Best Drone 2018 !

New Folding Camera Drone for 2018 Vitus Starlight
Walkera Vitus Starlight Night-Vision Folding Drone

Walkera VITUS Starlight 5.8G Wifi FPV With Night-vision Folding Camera Obstacle Avoidance RC Drone Quadcopter

Firstly I have noticed that Walkera are bringing out a new version of their Vitus Drone with night vision the Vitus Starlight Night-Vision Camera Drone. The first version of this Vitus a supposed DJI Mavic Pro challenger never got of the ground and was blighted with issues. I can’t see any logical reason why Walkera have released a new night-vision version without having perfected the original. The  2018 Vitus Starlight Folding Drone comes with a 1080P camera and below are the specifications for this model

Vitus Starlight Folding Drone Features:

  • A foldable design is employed on the Vitus Starlight to greatly improve compactness without compromising quality and functionality.
  • The Vitus Starlight has the night-vision starlight camera, enabling you to capture clear footage at night or in extremely low illumination environments.
  • It is more accurate and safer to fly as it utilises a Dual GPS satellite positioning  and navigation system using both US and Russian based systems. (GPS and Glonass)
  • A 5.8G Wifi digital video transmission system is used.
  • The integrated gimbal camera is capable of shooting stable 1080P high-definition video.
  • The Vitus Starlight includes infrared, optical sensors, a 3-axis gimbal, waypoints, obstacle avoidance with up to 25 minutes flying time.
  • The Devo F8S transmitter Stick Mode can be switched to suit you flying preference. Please refer to the operation manual for switching and the calibration process
  • There are two version you can choose from, the VITUS Starlight and the VITUS Starlight Combo, The Combo comes with two extra 2 batteries and a storage box.

Whilst the New 2018 Vitus Starlight Camera Drone looks great on paper my advice on this one is to avoid it until decent reviews are forthcoming it’s not cheap the standard version is $899 and the combo  $1016 on BANGGOOD. Let the experts test it first, read the drone reviews and then make the decision whether this new 2108 Drone is for you. I wonder how the Camera on the Vitus will perform in normal light conditions. The camera is not 4K but the DJI Spark delivers excellent images from its 1080P camera.

New Foldable Camera Drones for 2018
New Folded 2018 Vitus Starlight

If you want to buy a decent folding drone NOW in this price bracket buy the DJI Mavic Pro Foldable Drone CLICK THIS LINK or the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Folding Drone CLICK THIS LINK

Below is an image I took from the Foldable DJI Mavic if these wannabe folding drones expect to compete with DJI they must be able to produce similar quality images and super stable cinematic video capture

Folding Camera Drone image
Image taken from the DJI Mavic

GDU O2 Wifi FPV With 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal 4K Camera Obstacle Avoidance RC Drone Quadcopter

GDU O2 Folding 4K Camera Drone  If you are thinking of purchasing this 2018 GDU O2 Folding Drone then wait. I’ve followed the progress of GDU-Tech for along time now and their Byrd 2 Drone has been a disaster. Many drone flyers myself included have pestered GDU for decent video footage from the Folding GDU Byrd 2 but none ever emerged and there are no decent reviews from end users to be found anywhere, why you may ask?

GDU O2 Folding Drone New 2018
GDU O2 Folding Drone

The GDU O2 was announced in September with delivery dates given as Mid November and GDU were taking pre-orders on their website. The delivery date was pushed back and this was due to the fact that some of the parts being supplied to make the GDU were inferior and new suppliers were being sort out. Weeks came and went and I spoke with Charles Wang from GDU who assured me that they were ‘Polishing’ the GDU to get this model perfect before it is finally released. I spoke with Charles Wang many month ago and he had never heard of BANGGOOD  something I found very strange and now the GDU have the O2 for sale on the BANGGOOD website. My advice for this one is wait until reviews appear especially from the likes of SeBy Docky. I’m not 100% certain that the small gimbal on the GDU O2 Folding Drone have been perfected and if this is the case why should anyone purchase this Folding Drone rather than the DJI Mavic Pro? The DJI Mavic Pro has a 7.2 kilometre range compared with this version of the GDU which has a range of only 1 kilometre. The DJI Mavic Pro Folding Drone has been tried and tested overtime and is one of the very best innovative drones ever released. I have personally flown all the DJI Phantoms having owned the P3S, P3A and the DJI Inspire 2 but my favourite Drone of all time is the Foldable DJI Mavic as it is extremely portable and it always delivers superb photographs and video capture.

GDU O2 New 2018 Folding Drone
Compact design from GDU O2, we hope it delivers

I have previously stated that I wish GDU all the success their hard work deserves however I don’t want you to go out and spend your hard earned money only to find that your expensive drone purchase doesn’t delivery on it’s promises and you are left feeling frustrated and cheated. Let an expert like SeBy analyse the New 2018 GD O2 Folding Drone so you are better placed to make an informed buying decision.

Update 17-12-2017. My contact at GDU Charles Wang has just confirmed that the GDU O2 Folding Drone will NOT be released until after the CES show starting on January 9th and finishing on January 12th 2018. You can visit GDU there at Booth No.26735, LVCC, South Hall 2 at CES in Vegas. 

Caveat Emptor, update from an unhappy customer who pre-ordered a GDU O2


‘I would very much appreciate a real update with a real timetable.

This entire experience has been exasperating. Even when I have backed Kickstarter campaigns with NO GUARANTEE of ever seeing the finished product, at least you are getting sometimes weekly status updates with what challenges are being ran into, solutions, and updated time-tables.

But this is an established company with any already solid product on the market, there should be no risk here.

The radio silence from GDU as we get further and further from the announced ‘launch date’ is deafening. I have no problem being patient, but I have asked repeatedly for updates and at the moment I either get a response back like “when the r&d give us an idea we’ll let you know, okay?” or worse yet …nothing…. I just sit here with $750+ money missing out of my account thinking to myself, what a sucker I am….

I hope GDU knows that no matter when this drone finally ships, I am sure there are other out there like me that have a completely obliterated view of the company’s image and are FAR FAR less likely to recommend them to anyone or buy their products at any point in the future.

GDU has a lot of ground to cover if it ever hopes to repair that damage’

Reply from Troy Naquin Customer Experience Manager GDU-Tech

The official release is being finalized as I type. I have spoken to a few customers via telephone and understand their and your frustration.

Once the update is released I will try and answer as many questions as I can as transparently as I can.

I know it means little, but this is all very good for the end product. If anyone would like to cancel, I understand and will assist.

Please accept my apathy for your frustration as I was one of the infamous “First 30” in 2015 and completely understand the frustration.

DJI Mavic Pro Plantinum Folding Drone
The Best Folding Drone ever made?

I’ve already published the full spec on the GDU O2 in a separate article CLICK THIS LINK

Walkera Vitus Starlight Folding 1080P Aerial Photography Drone CLICK THIS LINK

GDU O2 Folding 4K Aerial Photography Drone CLICK THIS LINK

DJI Mavic Pro 4K Aerial Photography Drone CLICK THIS LINK

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum 4K Aerial Photography Drone CLICK THIS LINK


Will the Halo Drone be the Best Done 2018 ?

Already being touted as the Best Drone 2108 by its makes HaloBoard this new Folding Halo Drone look very interesting. It bear a resemblance to the ill fated Karma Drone from GoPro and is considerably larger that the Mavic weighing just under 1.5 kilos

Best Drone 2018 Folding Halo Drone
Folding Halo Drone


The Halo Utilise a 3 axis Gimbal combined with an electronic Stabilisation system that promise to deliver super smooth video. I’m not sure whether DJI would agree that this Halo Drone will be the Best Drone 2018 especially as we have yet to see what DJI bring to the table at the forthcoming CES show in Las Vegas starting on January 9th 2018. The Halo will have a flight time of around 22 minutes and a Video feed distance of a measly 800 metres. That puts it way behind the DJI Mavic in terms of flight time and distance. Maybe it will find a market especially for those who dislike DJI for whatever reason however to start calling the Halo the Best Drone 2018 is rather erroneous. Let’s see what this New 2018 Folding Drone delivers, if it is reliable then we will see if it posts a real challenge to DJI.

Folding Halo Drone Best Drone 2018
Halo Drone Folded
DJI Mavic Pro Folding Drone Best Drone 2018
My Favourite Drone the DJI Mavic Pro

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