New Syma Quadcopter Drones for 2018

 2018 New Low-Cost Drones from Syma

Syma X23W, Syma X22W and the Syma X20-S New 2018 Syma Quadcopter Drones

I love Syma Quadcopters the Syma X5 was the very first Drone I reviewed and I’ve had loads of Syma models since then. I have got some stunning images from the X8 series one of the very best camera drones with coreless motors ever produced. Syma Quadcopter Drones have given me hours and hours of drone flying fun so you can say I’m a Syma Fanboy lol

SYMA X23W WIFI FPV With 720P HD Camera Altitude Hold Mode Waypoint Control RC Drone Quadcopter

Syma X23W New 2018 Drone
New Syma X23W Low-Cost Drone

The first New Syma 2018 model we are going to look at is the inexpensive Syma X23W Quadcopter Drone that comes in two colour-ways, black and white. It has a 720P camera fitted and retails for only $45.99 on BANGGOOD CLICK THIS LINK

Syma X23W New Quadcopter Drone 2018
Super Fun Flyer from Syma

The 3.7Volt 500 mAh Lipo battery will take about 130 minutes to charge and fully charged will give you a flying time of approximately 7 minutes. The control distance using the supplied transmitter (it needs 4x AA batteries to power it up and these are not supplied) is twenty five metres and the First Person View (FPV) to the App on your mobile device is twenty metres.

The flight control board is fitted with a 6 axis stabilisation system and the Syma X23W has an altitude hold feature that lets you set a fixed height.

App Control Syma X23W New 2018 Drone
App control for the Syma X23W Camera Drone

The App allows you to experience a completely new drone flying experience as you can set waypoints on you mobile device screen and the Syma X23 will fly a route that you have mapped out. The App also has a gravity sensor mode and if you tilt your mobile device in a certain direction the Low-Price Syma X23W will move accordingly. The flips the Syma X23W performs will amaze any onlookers but be careful no to overdo this function as it does put a strain on the coreless motors.

2108 New Drone Syma X23W
Hover Function on the Syma X23W

You can press a button and the 2018 Syma X23X Drone will take of automatically or press a button and it will return and land where it took of from and it also has a headless mode function. The clever double protection system will flash the led lights when the battery is low and if there is not enough charge to return it to where it took of it will automatically land. If it crashes then the in-built sensors will stop propeller rotation to prevent the coreless motors burning out.

This looks a great little Low-Cost Quadcopter Drone from Syma CHECK IT OUT NOW ON BANGGOOD CLICK THIS LINK

SYMA X22W WIFI FPV With 720P Camera APP Controller Altitude Hold Mode RC Quadcopterr RTF

Syma X22W Quadcopter Drone 2018
Syma X22W Mini Quadcopter Drone

This Small Cheap Syma 720P Camera Drone is priced at $38.99 on BANGGOOD CLICK THIS LINK

The New 2018 Syma X22W is very similar in features to the Syma X23X but is slightly smaller in size and is powered by a smaller 3.7 Volt 400mAh Lipo Battery which will take approximately 90 minutes to charge and give the Syma X22W six to eight minutes flying time. The control distance of the remote is again about 25 metres. You have the same colour choice as the Low -price Syma X23W, white or black. The Model does not the waypoint function.

Syma X22W 2108 Quadcopter Drone
Gravity Sensor Control with the App


Syma X20-S Gravity Control Mode Fixed High Hover 2.4G 4CH 6Aixs RC Drone Quadcopter RTF

Mini Syma X20-S Quadcopter Drone
Unique Gravity Control Transmitter

The Geat Value MINI Syma Quadcopter Drone is priced at $23.99 on BANGGOOD CLICK THIS LINK

The third Syma Model is the smallest of the three the Syma X-20S and this  Value Quadcopter Drone comes with a 3.7 volt 180 mAh lipo battery which has the same charging time as the X22W, 90 minutes using the supplied USB charging cable. This Mini Quadcopter Drone has a unique remote control transmitter which can be held and operated using one hand. The remote transmitter is fitted with a gravity sensor so to move the Syma X-20S in any direction you tilt the remote accordingly. Unlike the other Syma model features this one does not have WiFi functionality.







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