Best Drones 2018

Cheap Drones 2018

If you are searching out the very Best Low-Price Affordable Drones in 2018 then read on. There is now a massive selection of cheap drones available to purchase today. We will list the Best Cheap Drones 2018 here.

We started reviewing drones many years ago and then the choice of affordable drones was limited. Things have moved on since then and the technology behind these fun flying objects has greatly advanced. The Best Cheap Drones in 2018 are now packed with features that would have been impossible to imagine only a few years back. As Drones become more mainstream and the competition hots up the suppliers have been forced to keep prices extremely competitive, which is great news for all drone buyers in 2018.

It can be challenging to select the perfect affordable drone so this Best Drones 2018 blog post is here to help and guide you. The Low-Price Top 2018 drones featured here will be all be from the most respected drone makers in the industry and they will be at the lowest prices available. Some of the cheap drones featured have been around for a number of years and have stood the test of time.

The Best Drones 2018 come in many sizes and are priced from as cheap as $12.99 so we will list all the Cheap Drones 2018 in their respective price brackets so you can make an informed choice depending on your budget. This Best Drone 2018 Guide will look at low-cost drones from under $20 to under $100 and some of the latest Cheap Brushless GPS Drones available.

Please Note: As there will be many New Cheap Drones released throughout 2018 we will constantly update this Best Drones 2018 blog post with any Cheap 2018 Drones that we think deserve inclusion.

Best Drones 2018 Buying Guide

Cheap Drones 2018 under $20

Eachine E010 Mini 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Headless Mode RC Drone Quadcopter Ready to Fly

Cheap as Chips Nano Drone

Best Drone 2018
Eachine E010 Drone

Don’t be fooled into thinking this Low-Cost Eachine E010 Drone is too cheap to be true. This is a remarkable Micro Sized Drone and is a Best Drones 2018 in its class. Over 5,000 positive reviews cannot be wrong, I’ve flown this cheap drone hundreds of times and it is an all time favourite of the Drone Flyers team, a friend of ours buys them in bulk to give away to his customers, my 5 year old Grandson has great fun flying this model. You will not find a better cheap drone for the money. Unbeatable Value and fantastic flying fun.

ONLY $12.99 from Banggood CLICK THIS LINK

Eachine E012 Mini 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Headless Mode LED Light RC Drone Quadcopter RTF

Top Drone 2018
Great Looks and Construction the Eachine E012 Mini Drone will Amaze

Another great little fun flyer from Eachine and another Cheap Drone for 2018. Smaller in size than its big brother the Eachine E010 Drone it has had some rave reviews. Perfect for indoor fun at home or in the office. This low-cost drone weighs only 15 grams and will fly for 5 minutes on a single battery charge. This bargain eachine drone will not disappoint.

ONLY $14.99 Banggood CLICK THIS LINK

Eachine H8 3D Mini 2.4G 4CH 6Axis Inverted Flight One Key Return RC Quadcopter RTF

Cheap Mini Inverted Flying Drone

Best Cheap Inverted Flying Drone 2018
Cheap Inverted Flying Drone

For some crazy fun flying get this Low-Cost Eachine Drone. The Yaw rate is insane and the H8 Mini Drone can also be flown upside down (inverted). Test your drone flying skills and have a blast.


Eachine E10C Mini with 2MP Camera 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis RC Drone Quadcopter RTF

Cheap Top Drone 2018
Eachine E10C Camera Drone

One of the cheapest and smallest drones you can buy with a camera. This is the Best Drone 2018 that you can capture images from for under $20. How can Banggood afford to sell the Eachine E010C Camera Drone for this bargain price and offer worldwide free delivery as well?


Cheerson CX-10 CX10 Mini 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis LED RC Quadcopter RTF

Affordable Best Drone 2018
Cheerson CX-10

This CX-10 has been in production for a number of years but it still makes our Best Drone 2018 under $20 list. Since the CX-10 first came out it has been widely copied but we still rate the Cheerson CX-10. Tiny in size but full of features and great value cheap drone.


Best Drones 2018 under $50

Mini Sized Cheap Drone 

Syma X5C X5C-1 New Version Explorers Quadcopter Mode 2 With Camera

Affordable Cheap Syma Drone
Syma X5C-1 Drone

Another all time favourite of the Drone Flyers team, the Syma X5C-1 is an upgraded version of the top selling Syma X5. Widely copied but never bettered this Top 2018 Drone is absolutely perfect for beginners. Easy to set up and fly, robust and durable with spare parts readily available. The Syma Explorers Drone is for many the next step up from flying Micro and Mini sized Quadcopter Drones. Comes with a detachable 2MP camera for capturing Video and Photographs from above. Highly recommended Cheap Best Drone 2018.

Please note we prefer this model than the updated altitude hold version the SymaX5UC  it is far more fun to fly.


VISUO XS809HW WIFI FPV With Wide Angle HD Camera High Hold Mode Foldable Arm RC Drone Quadcopter RTF

Cheap Folding Drone

Foldable Low-Cost Quadcopter Drone 2018
Folded VISUO Drone

 Choose the version of the VISUO Drone with the 2.MP Camera and capture some fantastic Selfies from this cheap camera drone. Fold it up, pop it in your pocket and take it everywhere.


Hubsan X4 H107C Upgraded 2.4G 4CH RC Drone Quadcopter With 2MP Camera RTF

Cheap Drone
Hubsan H107C

One of the finest small cheap drones ever made and loved by beginners and seasoned drone flyers alike. This low-cost drone has a unique breaking arm system that clicks back into place after a collision. Extreme flying fun and one of the most robust and wellmade small drones you will ever come across. This Hubsan Drone with a 2MP camera has constantly made Best Drone lists for many years and it will continue to do so.


 Best Drones 2018 under $100

Hubsan H122D X4 STORM 5.8G FPV Micro Racing Drone Quadcopter With 720P Camera HV002 Goggles


Hubsan Storm X4 H122D Micro Cheap FPVRacing Drone
Hubsan H122D X4 Storm Racing Drone

If you are looking to have a go at FPV Drone Racing then this Cheap Drone from Hubsan could be just what you are looking for. The Standard version can be linked up to the App so you can get First Person View (FPV). Rather than go out and spend loads on a Brushless Drone Racer why not consider this neat little inexpensive drone.


Hubsan H107D FPV X4 5.8G 4CH 6 Axis RC Drone Quadcopter

A Real Classic Drone from Hubsan another Cheap Drone that will help hone your FPV flying skills.


Best Value Drone 2018
Hubsan H107D FPV Drone


At only $75.99 I do not believe you can a better value low-price cheap drone than this FPV Drone from Hubsan. You have an FPV screen on the transmitter and this Low-Cost Best 2018 Drone is the perfect model to practice FPV flying. Fly this little beauty around the house from room to room.


Hubsan X4 H502E With 720P HD Camera GPS Altitude Mode RC Drone Quadcopter RTF

Cheap GPS Drone 2018
Hubsan X4 502E

One of the World’s first low-cost drones with GPS and still the cheapest GPS drone you can buy today. Packed with advanced features you would only find the drones twice the price we have no hesitation adding this to our Best Drone 2018 list.



Eachine E58 WIFI FPV With 2MP Wide Angle Camera High Hold Mode Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter RTF

Best Drone 2018 Cheap Mavic Clone

Cheap Folding Drones 2018
Eachine E58 Mavic Style Drone

 With three batteries and a 2MP Drone Camera the foldable E58 Drone is the cheapest in our under $100 Best Drone 2018 pick. The E58 can be folded and placed in you pocket. The E58 looks very similar to the amazing DJI Mavic but costs a fraction of the price.

Buy this Cheap Drone ONLY $54.99 from BANGGOOD CLICK THIS LINK

Eachine Q90C Flyingfrog FPV RC Racing Drone Quadcopter 1000TVL Camera VR006 Goggles Switch Freq Transmitter

Best Drone 2018 under $100 Drone Racing Class

Cheap FPC Racing Drone 2018
Flying Frog Eachine Q90C

This little Flying Frog Cheap Drone is likely to arouse the interest of Drone Flyers who wish to buy an affordable racing drone. There are two versions that you will be able to purchase one with and one without a set of FPV goggles. The version without goggles will the ready early in 2018 and the goggles version on February 1st.

Buy this Cheap Drone ONLY $62.99 from BANGGOOD or $87.99 with a set of FPV Goggles CLICK THIS LINK

Syma X8HW WIFI FPV With 1MP HD Camera 2.4G 4CH 6Axis Altitude Hold RC Quadcopter RTF

Affordable Camera Drone
Syma X8HW

At just under $100 this Syma X8HW is the biggest drone featured in our low-cost Best Drone 2018 buying guide.  This Low-Price Cheap Drone is perfect for getting used to flying a larger sized Quadcopters as it is approximately the size of the DJI Phantoms. The camera can be linked up to the Syma App to give an FPV feed so you can get a birds-eye view from above. This Best under 100$ is also capable of lifting action cameras so you can unclip the existing 1MP camera and attach better resolution cameras, I like the Mobius and Mobius Mini type camera on this model. The Syma X8HW wont deliver super smooth video but you can get some fantastic screens grabs. Great Value Cheap Drone and another great learning tool


Top Drones 2018 Cheap Brushless GPS Drones Category

Whilst this blog post has featured value under $100 Drones it would not be complete without introducing Low-Cost GPS Brushless Drones. In the last few years these drones have gained great popularity due to their low-cost compared to drones from the likes of DJI the world leader in the brushless motor drone space. Why should you consider purchasing one if these Bargain Brushless Drones? Well read on.

  • Once they reach above 20 metres in height they are barely audible (the same cannot be said of the DJI Phantoms) and this makes these Cheap Brushless GPD Drones far less likely to cause offence or annoy people in close proximity.
  • The are relatively east to set up and deploy. You must however remember to have a least the recommend number of satellites connected to both the remote controller and the GPS Drone as failure to do this will lead to erratic flight control and at worst a fly away.
  • These GPS drones are fitted with powerful brushless motors that are far more robust and longer lasting than their coreless motor counterparts.
  • The come with far larger Lipo batteries so you will get more than double the flying time.
  • This new breed of drone usually have decent 1080P cameras although recently Hubsan have released a cheap brushless GPS model with a 720P camera.


Hubsan Technology have lead this space and their Cheap GPS Brushless Drones take pride of place at the top of our Best Drones 2018 list

Hubsan 501SS $203.99 on BANGGOOD CLICK THIS LINK

Top Drone 2018
Upgraded Hubsan X4 H501SS best in category

Cheap Hubsan X4 501C Drone ONLY $169.99 on BANGGOOD CLICK THIS LINK

Cheap Drone 2018 Brushless GPS Drone
The Hubsan X4 H501C no FPV but outstanding Value

Hubsan have and are bringing out a number of variations of the 501 series but for me these two Cheap Drones featured above are still the Top Drones 2018 in the Brushless GPS category.

There is a really active Facebook Group with nearly 9,000 members for Hubsan 501 models and Shally Lui from Hubsan helps out 501 buyers if they have any issues. If you purchase a Hubsan X4 501 then please join this group CLICK THIS LINK

Below are two challengers for their crown the MJX Bugs 2C which has had favourable reviews and the Eachine EX1 which has just been released and remains untried and untested. The Drone Flyers team are fortunate to have one of EX1 Cheap Drones on the way to us for testing and as soon as it arrives we will update this blog.

MJX Bugs 2C $194.99  CLICK THIS LINK

Eachine EX1 $169.99 CLICK THIS LINK





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