Hubsan H123D Brushless FPV Racing Drone

New Racing Drone from Hubsan?

Hubsan X4 H123D Brushless FPV Racing Drone
Not the new Racing Drone from Hubsan, I wonder what this model is, H207S

Is this the first image of the soon to be released new Hubsan H123D Racing Drone? The propellers look very similar to those used on the Hubsan H501S and maybe Hubsan will use similar brushless motors. You will be able to adjust the FPV drone camera to an angle that suits your flying style.

Update: The model pictured was seen at CES 2018 but it is NOT the H123D. My contact seems to think it is a new Model the Hubsan X4 H207S due for release in 2018

This Hubsan H123D X4 Racing Drone will be suitable for beginners to Drone Racing.

Hubsan H123D Racing Drone Update 16-1-2018: Having spoken to my contact at Hubsan this morning she has confirmed that Hubsan will soon announce the imminent release of a new racing drone model the Hubsan H123D Racing Drone. Unfortunately she is unable to provide and specification for this new racing drone at present but as soon as Hubsan provide me with any details I will post them up here. The image I have posted is not the H123D X4 and I have asked for clarification as to what this model may be.

Update: The model pictured seems to be a new drone the Hubsan X4 H207S

Hubsan are sending me the small Hubsan H122D X4 Storm Racing Drone so I can test this model. The version of this Drone Racer I will receive is the newer updated and improved model. I look forward to receiving it in due course so I can do an impartial review.




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