Walkera Peri Drone with 4K Camera

Peri Aerial Photography Drone


Walkera Peri Drone with 4K camera
Spark lookalike from Walkera the Peri Drone



You can’t help but compare this new Walkera Peri Drone the Peri with the DJI Spark as it is very similar in styling and design. The Peri Drone however supports a 4K camera and the Spark only has a 1080P camera. I’ve flown the DJI Spark and had some impressive video results and I’ve also seen some beautiful colour photographs from the Spark that put more expensive drone to shame. The Walkera Peri Drone looks extremely good on paper and if it delivers on its promises then I expect it to be a big seller.

Walkera Peri Drone
Precise Accurate Positioning

As with many of the latest aerial photography drones it will come with a dual GPS system using both the American GPS system and the Russian Glonass satellite system. The Walkera Peri Drone will also be equipped with an infrared optical altitude hold system and an optical flow advanced positioning module.
The Peri Drone presently boasts the world’s smallest 3 axis mechanical PTZ for aerial photography and it will record 4K video at 30 fps and 1080P video at 60 fps. The high definition 1080P WiFi video transmission will have range of 1 kilometre and the Peri will have a flight time of 15 minutes powered by a high performance smart battery. There is also a panorama feature that can be enabled with a single tap.
There will be 2 versions of the Peri Drone that will go on sale a BNF (Bind and Fly) and a version with the Devo-F8S remote control transmitter.

Walkera Peri Drone
Plenty of colour choice with the Peri Drone

I started my drone flying experience with a Walkera Ladybird and still have the ladybird FPV drone that my daughter bought for me one Christmas. Back then Walkera were regarded as one of the pioneers in the drone space. Their reputation has been somewhat tarnished over the last few years as they have released a number of unsuccessful models. Their latest attempt to gain a strong foothold in the lucrative folding drone space with the Vitus has been a disaster and their drone racing models are overpriced, OK for beginners to drone racing but hardly acceptable to avid racing drone fans who prefer to build their own models for far less.
I hope Walkera have success with the Peri Drone, since my first drone flying experiences I always dreamt of owning a small extremely portable drone that I could deploy very easily and capture great video and photographs from.



Walkera Peri Drone
High Quality Gimbal and Camera

Peri Drone Camera specification

Image sensor: Sony 1/3 CMOS 1.2 Milliom Pixels
Lens: 75 degree field of view 2.94 f2.4 aperture
ISO scope: 100-3200
Electronic shutter ½-1/800
Image resolution: 4000×3000 (12MP) 3840×2160 (8MP)
Recording Resolution: UHD: 3840×2160 4K 30fps FHD 1920×1080 60fps
Maximum code rate of video storage: 64Mbit/s
Supported file system: Fat3
Image format JPEG
Video Format MP4
Supported memory card: 32G

Peri Drone Specification

Main Rotor Diameter: 185mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 160x150x185mm
Weight: 320g including the battery
Maximum rise rate: 3 metres a second
Maximum rate of decline : 2 metres a second
Maximum flight speed: 10 metres a second
Battery: 11.4V 1720mAh 3S Lipo
Flight time: 15 minutes
Working Temperature: -10C to +40C



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