Hubsan Zino H117S Folding Drone

Hubsan Zino Drone

The 4K Hubsan Zino Folding Drone will have new camera firmware and this will be released on the 10th December 2018. Feedback is now being received from those who pre-ordered their Zino’s . The early adopters have been posting their thoughts and videos on social media. Here are few comments

Testing the Hubsan Zino adapted from Mag NHomme

The Zino is not and will never be a Mavic Killer this erroneous idea that has been spread by reviewers wishing to get affiliate commissions and is likely to lead to false expectations of Zino buyers.

The Zino is new and has teething troubles like most new hobby grade drones.

The Hubsan Zino firmware has yet to be fully optimised and the App still needs further development.

The Folding Zino will be a good drone when all the teething troubles are ironed out.

The Video capture and photography functionality aided be the 3Axis Gimabal are good

This is a $400 Drone please remember that.

The build and folding mechanism is good.

Deployment to get to ready to fly is arduous and could be much quicker.

You must follow the correct start up sequence, drone, remote and app otherwise it effects functionality.

GPS takes far to long

Whilst the Zino is stable it is far from perfect due to the lack of sensors.

The input is far too slow and could cause issues in an emergency.

Filming smooth video is hard as the response to commands is jerky.

The return to home works well but DO NOT move the sticks when RTH is implemented otherwise the Zino will not return to the home point.

If signal is lost or low battery voltage occurs the RTH engages automatically.

The RTH is very accurate to within a couple of feet.

When in return to home mode the front (nose) of the drone remains fixed to the home point.

When flying fast forward or backwards altitude must be raised to avoid crashing especially when close to the ground.

Range is between 880 and 980 metres.


Hubsan Zino Advanced Features courtesy Dustin Dunnill

Firstly he found he had to rebind every time and complained about no optical flow sensors as the Zino floated about.

Active Track seemed to work well in 5mph winds but was late in registering position so better in slow tracking.

Orbit Mode it uses GPS position on the mobile devices but don’t move yaw in orbit mode and not very precise.

When he left app it started to return to home but when it connected again he regained control.

Follow Mode doesn’t use camera uses GPS location on the remote and was not that great.

Line Fly needs some work on it.

Again he found the Zino RTH was very accurate.

Needs software updates needed.

Few video glitches.


24/11/2018: Hubsan have released a number of video tutorials for the Hubsan and news is that the Hubsan depots in Europe and the USA have now received the first batch of Zinos. The persons who where first to order this foldable drone will hopefully receive their Zinos next week so we will be better placed on whether we will recommend this drone to our readers. We have held back so far as it seemed that Hubsan were ironing out a few glitches, we will keep you updated as and when we receive feedback from genuine end users.

BREAKING NEWS 2/12/2018 Hubsan 1080P Zino-A Folding Drone was announced today

Update 28th November. A few end users have received their Zinos and are complaining that buttons on the app are not working you cannot access the camera settings or your photographs. Meanwhile Xiaomi Fimi have announce that they will release a Folding 4K Drone on December 10th CLICK THIS LINK

Hubsan Zino Video tutorials 

News Update 6/11/2018: Hubsan is set to release a folding Drone the Zino. After a fairly unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign and direct sales from Hubsan’s website ( a first for hubsan) the Zino should be shipping very soon. The delay has been down to the fact that the Android version of the app has not been ready and I’m expecting news on this any day now.

6/11/2018 Android App : Hubsan announced today that the Android App is expected to be ready on the 16/11/2018

6/11/2018: Facebook Hubsan H501/H502/Zino Group

Hello and apologize to all of you who already placed the order on Hubsan mall for the Hubsan ZINO.We have delayed the delivery date from the promised date Oct 30 to now .And many of you may doubt about when will be the exact delivery date and what happen with Hubsan. Here coming the Hubsan official delivery notice .There will be 62 pieces shipped out tomorrow directly from China to US and Netherlands warehouse by air and the day after tomorrow there will be another 100 piece ship out to these warehouse.And orders will ship in turn (According to the date of payment ).We promise ship all the orders placed before 30 as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay for the shipment and Thanks for your support to Hubsan product -From Hubsan mall

Shally Lui Hubsan Representative

This is the the very first image of a new drone from Hubsan the Zino  Folding Drone.  This looks very much like the best selling foldable Mavic Drone from DJI with a gimbal similar to the DJI Spark. Rumoured to have a 2.7K drone camera and flight distance of 5 Kilometres. I have just received an email from Sam Lee CEO of Hubsan confirming this foldable Zino Drone is in development and news will be released soon.

Available soon from Banggood CLICK THIS LINK

Or check out the new Xiaomi Fimi if your budget doesn’t stretch to $399,  it looks good  and is far cheaper CLICK THIS LINK

Hubsan Zino
Mavic lookalike from Hubsan

Breaking News: 1/10/2018 Spec just released

  • Size: L304.6*W252.4*H90mm
  • Max Flight Time:23 minutes
  • Flying Weight :700g(propeller guard not included)
  • Drone battery: Intelligent Battery 11.4V 3100mAh
  • Motor Brushless Motors
  • Charging Time- 180 Minutes
  • Built-in 4K high-performance camera
  • Transmission Distance: 1KM
  • HD WI-FI video transmission
  • FPV:Immersive Experience
  • Flight Control Failsafe/Low Power Failsafe
  • GPS/Follow Me/Headless/RTH

Available soon from Banggood CLICK THIS LINK

Or check out the new Xiaomi Fimi if your budget doesn’t stretch to $399  it looks good  and is far cheaper CLICK THIS LINK

Hubsan Zino H117S
Folding Hubsan Drone the Zino

The Hubsan Zino Drone has been a long time coming

It is about time Hubsan upped their game and produced a decent drone that is relevant to the market. Their H501S model has been around now for nearly 3 years with no dramatic improvements. Whilst the H501s are great fun drones and have a place in the market for those who wish to purchase an Brushless Motor GPS drone with features you can find in more expensive drone models they lack a Gimbal or electronic image stabilisation which makes it nearly impossible to get decent smooth video from them. Hubsan attempted to challenge the dominance of the DJI Phantoms some years ago with their H109 models but it seems they did not have the expertise at the time to produce a worthwhile challenger. I sincerely hope that the Hubsan Zino does far better and will prove a real alternative to DJI’s dominance of the drone market. DJI have just released a number of new version to their best selling Mavic range and while the Hubsan model is likely to be a fraction of the cost of these Mavic Pro 2 models it is likely to compete with the DJI Spark and the Walkera Peri (If Walkera ever release this model). If Hubsan can produce a drone that can capture decent video and photographs for a sub $400 price point then I’m sure they will be on to a winner.

Available soon from Banggood CLICK THIS LINK

Or check out the new Xiaomi Fimi if your budget doesn’t stretch to $399  it looks good  and is far cheaper CLICK THIS LINK

Hubsan Zino H117S
Hubsan Zino H117S Drone Packaging

Hubsan Zino Specification

Whilst we have no official specifications  one can clearly see from the teaser video that the H117S Drone will have brushless motors and foldable propellers. It will also have GPS and and some automatic flight modes. The main challenge Hubsan has is to perfect a camera and gimbal system that will provide smooth video. The Gimbal on the Hubsan Zino H117S looks from the above image to be similar to the Gimbal from the excellent DJI Spark and is likely to be 2 axis rather than 3 but at the moment this is only a guess. Unlike DJI products there does not seem to be any sensors on the foldable Hubsan Zino.

  • Zino Flight Range: 2.5 km
  • H117S Flight time: 20 minutes from a fully charged Lipo Battery
  • Top speed: 60 km / h
  • Drone Camera: 2K
  • Drone Motors: brushless
  • Camera and FPV video broadcast: broadcast video to the console (5.8 GHz)
  • Functions: GPS, Altitude Hold, Return to Home , waypoints, Headless mode, Follow me functionality.

Available soon from Banggood CLICK THIS LINK

Or check out the new Xiaomi Fimi if your budget doesn’t stretch to $399  it looks good  and is far cheaper CLICK THIS LINK

Hubsan Zino H117S Folding Drone
Zino Drone with arms extended

Hubsan Zino release date

We have no details of exactly when the Zino will be released but hopefully it will come before the main holiday selling season.

Update 6-10-2018: it seems the Hubsan Zino will be available in November

You will be able to find more information on the Hubsan Zino  when details are released but you may want to look at this model as an alternative  Check this one out CLICK THIS LINK a new folding drone from AOSENMA

When I first published news about the Zino Drone on a Hubsan Facebook page members saids it was as scam however a member just published this:

Zino European Union Trademark Information

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, an european community trademark registration was filed for Zino by Shenzhen Hubsan Technology Co., Ltd. 13th Floor,Bldg 1C,Shenzhen Software Industry Base,Xuefu Road,Nanshan District, Shenzhen CN . The OHIM has given the trademark application number of 017890913. The current status of this trademark filing is RegisteredThe correspondent listed for Zino is Ieva Zvejsalniece   of   Imantas iela 3b-18, Riga, LV 1067 . The Zino trademark is filed in the category of Vehicles and Products for locomotion by land, air or water , Toys and Sporting Goods Products.

Check this one out CLICK THIS LINK a new folding drone from AOSENMA

So it does seem that Hubsan will release a Drone called the Zino (now officially confirmed) whether it will be in the form of the picture shown that is not clear. As soon a we get any official confirmation or denial we will post it up here. From this trademark application it looks like Hubsan have at last realised the importance of calling a product a name rather that just letters and numbers. Why have they taken so long to recognise this who knows. DJI Mavic, Parrot Anafi, Walkera Vitus, DJI Spark, Mavic Air all are ‘named’ products’.

Update 24/8/2018:

Rumours are coming through that the Hubsan Zino H117S is indeed a new Hubsan Drone that is still being tested. It is likely to have a 2.7K camera and a flight distance of 5 Kilometres. I have posted up on the Hubsan Forum and asked Sam Lee CEO of Hubsan and Shally Lui to comment but have received no replies yet. (see updates)

Hubsan Zino Drone Price Point

Whilst there has been no official confirmation of the price of the Hubsan Zino as of yet (30-8-2018) rumours that it will be price at around or under $300 are circulating. If this is true and Hubsan can deliver a sub $300 folding drone that can capture stabilised video then I’m sure they will be on to a winner. Not everyone can afford to buy a DJI Drone but the Hubsan Zino H117S will have to compare favourably with the DJI Spark.

Available soon from Banggood CLICK THIS LINK

While we are waiting for Hubsan to announce the release date of the Zino we are going to look at the models that are likely to be in direct competition to the H117S and give our views on them.

Check this one out CLICK THIS LINK a new folding drone from AOSENMA

The Aosenma CG033 folding drone boasts a range of 1 kilometre and has a 1080P camera on what they are calling a servo gimbal. This gimbal seems to be 1 axis so don’t expect to get smooth stable video from this model.

Or this model from HighGreat the Mark Folding Drone CLICK THIS LINK

The HighGreat folding Drone the Mark VIO Positioning has a 4K camera 13 mega pixel camera. Again this model does not have a decent gimbal therefore capturing decent video footage is going to be a struggle even with electronic image stabilisation. My first views on this folding drone is that I do not like flying a drone via an App in this case the generic Qualcomm app Flight Go and I’m very wary of splashing out about $300 for a drone without GPS. It has three speeds and a return to home if Wifi fails. I’m not going to write this folding drone off yet as I would like to see a few more reviews but with now you can buy a pre-owned DJI Spark Drone for around the same price. The makers of the High Great Mark Drone are the same company that made the ill fated Lily Drone which doesn’t bode well with me and the DJI Spark is a tried and proven model that despite its size captures extremely good video and still photographs. This Mark has originally been crowed funding but can now be found on Banggood.  CLICK THIS LINK

Available soon from Banggood CLICK THIS LINK

Or check out the new Xiaomi Fimi if your budget doesn’t stretch to $399  it looks good  and is far cheaper CLICK THIS LINK

Zino Features:
– GPS in the device
– FPV online broadcast
– Follow Me
– Waypoint circumnavigation of given points
– Orbiting point of interest
– Altitude Hold Mode
– Headless Mode Intuitive Orientation
– Automatic Return Home Failsafe
– Automatic Take-off and Landing
– 3-axis stabilized 4k camera equipped with F2.2 aperture and 89° wide-angle lens.
– Use image tracking, select the area to record and keep the wonderful moments.
– Breaks the traditional aerial photography limits, whether you are swimming, climbing or contesting in a competition.
– One-button record mode: Panoramic filming, Line Fly mode, and a video with movie qualities.

Functions: GPS, Hold height, Return to takeoff point, Flight by points, Headless mode, Follow function

Your Zino package will include:
1 x Zino Drone
1 x Remote controller
1 x Lipo Battery
1 x Power Cable
3 x Remote Control Cable
4 x Propellers(1 Pair)
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Manual



  1. Definitely the market needs alternative drones with affordable price with reasonable capablities to counter dji manuplating over priced drones..go for middle price range because theres a market not only for the pro film making but those who wana have some fun by not spending too much on drones.

    Im sure this drone will become the favourite to own for 2018

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