Xiaomi Fimi A3 Drone v Hubsan Zino Drone

Xiaomi FIMI A3 v Hubsan Zino Drone

Fimi A3 1080P Aerial Photography Drone or the Hubsan Zino 4K Aerial Photography Drone? The choice is yours however there are a few things that you really should consider before making your purchase so please read on.

PLEASE NOTE: Since writing this Blog Hubsan have announced they will be releasing a 1080P version of the Zino. This Zino-A 1080P Folding Drone should go on sale in early 2019 For more info on this Drone CLICK THIS LINK

Firstly don’t get sucked into all the hype about this drone or that being a DJI Mavic killer they are not. Both these aerial photography drones however are a testament to how far drone innovation has come over the last few years and we believe with firmware updates both these products will offer extreme value for money.

We also believe that you cannot possibly unbox a drone fly it for an hour or so and say it’s a great drone it is only by constantly using it and listening to other peoples experience with it that a true representation of its worth can be assessed.

If you are considering purchasing an aerial photography drone for yourself, as a gift this forthcoming holiday season or ordering one for delivery in the New Year then this article is for you so please read on. But before you do just take a moment to consider what you or the recipient of the holiday gift or you want from the drone flying experience. It you are looking for an Affordable Aerial Photography Drone that will give the owner hours of pleasure and be capable of capturing decent video and quality photographs then one of these latest brushless aerial photography drones may be the perfect choice.

If however you are new to drone flying and Aerial Photography then I would NOT suggest you purchase the Hubsan Zino Folding Drone at this moment in time (December 2nd 2018) as initial feedback has led us to believe there are a few issues that inexperienced pilots may not be able to control. Hopefully these issues will be sorted out soon but in the meantime the FIMI A3 Drone looks far better value.

Check out the FIMI A3 now  CLICK THIS LINK 

Check out the Hubsan Zino now CLICK THIS LINK

There are for and against for both models the Hubsan being foldable the Fimi A3 far cheaper but there is one feature most reviews fail to highlight. The aerial drone space is obsessed with producing drone models with 3 axis gimbals and cameras that can capture video in 4K resolution in reality 1080P captured from a 2 axis gimbal with electronic image stabilisation can be just as acceptable.

If you are a hobbyist and don’t want to spend a fortune and enjoy taking aerial photography and video to share on social media then the Fimi A3 Drone could be just perfect for you, check out the videos. Hopefully Hubsan will give Zino users the opportunity to record video in 1080P soon but as we write this article (December 2nd 2018)  you cannot.

 On many computers working with 4K video is time consuming due to the file size so please do consider this when making your drone purchase.

We are active and vocal on the main Hubsan Zino and Xiaomi Fimi A3 Facebook pages, we ask the right questions and monitor Youtube, we are active on the Hubsan forum and in direct contact with Hubsan and Xiaomi.

Check out the FIMI A3 now  CLICK THIS LINK 

Check out the Hubsan Zino now CLICK THIS LINK

Hubsan Zino-A 1080P Folding Drone CLICK THIS LINK

From Facebook Hubsan QC Page today 2/12/2018

I was on the fence too. I’m an Android guy, have no IOS devices. I pre-ordered the Xiaomi Fimi A3 instead.. Its cheaper, is very similar to a H501S but with a gimbal. Once the Zino including proven Android app stabilizes, then I’ll consider buying one.


FiMi A3 Drone
Fimi A3 Screen Grab from Video

Update 6/11/2018: The Hubsan Zino Drone that people ordered directly from the Hubsan online shop has been delayed. Hubsan posted up on a number of facebook pages today that they would start shipping 62 pieces of the Zino Folding Drone to their warehouses in the Netherlands and the USA tomorrow the 7th November 2018 by airfreight and a further 100 pieces will be shipped on the 8th November 2018. These drones were scheduled to be shipped on the 30th of October and Hubsan have as yet to give any reason for the delay. It could be because the App for Android devices is still not ready.

November 29th 2018 Update: Videos showing the latest camera firmware for the Fimi A3 Drone it looks superior to what has been seen from the Hubsan Zino so far. With the imminent release of the Fimi 4K Folding Drone on December the 10th Hubsan need to quickly up their game. The Android app is still not ready and some of the IOS Apps functionality still doesn’t work.

Hubsan Zino Video

Check out the Fimi Video further down the page, it is excellent! 

Xiaomi have released a new drone the FIMI A3. This Drone is not a folding version as are many of the other new models coming to market (see Hubsan Zino) but is packed with features that can only be found in more expensive models. The FIMI A3 Drone is available purchase from Banggood for under $280 which makes it $120 cheaper than the Zino Drone from Hubsan.

Fimi A3 Drone with Goggles
The Fimi A3 remote has an AV out port so you can share the vision to goggles or an external screen


The Hubsan Zino has also been on sale on crowdfunding site Indiegogo for $299 and it raised only 35% of the flexible goal by selling 179 pieces. More alarming for Hubsan and Zino is that as of 26th October the day the crowdfunding finished Banggood had taken 1183 pre-orders from the Xiaomi FIMI A3 and only 140 pre-orders for the Hubsan Zino Drone. Whats more is that Shally Lui a Hubsan representative has been really pushing people to order the Zino directly from Hubsan offering a discount (although not as cheap as the crowdfunding campaign price) and faster delivery. All this multi channel selling is very confusing and does nothing to enhance Hubsan’s reputation. Further more their marketing material has been badly written with poor english and certain information like what mobile devices will be compatible has not been forthcoming.

Over the years I have been one of Hubsan’s biggest Fan Boys but they failed miserably with their attempt to rival the DJI Phantom with the H109 model and I just hope they get their act together with this model otherwise I fear the worst for them. I’ve never flown a Xiaomi or a FIMI drone but have a few friends who are very well respected in this drone industry and they speak very highly of them.

Check out the FIMI A3 now  CLICK THIS LINK 

Check out the Hubsan Zino now CLICK THIS LINK

Check out the new Fimi 4K Folding Drone now  CLICK THIS LINK

Xiaomi FIMI A3 drone
New Xiaomi Drone the FIMI A3

Xiaomi FIMI A3 versus the Hubsan Zino comparison review

In this article we will compare the Xiaomi FIMI A3 Drone with the Hubsan Zino and monitor the market to get realistic feedback from end users of both Drones. We will also look at similar Drone products as and when they come to market. Hubsan have a long history of producing quadcopter drones and their Hubsan 501 range has been a best seller allowing users to take aerial photographs and videos. This 501 entry point aerial photography drone lacked a gimbal so the quality of the video is not something comparable to the higher priced DJI Drones like the Spark. They therefore are releasing the Zino to attempt to get a slice of this lucrative drone market. Xiaomi have previously had a great deal of success with their Phantom like model with 4K video capture.

Check out the FIMI A3 now  CLICK THIS LINK 

You wont see better video capture from any drone in this price bracket, absolutely outstanding, Having seen this we rate the Xiaomi Fimi A3 Drone as a 5 Star Buy

Hubsan Zino H117S
Hubsan Zino H117S Packaging

Check out the Hubsan Zino now CLICK THIS LINK

Technical comparison of the Xiaomi FIMI A3 Drone versus the Hubsan Zino Drone

The very first thing to note with this model is that the controller comes with a build in screen so there is no need to use a smart phone or tablet to receive the FPV signal and for me this is a big plus. The Hubsan Zino on the other hand will need a device to receive the FPV signal.

The Hubsan Zino will have a 3 axis gimbal compared to the  2 axis Gimbal on the FIMI A3 that is enhanced with an electronic image stabilisation system. As of October 24th 2018 neither of these models have been tested by end users so it is all guess work as to how capable these two drone models will be in capturing stable video only time will tell.

Hubsan Zino Drone
Hubsan Zino Screen Grab from Video

Drone Portability, weight and batteries

When it come to portability it would appear that the Zino with the folding arms wins hand down however the fact that the FIMI A3 does not need a iPhone or tablet to view the FPV feed is a factor to consider. If you haven’t got a suitable device for the Zino then this will come as an added expense. As for deployment then the Xiaomi FIMI A3  comes out top as Xiaomi state that it will take about a minute to get airborne. There a few other things we should consider, the Hubsan Zino weighs 760 grams while the FIMI A3 is only 560 grams, the Zino will be powered by a 11.4 volt 3000 mAh battery that will take nearly three hours to fully charge, the FIMI A3 battery is an 11.1 volt 2000 mAh Lipo battery that should charge considerably faster. We always recommend you purchase extra batteries for your drones as one battery is never enough.

FiMi A3 Drone remote control
Fimi A3 Remote Control Functions



Drone and Camera Technology

This is where it becomes very interesting as the FIMI drone is controlled by a 3rd algorithm generation flight controller that runs on the latest ARM Cortex M7 platform that has excellent processing power and robust memory. The camera has the Ambarella ISP system and a Sony CMOS sensor so you can expect to capture quality images from the FIMI A3 drone.  Hubsan have just released the full specification of their flight control or camera but they seem to have developed  their own proprietary flight control system and the camera has the Ambarella Sports Image Processor. The camera on the Hubsan Zino will have an 89 degree field of view and a fixed aperture of F2.2 and will be able to shoot 4K Video at a resolution of 3840 X 2160  at 30 frames per second whereas the FIMI will record video at 1080P.


Fimi A3 Drone Gimbal
Fimi Gimbal and Camera

Check out the FIMI A3 now  CLICK THIS LINK 

Full Camera Specification for the Xiaomi FIMI A3 Drone

Lens: FOV 80° Aperture: f2.0

Focal Distance: 3.54 mm
Equivalent Focal Distance: 27mm
Sensor: 1/3.2″ CMOS
ISO Range: 100 – 3200 for video;  100 – 1600 for photographs

Shutter Speed: 4 ~ 1/8000 s

Max Bitrate: 60Mbps
Max Photo Resolution: 8M 3264*2448
Video Resolution: 1920×1080 30 fps / 1920×1080 25 fps
File System: FAT32 / exFAT
Image Format: JPG
Video Format: MP4
DVR: 1920×1080 30 fps / 1920×1080 25 fps

Flight time and speed 

The flight time of the Zino has be listed at a maximum of twenty three minutes which realistically will give you a true flight time of approximately fiften to twenty minutes depending on the conditions and the speed you are flying at. The top speed is thirty seven miles per hour which can be achieved in windless conditions. The transmission system will work for 1 kilometre that is plenty if you adhere to the rule of line of sight.

The FIMI flight time is listed at twenty five minutes so look for about twenty minutes before you need to land.

Hubsan Zino
Mavic lookalike from Hubsan

Check out the FIMI A3 now  CLICK THIS LINK 

Drone Model: A3
FIMI Colour:
FIMI Dimensions: 285x229x69mm
Diagonal Size: 323mm
Weight: 560g
Hover Accuracy: when GPS Positioning is active, Vertical: ± 0.5 m & Horizontal: ± 1.5 m

Xiaomi FIMI A3
Xiaomi FIMI A3 Drone Kit

Max ascending speed: 6 m/s
Max descending speed: 5 m/s
Max cruising speed: 18 m/s
Max R/C distance: about 1km
Flying Limited Altitude: 500 m
Flight time: 25mins
Wind resistance: ≤ 4
Satellite positioning systems: GPS+GLONASS
Operating frequency: 2.4-2.483GHz; 5.725-5.850 GHz (40CH)
Built-in Battery: 11.1V 2000 mAh 3S Lipo Battery

Check out the FIMI A3 Drone now  CLICK THIS LINK 

Xioami FIMI A3 Drone
Xiaomi FIMI A3 Controller with built in screen

Check out the FIMI A3 now  CLICK THIS LINK 

Check out the Hubsan Zino now CLICK THIS LINK

Hubsan Zino Description:
Brand Name: Hubsan
Item Name: Zino
Model number.: H117S
Zino Size: 30.4 X 25.2 X 9cm
Flight Weight: 700g
Drone Battery: 11.4V 3000mAh
Transmitter battery: 3.7V 2600mAh
Flight Time: up to 23mins depending of flight conditions
Charging Time: About 3 hours
HD WI-FI Video Transmission
Transmission Distance: About 1KM
Flight Range: About 2.5KM
Top speed: 60 km / h
Camera: UHD 4K
Gimbal: 3-Axis
Video Resolution: 3840 X 2160 30FPS
Lens: Fov 89°Wide-angle
Aperture: F2.2
Micro SD card (not included): Support class 10~, 64GB
Motor: Brushless
Camera and FPV video broadcast: broadcast video to the console (5.8 GHz)
Working temperature: 0 ° to 40 ° C

Zino Drone Features:
– GPS in the device
– FPV online broadcast
– Follow Me
– Waypoint circumnavigation of given points
– Orbiting point of interest
– Altitude Hold Mode
– Headless Mode Intuitive Orientation
– Automatic Return Home Failsafe
– Automatic Take-off and Landing
– 3-axis stabilized 4k camera equipped with F2.2 aperture and 89° wide-angle lens.
– Use image tracking, select the area to record and keep the wonderful moments.
– Breaks the traditional aerial photography limits, whether you are swimming, climbing or contesting in a competition.
– One-button record mode: Panoramic filming, Line Fly mode, and a video with movie qualities.
– Low Power Failsafe Mode/Flight Control Failsafe Mode.

Zino Functionality: GPS, Hold height, Return to takeoff point, Flight by points, Headless mode, Follow me function

The authors early comments

It is very early days to come any conclusion as to whether the Hubsan Zino will prove to be a better drone than the FIMI A3 or vice versa.

If I was going to go out now and spend $399 or thereabouts on a drone I would be inclined to purchase a DJI Spark a tried a proven aerial photography drone that is very capable I would not consider purchasing the Hubsan Zino until I have seen reviews from end users. If my budget was around $300 I would however consider the FIMI A3 Drone but would again likely wait for a few reviews to surface.

Since I started flying drones and Quadcopters many years ago the public have been crying out for a very low cost drone that would be capable of decent video capture. If the FIMI A3 from Xiaomi drone can deliver on its promises then I have no doubt it will be a resounding success. As for the Hubsan Zino I have my reservations but again if this drone model can deliver quality jello free video then I’m sure it will become a best seller for Hubsan.

Update 2nd December 2018:

Having seen a few reviews of both models and  watched a few unboxing videos I would  be inclined to hold back on purchasing the Hubsan Zino at this moment in time until the app has been updated and perfected this shouldn’t be too long. Xiaomi will also announce their 4K  Folding drone on the 10th of this month ( for details CLICK THIS LINK) so that’s another reason to be patient on the Zino.

If however my budget was under $300 and I was looking to purchase an aerial photography drone then I would get my Xiaomi Fimi A3 Drone on order now as I predict demand will outstrip supply for this amazing entry level aerial photography drone.

Check out the availability of the FIMI A3 Drone now  CLICK THIS LINK 


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