Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE 4K Folding Drone

FIMI X8 SE Folding Drone with 4K Video

A Folding Fimi X8 SE Drone capable of shooting video in 4K has been announced by Xiaomi.  All the information on the Fimi X8 SE Drone will be provided here so you can decide whether this new Low Priced Aerial Photography Fimi X8 SE 4K folding portable drone is for you or not. We think the new Fimi X8 SE is an excellent value for money feature rich drone that will afford the user hours of flying fun and be able to capture high quality stable aerial video and excellent aerial photographs.

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Fimi X8 SE Folding Aerial Photography Drone
Fantastic Specs, the Fimi X8 SE Folding Drone

Released on the 10th December this amazing new 4K Video Drone the Fimi X8 SE has caused great excitement among drone flyers worldwide. Why, because the X8 SE is packed with features only found in aerial photography drones twice the price.

Fimi X8 SE Camera
The Fimi X8 SE boasts a powerful imaging system

What delights me is the fact that you can shoot aerial photographs in Raw (DNG) making them far easier to work with as DNG Raw format saves far more information and detail.

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Fimi X8 SE Drone Panorama Shot
Panorama shot from the X8 SE

Another fantastic X8 SE feature is the Panorama mode that will take aerial photographs horizontally, vertically, 180 degrees and stitch them together into a panorama.

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Fimi X8 SE Cine Shot
Cine Shot Capture

The Fimi X8 SE cine shot mode gives you 4 options a Rocket mode where the drone takes off with the Gimbal pointing downwards, the dronie mode where the X8 SE Drone goes backwards and upwards, the circle mode where it circles the target and the spiral mode where the X8 SE spirals around a subject.

Fimi X8 SE Motion Lapse Mode

Motion Lapse is another excellent feature which will allow you to capture time-lapse video by simply pressing a button. No need for any post-processing the X8 SE takes care of it all for you. Less time on your computer more time to enjoy your Drone Flying experience.

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The Sony Sensor in the X8 Camera
Sony Sensor

The X8 SE Camera has the excellent Sony IMX378 sensor that is efficient in low light situations and has a higher dynamic range making the X8 SE Drone Camera far superior to the camera in the Xiaomi Mi 4K Drone. Coupled with the powerful Ambarella professional image processor and a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 the X8 SE will capture high quality aerial images.

You will be able to Pre-Order the Fimi X8 SE 4K Folding Aerial Photography Drone here CLICK THIS LINK


Fimi X8 SE Gimbal
3 Axis Gimbal

The X8 SE Camera also has a 3x digital zoom facility and three smart tracking modes. You can alter the camera settings and the ISO in video can be adjusted to between 100 and 3200 and between 100 and 1600 for aerial photographs. The aperture is fixed at f2.2 with a field of view of 78.8 degrees. The camera has a 1 2/3 sensor and shoots effective 12MP images. Video is captured in MP4 format and can be recorded in 4K at a maximum bitrate of 100Mbps. The new X8 SE 3 Axis Gimbal will capture super stable video.

Fimi X8 SE Drone Smart Tracking Modes
Three Smart Tracking Modes

The enhanced FPV (First Person View) system is also very impressive as it has a built-in second generation TDMA. With the latest encoder and decoder fitted you will get a far superior video feed with a low latency rate and an improved anti-interference with up to 5 kilometre transmission distance.

Real-Time Video Transmission X8 System
Real-Time Low Latency Video Transmission

The advanced flight planning mode for the X8 SE is  something that has never been seen before in a drone of this price

Fimi X8 SE Portable Drone Flight Planner
Advanced Flight Planning with the X8 SE

Fimi have also updated the App for this new X8 SE drone with an intuitive user interface using an OTG cable from the remote to your mobile device.

Fimi X8 SE App
New App for the Fimi X8 SE

The X8 SE remote controller has also been re-designed into a small ergonomic device with detachable sticks and can even stretch to accommodate an iPad Mini.

Fimi X8 SE Drone Remote
NEW Fimi X8 SE Drone Remote Controller
Fimi X8 SE Drone
Folding X8 SE Drone Compact and Portable

There are also numerous safety measures built into the Fimi X8 SE flight control

Safe flight systems for the X8 SE
X8 SE Safe Flight Systems

You will be able to Pre-Order the Fimi X8 SE 4K Folding Aerial Photography Drone here CLICK THIS LINK


Downside X8 SE Camera
Precision Landing

The downside camera can recognise the take off point and this enables perfect return to home and land.

Dual GPS and the Russian Glonass satellite ensures precise accurate hovering and this is aided by the front facing and downside facing cameras.

X8 SE Dual GPS Glonass Positioning System
Precision Positioning System

First Impressions of the Fimi X8 SE Folding 4K Video Drone

This X8 SE  Fimi 4K Aerial Photography Drone threatens to blow away the competition in the low priced aerial photography space. For under $500 the only drone that offers any competition is the DJI Spark that has a far shorter flying time and only shoots 1080P video. What is so pleasing is that we may at last see some decent competition for DJI who have completely dominated the aerial photography drone sector over the last four years. This can only be good for drone flyers as it is likely to drive prices down and encourage more drone companies to be more innovative. It will be a worry however for companies like Hubsan, Walkera, GDU and others who will struggle to keep pace with this fast developing industry.

The first video from the X8 SE has been released today. To be honest it could be better but as the shipping date for the first X8 SE Drones is January 15th 2018 Fimi will have plenty of time to tweak all the settings. Also YouTubes compression doesn’t help but we do expect significant improvements during the coming month.

First photo of the Fimi X8 SE 4K Folding Drone

Fimi X8 SE Drone
Fimi X8 SE 4K Aerial Photography

 Fimi X8 SE Folding Drone the story so far.

Update: 28th November 2018. I received an email from FiMi this morning confirming that the Fimi X8 SE 4K Folding Drone will be released on the 10th of December.

Xiaomi FIMI will announce a New Folding Drone the X8 SE capable of shooting video in 4K on a Decemeber 10th. Similar in design to the best selling DJI Mavic series and the recently released Hubsan Zino this new Drone will be the successor to the 4K Phantom type Xiaomi Quadcopter Mi Drone . If you are thinking about buying a Hubsan Zino Folding Drone or any other folding drone and you are not in a hurry then it could be worth waiting for the specs on this Fimi Drone.

You will be able to buy the Fimi X8 SE 4K Folding Drone here CLICK THIS LINK

Totally Evolved the FiMi X8 SE 4K Folding Drone Event

Wee Tsai from FIMI posted up a little teaser today 27th November 2018 on Facebook that was quickly removed but you can see by the image posted and now confirmed the Ultra Portable Fimi X8 SE 4K foldable drone to be announced on December the 10th 2018.

FiMi are obviously taking a lead from drone supremos DJI who often announce new drone products at an ‘event’. However DJI seldom give any indication as to exactly what new product they will be releasing and leave it to leaks and guys like OsitaLV on Twitter.

At this moment in time we were unsure as to what name will be given to this new portable aerial photography 4K drone from FiMi as they are waiting on registration documents and name approval, but now we know it is the Fimi X8 SE.

You will be able to buy the Fimi X8 SE 4K Folding Drone here CLICK THIS LINK

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Is the X8 SE a DJI Mavic Killer, not really, a Hubsan Zino Killer Possibly?

As with every Portable Foldable Drone that gets released these days hysterical DJI haters start posting up that this drone or that drone is going to be a DJI Mavic Killer, we have seen all the clones come and go and none baring the Autel Evo Folding Drone and the latest Folding Parrot Drone the Anafi, have come anywhere near the quality than you can get from the basic Foldable Mavic Pro Drone. We are realistic and really hope the new FiMi X8 SE 4K folding drone will be able to capture excellent 4K video and high quality aerial photographs. If it can and we think it will be able to meet this criteria and come in at a price-point of  around $400/$500 then FiMi will have a best selling portable drone.

With the release of the DJI Mavic Pro 2 folding drone and the Mavic 2 Zoom you can now buy a good used original Mavic Pro Flymore Combo for approximately $600 so any decent 4K Folding drone at under this price will be well received by enthusiastic drone flyers throughout the World.

FIMI 4K Folding Drone
FIMI 4K Folding Drone

We are very surprised that FIMI are announcing a new drone so soon as their latest model the FIMI A3 has yet to be delivered. (CLICK THIS LINK). Updated: Fimi A3 buyers have started receiving their A3 drones.

The Totally Evolved banner suggests that this 4K drone when folded will be slightly bigger than a mobile phone and first pictures released show when folded it is.

Fimi A3 update 3 December 2018: Having seen a few videos from the A3 we can safely say that we have never ever witnessed better video capture from a drone in this price category

You will be able to buy the Fimi X8 SE 4K Folding Drone here CLICK THIS LINK

Xiaomi FIMI A3 drone
New Xiaomi FiMi A3 1080P Drone

I think they may have been prompted to do this for a number of reasons the first being that the XiaoMi FIMI A3 has received fantastic preorders with over 4000 on Banggood and looks like a real challenger to Hubsans 501 range of drones and it even competes favourably against the higher priced Hubsan ZINO Folding Drone.

Hubsan Zino H117S
Folding Hubsan Zino Quadcopter Drone

Also first customers have received Hubsan’s new folding Zino Drone (CLICK THIS LINK) and this new FIMI X8 SE 4K Folding Drone will be in direct competition to this Hubsan Zino Drone model.

This was posted today 2/12/2018 on one of the Hubsan Facebook pages regarding the purchase of a Hubsan Zino. We are not here to knock Hubsan but it seems they are experiencing difficulty with their Folding  Zino Drone launch.

I do not regret the purchase in pre-order of my zino. What I regret is that in 2018 a company of the size and reputation of Hubsan put on sale to thousands of copies of a drone not successful, not optimized, and applications not to the point. That’s what makes me angry. I don’t understand that a company of this size takes such a risk of commercial fiasco.

Posts similar to the one above are appearing and this opens a great window of opportunity for the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE Folding 4K Drone.

You will be able to buy the Fimi X8 SE 4K Folding Drone here CLICK THIS LINK

Portable and Foldable Fimi X8 SE DRone
Foldable and Portable X8 SE

What can we expect from the FIMI X8 SE 4K Folding Drone?

Please note that the specifications of the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE Folding 4K Drone  have not been confirmed but having analysed the specs on the 4K Mi Drone and the latest Fimi A3 Drone we would like to see the following.

Update 10th December 2018: The Fimi X8 SE Drone has now been released and we are updating the specification. Nearly ever function that we hoped would be included is there and  a few others they have added.

  • One Key automatic take off
  • One key automatic return
  • Low Voltage Return, it will detect low battery levels and automatically return to  home.
  • Follow me mode
  • Active Track
  • Automatic return to home on signal loss
  • Dronie/selfie mode
  • Time-lapse feature which Fimi are calling Motion Lapse
  • Panorama Mode
  • Orbit mode
  • Waypoints
  • Sports mode
  • Optical Flow and Ultrasonic sensors
  • Low battery protection
  • High Wind Warning
  • GPS and Glonass vision based positioning system
  • Double IMUs and electric compasses
  • Real-time location tracking incase the drone gets lost
  • Super stable 4K video and the ability to shoot video in 1080P
  • 3 Axis Gimbal
  • Raw Photography Capture
  • Adjustable Camera settings. The ability to adjust the white balance, ISO and exposure.
  • Wide angle low distortion lens
  • Quick release aerodynamic efficient propellers
  • 30 minutes plus flight time
  • Estimated 5 Kilometre Range
  • FPV. First Person View Video feed to the App
  • Modular lightweight design with folding arms
  • Geofence feature so it automatically hovers at the edge of No-Fly Zones
  • SD card slot
  • Adjustable Return to Home Height
  • Balance Battery Charger
  • Cortex M7 Platform

You will be able to buy the Fimi X8 SE 4K Folding Drone here CLICK THIS LINK

Fimi X8 SE Drone Smart Flight Mode
We would expect to see the same flight modes that the FiMi A3 Drone has and perhaps a few more advanced features

We also expect the FiMi 4K Folding Quadcopter Drone to be powered by the same 3rd generation flight control algorithm platform that is in the FIMI A3 Drone. This dual GPS/ Glonass runs on the efficient Cortex M7 platform. The leaked Totally Evolved banner seems to suggest that the drone can be flown using a smartphone but we would hope they produce a remote control to fly this new drone. The camera will likely have the Ambarella ISP processor and a Sony CMOS sensor.

Fimi 4K Folding Drone Flght Control
Cortex M7 Platform

We would love to see that the 4K FiMi folding drone will have a detachable camera that could be mounted on a hand held gimbal perhaps that’s asking too much but dreams cost nothing!

You will be able to buy the Fimi 4K Folding Drone here CLICK THIS LINK

We would also like FiMi to get one of these new Folding 4K Drones in the hands of a few of the respected drone reviewers ASAP. They failed to do that with the FiMi A3 and I just hope they have realised it’s imperative to use this strategy even if it means the reviewers sign an NDA until the product is officially announced. Hubsan also made a big mistake with the ZINO and are struggling to sort out a few glitches with firmware updates before they get a load of disgruntled owners.

XiaoMi FIMI Foldable 4K Drone Price

There has been no indication of the price of the FIMI 4K Foldable Aerial Photography Drone but as the FiMi A3 sells at around the $250 and the Hubsan Zino under $400 we would expect the 4K video FIMI folding drone to be priced at around the $380 to $450 mark maybe a little more but Fimi will want to stay competitive.

Drone Portability is the Key

Going back a few years everyone who wanted to capture decent video and aerial photography were flying DJI Phantoms or similar size models. They took great videos and photographs but were quite cumbersome to carry about. This all changed DJI released the foldable Mavic Pro and people started  to realise that great footage was obtainable from smaller portable compact drones. If you are travelling especially to far away places then taking a Phantom sizes drone or anything larger can be a real hassle a foldable drone has obvious advantages.

You will be able to buy the Fimi 4K Folding Drone here CLICK THIS LINK

Why buy a Fimi Folding 4K Aerial Photography Drone?

As smartphone technology get better with every new release and the cameras in them improve more and more people become “Photographers’ and are able to capture excellent videos and photographs from their pocket devices. There are however some images that cannot be captured by even the best DSLR cameras. Some of our very favourite images are the Birds-Eye or Top-Down perspectives that an aerial photography drone can capture. You would be hard pressed to capture the photograph below from an aircraft or helicopter and if you could it would come at a very high cost. The image was taken from a Mavic Pro and if similar quality photos can be captured from the Fimi 4K then Xiaomi are on to a winner.

Fimi 4K Folding Drone
Unique Birds Eye View from a Folding Aerial Photography Drone
Best Low Priced 4K Folding Drone 2019?

Will this new drone from FIMI go on to become one of the Best Drones 2019 remains to be seen but we believe that if anyone is to challenge DJI’s dominance then it will be FiMi/XiaoMi. However we are going to stick our neck and say that the new Fimi 4K folding drone has a real opportunity to become a best selling 2019 drone. Just look at the pre-orders for the Hubsan Zino which has been released early and un-finished. There is big big market for a portable folding 4K drone at a low price point compared to DJI drone models.

You will be able to buy the Fimi 4K Folding Drone here CLICK THIS LINK

Some of the folding drones that were released in 2018 have been very disappointing, the GDU O2 Folding Drone never lived up to all the hype and now GDU say they are releasing  an O2 Plus Portable, the C-Fly Obtain just looked cheap and nasty and the Zino needs some serious firmware updates.

Folding Drone Comparison

As soon as the specifications are released and the  price confirmed we will compare the Fimi Folding 4K drone to other drones in this price bracket with similar features.

As and when we receive more details on this 4K folding drone from FIMI we will post them up here. Drone innovation is exponentially developing which can only be good news for drone flyers as it will drive down prices and deliver flying experiences that a few years ago would have cost fortunes. Well done FiMi we look forward to this release.

Portable Folding Aerial Photography Drone
Will the FiMi 4K Drone compete favourably against the DJI Mavic Air?

About the Drone Flyers Team

We have been testing and reviewing Drones, Quadcopters and Remote Control products for a number of years now having tested over 150 Quadcopter/Drones, RC Cars, RC Boats, RC Helicopters and RC Planes. Our youngest drone flyer is only 6 years old and the oldest 68 years old. We have a number of DJI Drones in our collection including an Inspire 2 a Phantom 4 Pro and a Mavic Pro a member of our team is a qualified drone pilot. We don’t do unboxing videos and believe that only by testing a product overtime that you can ascertain its real worth. We are passionate about all things Remote Control.


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