Cameras and Gimbals

Walkera 3D Gimbal


RotorPixel Gimbel
The RotorPixel Gimbal

This Gimbal is favoured by Eric Cheng for his DJI Phantom

Introducing the C-GO range of  Cameras and Gimbals

C-GO is the brand name for the new range of Yuneec cameras and Gimbals have been designed for active sports and aerial photography.  Creating FlyingEyes – the world’s most stable Quadcopters, Hexcopters and Octocopters was not enough, Yuneec wants to give you the best HD video experience from the air. C-GO cameras can also be used for many extreme sports such as being mounted on your helmet when Snowboarding, Ski-Diving etc.


We have all been waiting for a GoPro alternative

The AEE Magicam looks like a serious contender to The GoPro camera

A review of the Zenmuse H3-2 Gimbal

Difficult for a newbie to install and the extra weight drops the flight time down does not support early GoPro models for professional only.

Quadcopters with Cameras | Quadcopters Ready To Fly


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