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There are now 2 versions of this Remote Control Quadcopter Drone Available.


Open Source Version Click this Link

Open Source Bind and Fly Version Click this Link

Cheerson seemed to have sorted out any issues with the first Remote Control models and the Cx20 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is gaining traction as the preferred entry level Aerial Photography Platform.


22-4-2014: Both Banggood and TMart have the Cheerson CX20 back in stock at just over £200. HobbyKing seem to be releasing their version the Nova Quadcopter  soon. 15-4-2014: 
14-4-2014 HobbyWow are now stocking Cheerson CX20 parts and Banggood are selling them as well;  That’s a BIG BIG PLUS 12-4-2014 Both Banggood and Tmart are out of stock so the CX20 seems to be selling well   6-4-2014 First customer video!
  5-4-2014: I’m still waiting to find a customer review of this model. It seems like many sellers are acting as agents and the factory that are producing these are shipping them direct from China. If you are thinking of ordering then I suggest you wait until a respected member of the RC  community posts a decent review.  4-4-2014. Although Banggood are saying the C version is coming soon I’ve been told it will be at the end of the year! I’ve still to find out who Cheerson are but a guy from Huajai Technology is posting on Facebook that they are the factory that are making this model. All this uncertainty does nothing to enhance this model as people looking at this model want to buy with confidence and know who they are dealing with.  30-3-2014: For those who want a version of this model with a camera attached (similar to the Phantom FC40) then I suggest you wait as Cheerson will be releasing the CX20C Quadcopter. Camera specification for the CX20C Camera: Functions overview To simplify the version of the camera Optional MIC Optional booster There is no USB output Manual button Which can be controlled with photos, video recording function Images and video format The photo resolution is 2592 x 1944, JPEG file format The video resolution is AVI file format 720p=1280 x720 pixels (16:9), 60 FPS Taken within the data stored in the TF card, the maximum support 32GB, and take out the TF card use reader to read the data (it is recommended to use C4 above TF). Technical parameters Sensor:5Mega CMOS Illumination:0.84 V/lux-sec Lens: the fixed focal length Specifications: 8 x 8 mm, 70 ° Angle FULLHD plus or minus 5 ° Audio: built-in microphone Exposure control: the central focus on metering White balance: automatic

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Cheerson Quadcopter
The new CX20 Auto-Pathfinder Quadcopter


Open Source Version Click this Link

Is this a genuine challenger to the DJI Phantom Range? Seems like DJI have got everyone to up their game. Never heard of these Guys before but the video looks good.


  • Control distance: about 300m
  • Flying altitude: about 300m
  • Charge mode: Switching Power Supply
  • Charging time: about 2 hours
  • Flying time: about 15 minutes


  • GPS hold system
  • Auto-return, up and down, forward and backward, side-flying, left and right turning, hover.
Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder
Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder

Features: Attractive and highly integrated design A compact and highly integrated design means that it is easier for you to pack it into your luggage. The streamlined design brilliantly reflects the aesthetics of its industrial design and the fantastic visual effects allows you to become the focus of the crowd. Moreover, you can mount a GoPro Camera or any other lightweight  cameras on your Cheerson Auto-Pathfinder RC Quadcopter to shoot some quality footage from the air which will bring you a brand new flying experience.

Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder
Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder close up

Read to fly design The hardware mounting and software tuning are all done prior to delivery. The Auto-Pathfinder is ready to fly the moment you unpack it, you just need to attach propellors, charge the LiPo Battery and install the RC Transmitter batteries before use.

Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder Packaging
Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder Packaging

Contains remote control unit.(Just add 4 x AA batteries) Auto-Pathfinder contains a remote controller and receiver, which help the user to completely avoid the inconvenience of purchasing such things. The only thing you need to do is to add TX batteries (4x AA dry cell). The 2.4 G ISM frequency makes the effective control distance up to 300 meters (can be impacted by the specific flight environment). The frequency hopping anti-interference design allows multiple remote controllers to work at the same time, and provides a reliable remote communications link.

Remote Control for the Cheerson CX20
The new Cheerson C20 Auto-Pathfinder Remote Control

Stable,yet agile performance,easy to fly The Auto-Pathfinder RC Quadrotor has an integrated flight dynamics system, the MX + GPS multi-rotor autopilot system, as well as the dedicated remote controller and receiver. Flight parameters and functions have been setup before delivery, so you can fly your CX20 Auto-Pathfinder the moment you receive it. The proven stability of the MX autopilot system allows you to easily achieve great flight performance.

Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder
Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder

Two flight control modes,including position hold With the built-in MX autopilot system plus a GPS module, the Auto-Pathfinder has GPS Attitude and Attitude Control Mode. Pilots can switch between the two modes to achieve a particular flight experience.

Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder
Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder

Intelligent orientation control(IOC) Auto-Pathfinder also has the Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) function of the MX autopilot system. Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. By using Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC), wherever the nose points, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction: In course lock flying, the forward direction is the same as a recorded nose direction. In home lock flying, the forward direction is the same as the direction from home point to the multi-rotor. Failsafe & auto go home/landing Auto-Pathfinder also has the failsafe function of the MX autopilot system. This means when the communication between the Mx Controller and the transmitter is disconnected, the outputs of all command sticks from controller will go to the center position. If the GPS signal is good enough, the system will automatically trigger Return To Home and will land safely. Low voltage protection Auto-Pathfinder also has two levels of low voltage protection, a function of the MX autopilot system. It prevents your multi-rotor from crashing or other harmful consequences caused by low battery voltage. In the first level of protection, the LED indicator blinks and makes a sound of “Bi-Bi-Bi” to warn you. In the second level protection the system will trigger the Auto-Pathfinder to land automatically. Maximum flight speed 10m/s The maximum horizontal flight speed of the Auto-Pathfinder can reach 10m/s and the maximum vertical speed is 6 m/s. The perfect combination of speed and stability allows you to experience the glamour of the Auto-Pathfinder. High intensity led lights,to aid orientation during flight Under each arm of the Auto-Pathfinder there are some high intensity LED indicators which are used to help you to see the orientation during flight. Gopro camera mount(camera not included) Auto-Pathfinder has an external removable camera mount for you to mount light and handy cameras (GoPro for example) or other video shooting electronic equipment. It is very convenient for you to record your flight. 10 to 15 minutes of flight time Auto-Pathfinder includes a 3S LiPo battery (with the capacity of 2700mAh, weight only 180g) and a balance charger. With the all-in-one design and light airframe, the flying time could last 10 to 15 minutes which will give you a more extensive flight experience. Package Included: 1 x CX-20 Auto-Pathfinder RC Quadcopter 1 x Transmitter 1 x Battery

Cheerson CX20 Quadcopter Kit
Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder Quadcopter Kit

Update 3-3-2014 Nobody in the World except Cheerson has posted a review of this Quadcopter model . How can people be expected to buy it without getting feedback from users, nobody seems to have the product for sale, nobody knows who Cheerson are, nobody knows how the Quadcopter  flies, nobody knows the availability of parts in fact the RC forums are getting fed up with all these coming soon products. Cheerson needs to be far more transparent if they want to be respected in the Remote Control community. At the moment all they are doing is making promises and frustrating potential customers they need to get a marketing strategy in place and deliver what they say they can do. I would love to place an order for this UAV and am sure they will sell in volume but only if they can live up to the Hype. It a shame because what they have is a potential Best Selling Multi-Rotor but if it doesn’t exist in peoples minds it’s all talk and no substance. Come on Cheerson if your CX20 is a good as you are making it out to be let some of the respected Quadcopter Guys get their hands on it so we can see how good it really is. At the moment all you have is a DJI clone if you want to build a Brand then be open and transparent.

Cheerson CX20 Autopathfinder with Propeller Guards
Cheerson CX20 Auto-Pathfinder with Propeller Guards

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The competition

The Flying X8

The DJI Phantom FC40

The Walkera QR X350

The Blade 350QX

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  1. Looks to be “promising” quadcopter… for fun, or learning how to fly a quadcopter.

    These days, more inclined with this hobby are looking for something better, though.
    300m. control distance is so 2012. I noticed a go pro or something style camera on those videos. How do you expect to buy a pro video equipment, and use a cheezy plastic no-axis gimbal with that?

    The “sub-par” quads for around $200 – $500 are only good for people like me, still learning how to fly these things… but I am not going to be learning for ever LOL!

  2. Thanks for you comments Daniel they are most appreciated and I fully agree with you. Most of these Quadcopters are playing catch up to DJI and from what I can see no company is close yet!

    • I’d be very interested in your review. I currently own a toy grade WL Toys v262 as my learning quad. My intentions are to get something with DJI Phantom’s capability but at a more reasonable cost. I’m primarily interested in aerial photography for Youtube vids.

  3. What about the two AUX potentiometers? Can they control Tarot gimbal motors? I have a Phantom and control lacks a decent tilt button, for such expensive product I expected something like this new CX-20 but yet it does not describe the use of those knobs!

  4. I also ordered a cx20,i figured for $170 shipped I can take a chance.My brother has a dji so I can make a comparison.

  5. alibaba .through alipay,I will let everyone know if I made a mistake or found a good deal.The seller doesn’t get paid until I get the product.i took a chance even paid through western union.There is a new video on utube on it.will

  6. If I didn’t get suckered and the quad flys fine I will put an fc 40 camera on it and let everyone know how it goes.cheers

    • Cosmetics, mostly, don’t bother me too much so I am also waiting for your review on your new arrival.
      I own Walkera QR X350 so far, so it will be interesting to find out your $170 comparison vs my $700 quad… which are both sub-par quads compared to dji phantom 2.

      I wouldn’t mine getting one myself, for test flying / learning purposes, before getting something nicer with full long range fpv / aerial filming capabilities.

      Just recently I began flying my x350 because our Canadian winter sucks.

      • why did you buy a walkera? dji is the best,the only reason I bought this was the price.I do believe it is just a cheap nock off!

  7. also for some reason I get now reply on the prop gaurds.i will see if my brothers dji gaurds will fit.

    • First time buyer of something decent, I guess LOL
      I looked at dji Pantom 1, at the time, and compared prices only. Besides I am still learning flying quads. As my summer is coming, I will get better at it, and am also hoping “something” else will come alone that will also fly just as good or better than Pantom 2 fully rigged up, that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

  8. well the company I ordered the cx20 from was no good.but I had buyer protection so I’m getting a refund.might be a good thing because I’m going to try the v303 seeker instead.

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