DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse 3 Axis Gimbal

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Is this Phantom the Best Quadcopter model you can buy for Aerial Photography?

If you want to shoot stunning aerial photographs then we think this kit is a better option than the much lauded Phantom Vision 2+.

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DJI Phantom with 3Axis Gimbal
DJI Phantom with 3Axis Gimbal

Brand Name:DJI
Item Name: Phantom Quadcopter 2 New
(The only difference from the Phantom 2 is the bottom cover design)

Quadcopter PHANTOM 2Weight (W Battery):1000g
Hover Accuracy (Ready To Fly):Vertical: 0.8m;Horizontal: 2.5m
Max Yaw Angular Velocity:200°/s
Max Tilt Angle:35°
Max Ascent / Descent Speed:6m/s
Max Flight Speed:15m/s(Not Recommended)
Diagonal Length:350mm
Power Consumption:5.6W
Flight Time:25mins
Take-Off Weight:<1000g
Operating Temperature:-10°C ~ 50°C
Supported Battery:DJI Intelligent Battery
DJI Intelligent Battery Type:3S LiPo
Capacity:5200mAh, 11.1V
Charging Environment Range:0℃ to 40℃
Discharging Environment Range:-20℃ to 50℃
2.4GHz Remote Control Operating Frequency:2.4GHz ISM
Communication Distance (Open Area):1000m
Receiver Sensitivity (1%PER):-97dBm
Working Current/Voltage:100 mA@6V
Battery:4 AA Batteries

Zenmuse H3-3D GroPro Gimbal



  1. 3-axis gimbal
  2. High precision brushless servo control
  3. Aluminum alloy body
  4. Built-in IMU module
  5. Light-weight
  6. A2, WKM, NAZA-M, NAZA-M V2 ,PHANTOM 2 supported
  7. GoPro3 and GoPro3+ supported
  8. Zenmuse technology

Supported Camera:GoPro3, GoPro3+ Black and Sliver
Assistant Software System Requirement:
Windows XP SP3; Windows 7; Windows 8

Mechanical & Electrical

Gimbal Operating Current:

  • Static current: 400mA (@12V)
  • Dynamic current: 600mA (@12V)

Gimbal Input Power:3S~6S (12V ~ 26V)
Operating Temperature:-10°C ~ 50°C
Gimbal Weight:168g (camera excluded)
Gimbal Dimensions (With Damping Unit):97mm X 95mm X 73mm


Controlled Angle Accuracy:Tilt/Roll: ±0.02°; Yaw: ±0.03°
Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed:Tilt axis: ±130°/s
Controlled Rotation Range:Tilt axis control: – 130 ~ +45°

Regulatory Approvals

CE (EU):Yes
RoHS (EU):Yes

DJI Phantom 2 New
Ready to Fly, Multifunctional Quad-rotor System
Customized H3-2D and H3-3D Gimbal Support
Precision Flight and Stable Hovering
25min Flight Time & Intelligent Battery
Auto Return-to-Home & Landing
Advanced Power Management
Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)
Easy Battery Replacement
Self-tightening Propellers
Video Downlink Support
CAN-Bus Expansion Module

Zenmuse H3-3D Gopro Gimbal
Zenmuse H3-3D Gopro Gimbal


Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal
3-axis high performance gimbal
Strong, lightweight
Compatible with DJI flight control systems
Part of the Zenmuse family
Online Upgrade

Difference between H3-3D and H3-2D:

Type H3-3D H3-2D


3-Axis(Pitching,Rolling,Rotating) Autostability 2-Axis(Pitching,Rolling)Autostability
Tilt(Pitching )Controlled
High precision control ±0.08
Camera Customization,support GoPro Hero 3/Hero 3+

3 Axis Mechanical Structure 2Axis Mechanical Structure
Thicker Motor Shaft(Stronger) Thinner Motor Shaft
Heavier Gimbal(168g) Lighter Gimbal(157g)

Difference between H3-3D Standard Version and Phantom Quadcopter 2 Customization Version:
H3-3D Stand Version has independent  GCU,Phantom 2 hasn’t


DJI Phantom Vision 2

Package Included:
1 x DJI Phantom 2 New RC Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x Charger
1 x Battery
1 x Manual
1 x Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal

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DJI Phantom Backpack
Great Accessory for DJI Phantom Owners, Lightweight versatile backpack

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One comment

  1. Bought a new P2, the Gimbal control did not work from the beginning. DJI has ignored my requests for replacement or fixes. It is worthless. I am now looking into a new Futaba TX to run the P2 in order to save the money I spent on the P2.

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