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Quadcopters , Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Drones with Cameras are becoming popular with Remote Control aficionados, RC Helicopter Pilots, Media companies and photographic businesses. You see adverts for photography businesses appearing every day that list Portrait, Commercial and Aerial Photography. There was media frenzy when Amazon announced they will be testing a Drone delivery service with many describing the Press Release as hype and a gimmick. Amazon has since applied to the Federal Aviation Authority for a licence to test their unmanned aerial vehicles. In another initiative the San Diego Gas and Electric have been granted approval by the FAA to use small electric powered Unmanned Camera Drones to check rural power lines.


RC Drone with Camera
The Raven Drone

The actual word ‘Drone’ has military connotations but the UAV’s that the likes of Amazon and San Diego Gas and Electric will be using are far removed from the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator Drone with its 27 feet wingspan. Even the US border patrols are downsizing and carrying out reconnaissance using the much smaller AeroViroment RQ-11 Raven Drone. This less than 2 kilogram UAV can be hand launched and deployed quickly. The Raven boasts GPS positioning, Waypoint flying and return to home technology that can be found in popular commercial Quadcopters retailing for anything between $160 and $2,000. The Quadcopters are also far more user friendly than the fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles they are easier to take off and land and unlike airplanes they can loiter or hover in a predetermined fixed location and at a predetermined fixed altitude. AeroViroment realized there was a demand for much smaller UAV’s and in 2011 introduced the Shrike VTOL Camera Drone with what they called Perch and Stare capabilities.


Drone with Camera
Walkera TALI 500 Drone with Camera



Chinese Manufactures 

Chinese mass producers of Quadcopters have a way to go before they catch up with the precision of the military UAV’s but they are catching up fast. Guangzhou Walkera Technology Company manufacturers of Remote Control models have recently released a Hexacopter the TALI H500 a professional First Person View rig for professional aerial photography. The aerial photography market has been dominated by another Chinese company DJI Innovations producers of the Phantom range of Quadcopters favored by media companies and Hobbyists. There are a number of new entrants to this rapidly developing lucrative market for Aerial Photography Quadcopters with Cheerson and WLToys bringing out cheaper models in an attempt to gain market share. Hubsan Technology is going to release their Aerial Photography Quadcopter the long awaited Hubsan X4 PRO H109S this year.


Camera Drone
DJI Phantom Quadcopter with Gimbal and GoPro Camera


Remote Control Drone Camera

One company that is doing very well out of the Quadcopter Drone business is GoPro makers of the versatile Hero3+ Black Edition action camera. Due to its light weight and durability this camera has become the preferred choice for thousands of RC Quadcopter flyers and  aerial photographers worldwide. For under $2000 you can fix a GoPro Hero3+ to a DJI Phantom with a H3-3D Gimbal (to stabilise your footage) buy a few spare batteries and you are ready to capture quality aerial images. You can buy an extremely cheap Quadcopter to learn your flying skills; a WLToys V959 Remote Control Quadcopter Drone or a SymaX5C for under $65 will suffice. After flying one of these you will have no trouble whatsoever flying a DJI Quadcopter or an unmanned aerial vehicle of a similar size.


Maker Movement

The market for aerial photography has also led to Hobbyists wanting to build their own RC Drones  and modify existing models. 3D printing will play a big part in Drone development as will open source code and advanced autopilots. Traditionally developers were required to have multiple on-board controllers but recent developments like the Raspberry Pi Navio Autopilot will negate this need. The Navio has open source libraries and detailed tutorials for each chip on the flight control board.


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