FlyingEyes HX3 Hexacopter

HX3-P1000180A great shot of the Flying Eyes Hexacopter from Yuneec International 

This robust carbon model has been designed with the professional aerial photographer in mind. It can carry a Sony RX1 or a Canon 5D and is both wind and water resistant. Although it weighs 4Kilos excluding the battery it boasts an impressive 2kilo payload and an even more impressive 45-90 minute flight time dependent on the payload. The makers Yuneec are no strangers to flight and have developed a revolutionary bi-directional PID flight control algorithm. This will enable precise reliable advanced stability. The state of the art 24 channel remote controller also acts as a ground station for first person view flying enhancing the user experience.

The 24 Channel Transmitter for the HX3
FlyingEyes st24 Transmitter
FlyingEyes st24 Transmitter
31-3-2014: Yuneec still have this model  listed coming soon. The cheapest version of this model is a whopping $3000 so it won’t be a DJI Phantom  competitor and will only appeal to the commercial user who wishes to capture top quality videos or stills. You will require a licence to fly this Hexacopter.


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