Walkera QR X800 GPS with Gimbal

The BNF version is in stock Click this link for more information 



Walkera QR X800 


Latest generation 2 GPS flight platform: DEVO-M;
Precise GPS position hold;
Professional 10 channel radio makes control range search 2KM
Equiped with professional gimbal(Support Gopro Hero3/ Sony HDR-AS30V
Adopted 10000mAh capacity Lipo battery, flight time 40min
Foldable design, convenient to take along
Set up with 2KM 5.8G FPV transmitting system, best solution for FPV
Walkera QR X800 Folding arms
We are loving this X800 model from Walkera will post more info as it becomes available
1 x Walkera QR X800 Quadcopter
1 x Main control board
1 x GPS Module
1 x Compass Module
4 x Brushless Motor
4 x Brushless ESC
1 x Brushless Gimbal G-2D (without Camera)
1 x RX702 Receiver
1 x Devo F7 Transmitter
1 x Battery
1 x Charger
1 x 5.8G Antenna
Seems like they have got some serious flight time with this Quadcopter check out these guys from


  1. DRONE MARAVILHOSO, já estou economizando p/ comprar Walkera QR X800 C/ FPV e c/ todas as opções que estiver disponível.

  2. Do NOT buy this quad… Here’s my experience so far.

    I’m happy with HobbyWow but unfortunately not happy with the Walkera QR X100 I recently purchased. There were several quality issues that I had to clear up including loose screws on the ESC connections, A spun screw head on the upper plate, and clamps for the camera tray would not tighten because the threaded holes were not deep enough for the thumb screws among other issues.

    Worst of all today, I finally received a battery so I could get this thing flying and first of all the directions are horrendous but more importantly the landing gear would not retract and then after compass calibration I touched the throttle up a little and the copter lurched to the right, tipped over, and put a few dings in the props, in itself not a big deal. The REAL PROBLEM is as soon as one of the motors was blocked by the grass it started to smoke badly and would have caught fire if I hadn’t jumped in to disconnect the battery (which was dangerous with the other 3 props spinning).

    I have 3 other quadcopters and all of them will shut the motors down as soon as they are blocked and no damage results.

    I either want to return this to you for a full refund or at least I want parts to repair this (ESC and motor) and some reassurance that motors won’t burn up every time a prop gets blocked. Sadly it seems to me that there is a design flaw in the ESC that does not shut down when a rotor is blocked.

    I’m VERY frustrated after having spent this kind of money. 

  3. i bought the walkera x800 and with 10000mha battery i only get 12 min flying time and the motors two of them are 52C and the other two are around 32C they are way to hot and when it landed I turned off the remote control and one blade started to spin its not good!!!!

    • I’m sorry you got burned too and don’t expect any satisfaction out of Walkera. I’m in the process of changing the flight controller to a pixhawk and upgrading the motors and propellers so it will carry a useful payload which makes this a VERY expensive frame. NEVER again will I buy a Walkera product!

  4. I’m having issues with my QR X800 as well. I’m longer getting the blue blinking GPS light so I can’t get it to go into attitude hold. I ordered a replacement module thinking that would resolve the issue but it didn’t. I’m sending my QR X800 back to the company purchased it from. They said they would resolve any issues and send it back. I only have to pay for shipping. If the quad can’t be fixed. I will never buy another Walkera product again.

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