Walkera QR X350 Pro

Walkera QR X350 PRO
Walkera QR X350 PRO

Rich in features is this a serious DJI Phantom contender?

Walkera X350

The latest UAV from the Walkera range of aerial photography platforms the QR x350Pro. It comes with a Devention 10 Transmitter and has a GoPro ready new Gimbal. I’m still not sure if this will impact the sales of the DJI Phantom models. At this level they have led the market and continue to do so. I was speaking to a Guy today (25-3-2014 )about the Phantom, he was new to Quadcopters and had taken his Phantom on Sunday. He was absolutely delighted with its performance and had shot some video using his GoPro3 fixed to decent gimbal. He couldn’t believe the quality of the video he shot and how well the DJI Phantom had behaved in the wind. I’ve flown a Phantom myself but not the Walkera so I not qualified to compare them but the buzz is all about Phantoms, dedicated websites, Facebook pages, forums all creating a community of interest around a quality product. Community of interest around a product is exactly what Hubsan have done with their excellent X4 range that has been widely copied, some have come pretty close but no one company has made a decent copy of their H107C HD. Hubsan lack communication skills and the lack of news regarding the 109s PRO is alienating a lot of potential customers.

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Brand: Walkera
Item Name: QR X350 GPS RC Quadcopter
Main Rotor Diameter: 556mm
Fuselage Width: 206mm
Motor: WK-WS-28-008A
Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po
Length: 289mm
Width: 289mm
Height: 180mm
Flight Time: 10 -15 minutes
Channel: 5 up
Rotor Type: muti-copter
Experience Level: intermediate
Completion Level: BNF
Recommended Environment: indoor & outdoor
Camera: GOPRO Camera (not included)
Transmitter: Devo F7

• Quick assembly
• Completely Ready to Fly
• Up to 2 km / 1.24 miles
• Up to 25 minutes flight time
• Gimbal ready for camera anti-vibration 2-axis stabilization (new Walkera G-2D)
• First Person View (FPV) flight
• FatShark compatible
• WIFI option for smart phones
• GPS and “One Key” Return to Home
• GPS Auto Pilot functions
• Failsafe auto RTH and Land
• Low voltage protection
• Devention DEVO F7,10 computer radio
• Easy to see LEDs
• Balance charger with world compatible wall adapter for travel

Walkera QRX 350 PRO
Devo 10 for Walkera QRX 350 PRO
FPV QR X350 PRO with Fat Shark First Person View Glasses


Best price to Buy the QR X350  Click this Link NOW!

I’ve seen that this model will be Fat Shark compatible but I’m sure it will come with an option to support the Walkera FPV Glasses


Walkera seems to have numerous versions of this model

Walkera QR X350 GPS GOPRO RC Quadcopter Basic Version

Walkera QR X350 GPS Auto Pilot RC Quadcopter BNF With RX702 Receiver

Walkera QR X350 GPS RC Quadcopter With DEVO 7 Standard Version

Walkera QR X350 GPS FPV RC Quadcopter With DEVO F7 FPV Version



Looks great with a GOPRO attached

Walkera X350
Walkera X350

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