ZeroTech Xplorer RC Quadcopter

ZeroTech Xplorer RC Quadcopter



ZeroTech Xplorer RC Quadcopter
Latest Drone to Challenge DJI



Xplorer with 14MP Camera CLICK THIS LINK

Will the ZeroTech Xplorer RC Quadcopter  be the winner in the battle for Drone supremacy?

The ZeroTech Xplorer RC Quadcopter  aims to take on DJI and capture a large share of the increasing demand for High Quality Aerial Photography Drones.
Over the next few years DJI the World’s leading supplier of Aerial Photography Drones will come under increasing pressure from a plethora of new start-ups. Famous for computer mouse and Keyboards Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Company’s General Manager Deng Qiuwei who Heads ZeroTech thinks it will be possible to sell over 20,000 ZeroTech Xplorer RC Quadcopters through an already established network of distributors. The ZeroTech Xplorer will boast all the functionality found in the DJI Phantom and it claimed to have a better Yaw rate and hovering control. The ZeroTech Xplorer RC Quadcopter will be released in three versions a basic model, the Xplorer Vision a FPV Quadcopter and a top end version to support a GoPro Action Camera. All versions will have an advanced flight control system. radar position lock and auto return.

ZeroTech Xplorer RC Quadcopter
ZeroTech Xplorer Radar Positioning

The Drone Race 
There are a number of other new entrants to this space and Wingsland makers of the Scarlet Minivet will release the Wingsland Scarlet Minivet RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK on June the 10th, Cheerson who have gained notoriety with an amazing tiny Nano Drone the CX-10 CLICK THIS LINK are due to announce the release date of their Phantom sized Drone the Cheerson CX-22 RC Quadcopter with a follow me function. With DJI being recently valued at anything between 5 and 10 billion dollars savvy tech entrepreneurs are looking to capitalize on this rapidly expanding industry. Even GoPro leading producers of High Quality Action Cameras are said to be working on their own version of an Aerial Photography Camera Drone. Conversely GoPro face serious challenges from a number of Chinese companies that can sell direct at a fraction of the price of a GoPro. Xioami a massive maker and seller of Smartphones is producing the High Quality XiaoMi Yi Sports Camera CLICK THIS LINK that is now available from a number of Chinese internet stores for around $70 usually with free Worldwide delivery.

ZeroTech Xplorer RC Quadcopter
Futuristic Body Styling for the ZeroTech Xplorer RC Quadcopter


Xplorer RC Quaadcopter For GoPro CLICK THIS LINK

Xplorer RC Quadcopter with 14MP Camera CLICK THIS LINK

ZeroTech Xplorer RC Quadcopter Description

Brand name: ZeroTech
Item name: Xplorer RC quadcopter
Battery: 5200mAh LiPo Smart battery

Ready to fly right out of box. No DIY needed
Up to 16 point ground station br function support
Advanced flight control system
Up to 25 min flight time
Two angle landing feet, easy to carry
On-screen real-time flight parameters
Radar position lock and auto return home

Xplorer Quadcopter Transmitter:
5.8G Remote controller
3 different flight level including beginner mode
Vibration Alert
Retractable Multi-angle mobilephone holder
Perfect ergonomics shape

Your Xplorer Quadcopter Package includes:
1 x ZeroTech Xplorer RC Quadcopter
1 x 5.8G transmitter
1 x 5200mah battery
1 x Battery charger

Low Priced Drones and RC Quadcopters
It’s not just the top end of this market that is seeing exponential growth the toy/hobby grade RC Quadcopters are selling by the bucket load. One Chinese retailer has already sold 90,000 pieces of the CX-10 Nano Quadcopter from Cheerson so there are plenty of bucks to be made in the lower end of the market. Banggood the leading online retailer of Quadcopters have created their own Branding ‘Eachine’ and have released the World’s Cheapest Drone the Eachine  Mini H8 RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK that has recently gone on sale for $13.99 ! XK is another market entrant and will soon release a string of models, their XK Alien X250 RC Quadcopter CLICK THIS LINK will sell for under $50.
The Chinese Drone makers are learning fast and reacting quickly to the demands of buyers. The Lower Priced Drones are becoming more complex with greater functionality. The rest of the World has little chance of competing with China and although 3D Robotics are manufacturing Drones in Mexico the mass production will be dominated by factories in Shenzhen and Shantou.


Drone Photography
Taken with the H12C RC Quadcopter

Drone cameras are getting better
It is not just the Drone Technology that is rapidly improving the camera are getting notably better. Cameras like the GoPro and more recently the XiaoMi Yi Action Camera  CLICK THIS LINK are attached to RC Quadcopters and Drones by way of Gimbals to capture Aerial Photography. At the cheaper end of the market you can buy a JJRC H12C RC Quadcopter with a 5 MP Camera CLICK THIS LINK for under $75 making Aerial Photography not just something for the elitists and those with big budgets.

Drone Camera
Screen Gab from Video Syma X8C with YiaoMi Yi Camera

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